e-signature for the government sector

For some years now, the government or public sector has been shifting most of its transactions to the online platform. Almost government agencies in the modern era have official websites and portals that are known for providing services & information to people. In every possible part of the state, federal, and local operations, several documents and contracts are required to be signed, archived, and sent electronically. This is wherein the role of reliable e-signature solutions from eSignly comes in.
The capabilities offered by electronic signatures are no longer perceived as “good to have.” The government and public organizations across the world have recognized e-signatures as enforceable, compliant, secure, and an economical way of achieving the much-needed digital transformation. Moreover, as digital signatures can be created either on-premise or on cloud platforms, government organizations can look forward to leveraging the benefits of the higher degree of scalability, customizability, control, and functionality offered in the form of an enterprise solution. There is no more need to worry about the limited availability of financial & IT resources.

Role of e-signature in the government and sector

Digital signatures are known to present the government with a wide number of ways for streamlining the day-to-day heavy paperwork or workflows involving multiple documents –even the requirement to fill out documents online and sign documents online. The utilization of e-signatures helps in saving ample time as well as money while making the constituents a lot more consent.
The government organizations out there are looking forward to making use of the concept of digital signatures in the following manners:
In-house Operations: The presence of the execution of streamlined processes is the ultimate key to ensure the normal working of the in-house operations involved in a governmental or public setup. The more time gets saved in a government setting, the more time could be utilized in carrying out productive duties to make the best of the taxpayer-funded wages. Moreover, the reduction in the total amount of paperwork can also help in reducing the overall in-house production costs.

Digital signatures from eSignly –a reliable free electronic signature software provider, are changing the landscape of the local government with electronic processes and forms that are easy to implement. Some of these include:

  • Onboarding papers
  • HR forms
  • Project management documents
  • Recruitment e-sign documents


Quite similar to the real estate industry, housing transactions that happen in the local government space are required to be moved quickly and efficiently. Even with the involvement of simple forms, including changing the address in the given form, significant time could be spent in waiting for the mailing of the forms while filling them out manually in the computer systems.

Forms related to homeowners' exemption and public housing programs can also look forward to leveraging the benefits offered by digital signatures for electronic document signing.

Government Business

The push of important documents or papers to & from the respective vendors and agencies could add up in paperwork significantly along with the total ink costs. There are several types of contract works –like international work, that could be transferred quickly to some electronic service. Local government authorities can look forward to making use of the electronic signatures by eSignly for authorizing documents for action orders, procurement, vendor agreements, and so more.

Top Benefits of Using Electronic signatures for the government sector

With the implementation of the concept of digital signatures in the public sector, there is no more requirement of spending time on the given paperwork. Rather, the government aims at collecting digital signatures from other citizens for finalizing the application request in real-time. With e-signature solutions for governments by eSignly, citizens, as well as other organizations out there, can be assured of the complete range of transparency and auditability for the respective government deals. Some of the additional benefits offered by the utilization of digital signatures for government organizations include:

Reduced Processing Time

Digital signatures are known to allow the government organizations to process a series of multiple applications using minimal time. Therefore, it also helps in boosting productivity. The revolutionary range of e-signature solutions by eSignly aims at streamlining back-office functionalities along with reducing the processing time to only a few hours instead of several days.

Improved Security

There is no denying the fact that paperwork is prone to damage and the risk of getting misplaced or stolen. With the help of the digital signatures, the banking environments can get the assurance that the documents get submitted to the respective system properly and securely. The advanced electronic signature solution by eSignly is known to make use of the cutting-edge text-based authentication mechanism for verifying the signing entities.Once the signing process is over with the help of e-signatures, the software solution makes use of the advanced tamper-resistant method of validation for ensuring the overall integrity of the document. At the same time, audit trails are also performed from time to time for keeping a track of the submitted documents and ensuring that no document is missing.

Enhancing Savings of the Government

The government organizations are known to spend millions almost every year for retyping, reworking, and verifying signatures on the valid government documents. It is also required to create electronic signature for advanced results. With the help of the digital signatures, the government and public offices can look forward to eliminating all possible mistakes that might be linked to signatures of the citizens. Moreover, the process of implementing digital signatures in the day-to-day government operations can help in facilitating the given workflow. This is because the signatures can be easily integrated into the respective automated paperwork processing. This helps in saving time, money, and the workforce altogether.

Why use e-signature Why use e-signature

E-signatures by eSignly are aimed at helping government and public organizations lower the overhead costs along with the paper-based signature work to a greater extent. Some of the top reasons to make use of the advanced digital signature solution by eSignly include:

  • Saving time and money on day-to-day government processes
  • Improving efficiency and responsiveness
  • Flexible and easy deployment
  • Advanced authentication capability

Make the most of the process of digital contract signing in government and public offices with the help of digital signatures. Make use of the advanced ‘create digital signature free’ services.

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