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The utilization of electronic signature or esignature in the modern business world is increasing day by day. While some industries might be lawfully exempt from using digital signatures, a majority of industries out there are leveraging the immense opportunity offered by e-signature to avail a wide list of benefits such as electronic medical record management, out of the same. The healthcare sector, for instance, is one of the most privileged industries to make use of the innovative concept of digital signatures to streamline the day-to-day operations. The entities involved in the healthcare industry are legally allowed to make use of digital signatures only under the fact that they are conforming to the respective HIPAA regulations as stipulated by the HIPAA Act of the federal government.

Role of eSignly in Signature Healthcare Portal

In a typical healthcare sector, there is the involvement of abundant paperwork that might be required to be filled out, signed, and executed within seconds. Effective time management and top-notch security are some of the key aspects for healthcare organizations and medical centers that are used to dealing with confidential client data exchange on a regular basis. At the same time, it is also vital to make sure that all relevant client data gets collected accurately.
In the healthcare industry, it is also important to ensure that all respective precautions are implemented for eliminating the need for tampering with the confidential documents of the patients –including the patient’s intake electronic forms, provider agreement, medical prescription, and so more.
In such a complex scenario, the utilization of a top-class digital signature solution by a reliable provider like eSignly is ideal. The growing implementation of the concept of e-signature in the healthcare industry could be contributed to the increasing need for improved record or data management, administrative efficiency, patient experience, and so more. At the same time, legislation has been implemented in countries across the globe that mandates the protection of the digital medical records of the patients.

Healthcare Regulations and Compliance

To comply with the HIPAA regulations, the healthcare sectors across the world are required to utilize e-signature services abiding by the same. When you take help from a reliable digital signature service provider like eSignly, you can be convinced that the respective e-signature solutions are compliant with:

  • SOC 2 Type II Certified
  • 21 CFR Part 11 by FDA –for enabling the utilization of e-signatures and electronic records in the respective FDA-regulated organizations while making electronic records to be valid just like paper records
  • HIPAA –Standing for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, this regulation is concerned with the standardization of electronic data to improve the efficiency while protecting the integrity & confidentiality of valid health information of the patients.

E-Signature in The Healthcare Industry

E-signatures are allowed legally in most of the healthcare institutions with the assessment that the centers conform to unique regulations. Digital signature that is utilized in the healthcare industry should adhere to specific requirements in order to ensure validity. Some of the requirements are:

  • Authentication of the users properly
  • Storing the audit trail for allowing the reconstruction of the entire signature process
  • Preventing post-signature modifications
  • Retaining evidence that the given document is signed electronically
  • Storing signed documents in some secure server

Digital signatures can be regarded as the future of the modern healthcare industry as it can enhance the patient experience. The leading provider eSignly delivers the ease of digital signatures, and has observed a rapid rise in the productivity and efficiency in the respective esignature solution. This is achieved due to the speed with which e-signatures allow for signing the documents while getting orders signed at the same time. In turn, this tends to increase the number of patients and associated paperwork that can be accepted by the institutions while increasing the total revenues at the same time.
The ease of signing the documents electronically with the utilization of esignatures also helps in reducing the total costs by minimizing FTEs and making sure that the documents are managed efficiently. Esignatures are also known to improve the security and compliance measures when these are authenticated by some trusted e-signature platform like eSignly.

WHY CHOOSE ESIGNLY FOR -SIGNATURES FOR healthcare organizations ?

When you look forward to hiring reliable digital signature solutions from some
trusted provider like eSignly, here are some of the potential benefits you can expect out of the same:

Improved Accuracy

As eSignly allows improve patient to download and submit the respective forms electronically, the healthcare institutions can be assured that the documents tend to be legible. Moreover, such documents are also expected to contain all the necessary information that has been provided by the patients. As soon as the client would launch a document, the smart interface of the e-signature application would lead them to the fields necessary to be filled out. Once the signer has completed the given form, a notification is given out.

Time Saving

With eSignly, you can look forward to creating and gathering digital signatures for the documents faster. The given feature also allows the patients to fill out the electronic forms from the patient portal. The process of using the advanced features provided by eSignly is quite simple. You are only required to follow a few simple steps to achieve the desired results.

Improved Security

In 2000, the Government of the United States of America gave digital signatures legal authority –just like the handwritten variations. Since the given moment, a series of patient onboarding processes, filling out patient intake forms, billing & consent documents are signed electronically. As the entire paperwork is not done by hands, there is improved security with no fear of tampering the content of the documents by unauthorized parties.


Leading healthcare plans are making use of the advanced e-signature solution provided by eSignly. It helps them to move seamlessly from the paper-based, inefficient workflow to automate the processes fully. It helps the clients to save significantly on paper and related items and eliminating the financial burden of paper-based documents at the same time.

Our certification And compliance

  • PCI DSS Compliance

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

  • 21 CFR Part 11

    Guarantees full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11

  • GDPR Compliance

    General Data Protection Regulation

  • hipaa compliance

    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

  • soc 2 type II compliance

    System and Organization Controls (Type II)

  • ISO 27001

    ISO 27001 Certified