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Go digital end-to-end, replacing wet-ink signing with electronic signatures that simplify and expedite your business processes

Go digital end-to-end, and completely paperless, by replacing wet-ink signing with electronic signatures that simplify and expedite your business processes.

A couple of decades ago, handling paperwork, filing documents, maintaining files on the shelf, and retracting them whenever required used to be a tedious task that had to be done manually. Almost every organization in the world used to follow the same procedure; however, that didn't make it the perfect or the right way of documentation. As the technology advanced, businesses began the transition from paperwork or manual documentation process to digital Digital Document Signing by using paid or free e signature software. The world is walking in the direction of paperless business transactions. The question that must come to your mind is why do businesses want to go paperless?

There are many reasons behind this transition, and the present COVID-a9 has been added to the list with even more weightage. Here are a few of the benefits of using an app for signing documents:

Faster closing of deals.

Safer transactions

Tracking progress in real-time.

Limited access to ensure safety.

Cloud-based storage ensures access from anywhere at any time.

No paper-based agreements, and hence no unwanted subsequent costs.

If you wish to deploy the best electronic signature software in the company, these are a few steps you can follow to ensure that the software works the best for you, and you get to leverage the best out of it too.

Step 1: Lead the way.

One of the reasons why most companies postpone or avoid going paperless is due to a lack of management or mandates. Sometimes the businesses fail to find the right service provider or an example or real-life use case to follow or learn from. Companies need to think of their own growth and lead them into the future. Companies need to think about the staff and their ease too. Sometimes even employees of the company might hesitate to adapt to the good changes. In such scenarios, a company can run an initiative and reward employees for shifting to paperless transactions. The crucial thing is to go lead by example. You need to set the goals, train the staff, and change the work culture in order to conduct a smooth transition.

Step 2: Make sure all are on the same page.

Get everyone on board; otherwise, no matter how great your decision of going paperless is, it will not give you the expected results. Make your employees realize how much time, effort, and stress they will save from shifting to Digital Document Signing. Make your employees realize that it will save the company a lot of costs. With the implementation of the software, it will be easier for the staff to retrieve the data from any time and anywhere using their mobile device.

Here is how you will get your employees on board with the paperless plan:

1. Show them the benefits.

2. Take care of the compliance concerns before going paperless.

Step 3: Organize your Paper Documents

Now that your team is on board, you need to organize your existing paperwork. Scan all the physical documents and convert them into digital files that are ready to be stored on the cloud once you decide on the service provider.

Step 4: Install the Software and Conduct the Training

The next step is to find the best electronic signature software so that your transition toward the paperless business goes smoothly. There are many digital signature solutions providers in the market, so you need to do thorough research to find the perfect fit. You need to consult all the stakeholders of this decision and check the profitability of the decision at every level.

Step 5: Get Started Right 

Choose the right scanner for the documents and start filing them electronically. This is time for you to learn and understand the management or handling of digital documents. You will upload all the old and existing scanned documents here and get ready to use the solution for all future digital documentation.

Apart from the above steps, you can also do the following:

Step 6: Inform your clients about the transition and request them to follow the same path or use a free e signature software. Help them in learning the use and be there to clear their queries too. 

Step 7: Enjoy the Benefits

Now that even your clients are on board, the process will become even smoother, faster, and better. Now you will start enjoying the above-mentioned benefits of using an app for signing documents

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However, before you finalize the vendor, there are a few things you need to make sure of:

Check the license of the vendor and ensure whether the solution he/she is offering is in compliance with the laws of the land.

Check if the solution is customizable so that you can the features you want and get rid of the rest of the features.

Check if the solution is in the decided budget and the estimated ROI is high.

Check if the vendor is ready to offer after-sales services. Check the consumer care service of the vendor.

We are sure this little guide has given a small picture of what you should do and how you should deploy a professional app for signing documents