Esignly is leading service provider of high-quality e-signatures. Our services are basically divided into 3 types:

PRO 15-days free trial
$ 12
BUSINESS (TEAM) 15-days free trial
$ 18
Save Big! Get this plan only for Team Admin, other members can be on Free, PRO or Business Plan, per features needed.


Signing request (Sending & Receiving) 3 unlimited unlimited Advanced Features
Personal Question And OTP by email. Customized Plans
Integrations Customized Limits
Templates 0 5 20 Advance Branding
Live signature email notification Embedded Signing
Branding API integration support
  More Features More Features More Features  
Every intended signer gets the option to accept or decline the signing request they receive via eSignly.  
eSignly provides on demand as well as event based reports on signing requests.  
You get to decide the order in which the document should reach the prospective signers for signing.  
Improve the security of your document sent for signing by adding security features like answering a personal question or using an OTP received by email.  
eSignly automatically sends reminders via email to all parties, reminding them that their signature is required on a document.  
If you are in a face-to-face meeting with the person who needs to sign a document, then leverage the in-person signing feature by creating and sending them a link to sign in-person.  
Receive real-time notifications via email whenever a recipient signs your document.  
You can allow recipients to attach any supportive document when they sign your sent document. You get to decide what type of documents can be uploaded and by whom.  
You can send a private message to each of your recipient's while sending the signing request.  
You can control all your document setting like Audit trail ON/OFF, the received document.  
Create a template-based signing request to be able to send documents quickly and easily for signing.  
Make any little changes you need to in the template with the edit functionality.  
Select the document you want to be signed from your Google Drive account.  
Select the document you want to be signed from your Dropbox account.  
Select the document you want to be signed from your OneDrive account.  
Select the document you want to be signed from your Box account.  
Personalize by adding your brand logo to the document prior to sending.  
Save your time and efforts by having a custom email signature ready to be used any time you are sending a document.  
Customize the document using a color scheme that you like from our extensive range of options.  
Customize the signing process depending on the hierarchical structure present in your organization.  
Allow the team members to collaborate with each other seamlessly with this team based signing process.  
Manage permission settings to decide which team members are allowed to sign.  
Decide who will be the team owner so that they can manage permissions and document signing process.  
The designated team owner can manage the entire signing process and signing rights as well as all team members.  
Share templates between the team members depending on their levels of authority, responsibilities, and designations.  
eSignly has strict and robust defense mechanisms in place to protect your documents and e-signatures against common security threats like Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attack, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack, and SQL injection attack.  
Your documents are secured throughout the online transit with 128-bit encryption SSL, a highly sophisticated encryption technique that will offer superior security for your e-signature related communications.  
To make sure that only the designated parties are able to access the document, eSignly associates a unique identification key with each document known only to the relevant parties. This unique ID key ensures that the document is safe from any unauthorized access.  
Your entire signing process with eSignly is tracked and accounted for in an audit trail, a detailed log that shows the document has been signed by whom, where, and when.  
eSignly is in compliance with the key U.S. laws regarding e-signatures, Esign Act and UETA, meaning it is 100% legal.  
eSignly support HIPAA compliance and has the ability to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with any of our customers in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries.  
eSignly provide KBA compliance using Personal Question and Answer where admin can add security question and their answer and recipient need to answer them before access the document.  
eSignly supports documents in almost all formats for electronic signing given our advanced file conversion capabilities.  
Customize any aspect of your e-signature that you want to, like dates, time, and more.  
Make any changes you need to in the document before sending using this convenient editing feature.  
Esignly helps you navigate and know who has signed the document and keep constant checks on the document until it has reached its destination.  
You can merge several files of any format sign them and send them easily.  
Be reminded via email of any pending signing requests and deliver the important documents signed right on time.  
Be reminded via email of any new signing requests that need to be taken care of.