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How to Get Paperwork Signed Quicker

Most business professionals today battle with massive stacks of paperwork on their work stations which require processing, approval, and signing.

Organizations that have not switched to automated processes and systems deal with the challenge of using pen and paper signatures for their permissions. The traditional method slows down work because it is time-consuming, and costs the firm resources by purchasing paper.

To fasten your enterprise processes, you have to switch to digital signatures. Electronic signatures get globally accepted for business, which allows fast closure of company deals. Here are some benefits of using these signatures for your business;

1. Get Documents Signed Fast

Electronic signatures offer your business the convenience of fast turn around time. The old method of signing documents involves sending the records to the relevant person to sign, printing, scanning, and delivering the material to the recipient. A lot of time gets wasted through this means. Every enterprise wants a fast response time for its functions.

2. Easily Manage Signed Documents

Technology plays a huge role in business. More and more innovations get implemented which assist in improving enterprise operations. Various platforms provide better integration ways which work well with firm’s applications making it quick to implement signatures. Such applications make it easy to send signed documents to their recipients through emails, dropbox, google docs, and other records transfer methods.

3. Increase Security

Companies handle sensitive and confidential information; which require protection from access by unauthorized persons. Such material includes signatures that get duplicated if not well secured. Use of eSignatures offers better security compared to traditional pen and paper means. Additionally, digital signatures platforms provide better protection at a file level, which protects the company from getting into data security breaches, and ensure smooth business operations.

Many times information transferred through paper form gets stolen, lost, or misplaced. Essential company documents put a business in a fix when any of these cases occur. Through the use of e-documents, you reduce the chances of information getting lost through theft or misplacement.

4. Real-Time Tracking

Another benefit of electronic signatures is its capability to have real-time tracking. The signatures comprise of a traceable record of the person who signed the document, the location the material was signed, and the time when the document was signed. With this information, it’s possible to trace the people concerned in dealing with a particular record in case of any issues.

Gone are the days it would take a long time for documents that require several staff signatures to be signed because one or several employees were not available to sign the records. Through electronic signature platforms, such materials get shared by the relevant staff, and this speeds up their signing process. From the system, you get to see which team hasn’t signed, and this improves the follow-up process.

5. Integrate With Your CRM

Excellent customer care service plays a massive role in any business success. For this reason, firms continuously look for solutions to ensure their consumers get served satisfactorily. Firms like banks and other financial institutions, for example, use eSignature Solutions For Financial Services to improve their customer services. These solutions offer the security of their services because the institution gets to track the specific staff who served clients at a particular time. Similarly, a customer can quickly trace the employee who helped her in case of any issues; and this ensures that consumer problems get solved within a short time.

Customers require easy-to-use solutions which do not compromise their security, and compliance of their transactions. An excellent digital signature solution allows its staff, contractors, customers, suppliers, and subcontractors to view and sign e-documents from the comfort of their web-enabled devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

6. Cost Reduction

Electronic signatures are cheaper compared to pen and paper signs. As a firm, you not only save on paper, but you also save on time and postage and mailing expenses. Every expenditure matters for any business; that’s why companies look for ways to reduce their operating charges.

HR and eSignature

The HR department entails handling sensitive and confidential information for the company. If you are an HR manager, for example, you are tasked with the responsibility of storing staff documentation like existing and new employees contracts, NDA, taxation forms, work schedules, and other relevant information.

Most of these documents require signing by at least one person. By using an electronic signatures solution, you increase the time needed to process the documents.

Lawyers and eSignature

Lawyers continuously deal with many documents that involve scanning and pdf for their cases. Most of these records require signing by various parties, and it takes a lot of time to reach the particular for people to sign the documents

By use of an eSignature For a Legal Agreement, attorneys quickly share their contracts and files with their clients for signing. Such technologies improve the lawyers work by reducing the time taken to reach all the specific individuals to sign the records physically.

Retail and eSignatures

Retailing involves handling records like purchase orders, invoices, and receipts; some of which need signing. Using digital signatures improves the time required to sign off documents like purchase orders, and this prevents business downtime due to delayed deliveries. Once the buy orders get signed, you can email them to the supplier who in turn initiates the purchase process.

Insurance & Financial & eSignatures

Insurance and financial institutions handle lots of paperwork for their daily transactions. Most financial or insurance services require customers to submit applications which go through an approval process. These documents need signing by the customers and the financial or insurance provider.

Electronic signature platforms ease the process by availing the records to the specific individuals for signing without having to meet at a particular location. Some documents that get electronically signed include loan applications, claim processing renewals, policy or service renewals, and policy agreements and notifications.

As a business, you need solutions that improve your documents work productivity. Signatures ensure that business tasks get done quickly. By using electronically signed documents, you can place flags in the areas where the parties need to sign to prevent any signing errors and omissions.