With eSignly we offer you e-Signature solutions that are officially binding and enforceable for all of your business agreements and contract needs. Complying with an assortment of European Union and U.S. laws regarding e-Signature, eSignly makes e-Signatures easier, faster and legally enforceable.

Meeting and surpassing the standards set by the signature laws all round the globe, eSignly enables you to transfer and transmit reliable and lawfully enforceable e-Signatures under the main laws for e-Signatures:

  1. 2000 U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN)
  2. Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA)
  3. European Directive (EC/1999/93)

All the laws above are mainly meant to support the faster acceptance of e-Signatures and lessen the use of obsolete methods of paper, thus strengthening the legitimacy of digital agreements. It is not a much unknown fact that the international fast-paced economy has been having a hard time coping with the troublesome ink signatures and the entire paper management crisis related to them. With eSignly, it gets easier to manage these issues by ensuring a digital management of the agreement.

With the legitimacy of electronic signatures verified and the use being validated by the laws, it is important that you consider few things before selecting an e-Signature provider, like:

Authenticity of the e-signatures:

Knowing who is signing your records is important; eSignly verifies and validates the people signing the documents. The people signing these documents are required either to have the eSignly login details or should have received a request for signature in their mails. eSignly aims at protecting the user accounts, and thus the all user information transferred uses username and password and is 256-bit SSL encrypted. In order to prevent others from using someone else’s account, eSignly imposes automated time-outs of the session. We also send emails with every activity under your account like, with every received, sent or signing of contract.

Affixation of the e-signatures:

Every time a signature is requested, eSignly attaches cover page for audit trial to the original contract. Every single signature is obligated and affixed on a contract. The audit includes GUID or a globally unique identifier, thus enabling us to identify the person and time of signing the document by looking up in the records of our database.

Enforceability of the contracts:

The security of the contracts is taken care of and thus, tampering of any sort is prevented during or after the whole process. A unique record of the original document before it is signed by either of the parties at any point of time is created, and then another unique record is created with all the signatures. As a result, if at any point of time, evidence is required to prove the fact that the document was not tampered with, eSignly could make available records of both these unique documents. The eSignatures are similarly protected by using the same technology.

Transactions Log permissible by law:

A comprehensive transaction trail is created by eSignly involving the parties signing the document. Right from the moment the document is submitted till the moment it is finally signed and protected, we ensure that every detail about them like the UserAgent information and IP information is tracked and time stamped, to ensure you are provided with the transaction history. Use of the hashing technology ensures that any tampering with the document is instantly detectable.

Records are secured:

At eSignly, we protect the sensitive communications with the 256-bit SSL encryption. Every bit of safety measures are taken to ensure that the sensitive information of the contracts, are exceedingly protected.

Solution for any platform:

The other highly appreciated benefit of eSignly, is the fact that, it is an accessible solution. With an internet connection and a web browser, you can easily sign a contract without much of an effort. This simply means that anyone you request a signature from can send you the signed document, by accessing and signing it. Being in PDF formats, all of the contract documents are accessible and easily downloadable.

eSignly offers you the most accessible platform available and we wait to being your eSignature solution.

Our certification And compliance

  • PCI DSS Compliance

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

  • 21 CFR Part 11

    Guarantees full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11

  • GDPR Compliance

    General Data Protection Regulation

  • hipaa compliance

    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

  • soc 2 type II compliance

    System and Organization Controls (Type II)

  • ISO 27001

    ISO 27001 Certified