Conventionally, the major channels through which insurance companies tend to acquire as well as respond to the respective clients are telephone and direct sales. However, we tend to live in the digital era. With the modernization of almost every aspect of life, the insurance industry is not left behind. Given the rapid advancements in digital technology, the insurance service providers out there should consider leveraging the power of digital experiences to satisfy the unique expectations of the end customers.

Just like Facebook or Apple, if the insurance companies look forward to delivering customized consumer experiences, the adoption of the technology of e-signature is of paramount importance. As a leading digital signature service provider, eSignly aims at emphasizing the importance of e-signature for the insurance industry through this post.
eSingly helps insurance sector people to directly interface with the agents and customers. It reduces the paper work and the physical mess at your work desk and is less time-consuming to verify, authenticate process, execute, and validate insurance documents in a secure and reliable manner. While it is more dependable and trustworthy as it allows transparent and standardized practices of digital documentation and authentication. A sure reliable, secure and speedy way to seek and send approvals electronically for everything in and around insurance services that you need to do in a typical day at the job.

Electronic signature services for Insurance Industry

With the ever-rising trend of e-signature, most industry verticals are quickly adopting the same to streamline the day-to-day processes. As an insurance service provider, you too can optimize the processes like signing documents or filling up insurance forms with the help of the revolutionary digital signature.

Digitize the Insurance Workflows

eSignly automates paper-based workflows thereby speeding up the transactions, reducing errors, inefficiencies and overhead costs and digitizing the business.


  • Automate customer and agent experience
  • Verify request and service forms
  • Optimize document servicing
  • Authorize the execution process
  • Add to the security layers
  • Integrate digitized program flows
  • Appoint cloud-driven agility
  • Accelerate underwriting and clearance cycle
  • Permit and validate beneficiary forms
  • Adopt advanced enterprise practices

Taking up the best in class e-signature practices

As an insurance service provider you need to regularly process agent and customer forms and documents. This requires tedious paper work and a huge amount of tracking, reporting, and release operations to keep everything smoothly processed and furnished on and off the desk. With eSignly, you can sign documents online, do online contract signing, and process insurance files for verification and approval bringing down your efforts to lowest marks. As you eliminate all outmoded methods and elongated practices that made it difficult to request, process, and validate documents.
Not just you get to create digital signature online for free but you get the power to put into practice the best of online document processes that are all powered by highly empowering digital features.
eSignly is the easiest and smoothest way of bringing together all the agency practices that you undertake as an insurance service. All of which is backed by expert tools and resources tucked into a high-end cloud framework being dealt with a great amount of security. All powered by eSignly’s expert suite of digital electronic signature features.

Top Reasons to Use E-signature for the Insurance Industry

There is no denying the fact that the insurance industry is known to deal with an abundance of document-related tasks. As such, tracking and maintaining such vital documents might become an overwhelming task in most instances. In such a condition, the adoption of the r evolutionary technology of digital signature comes into play.Whether you an insurance broker, the insurance carrier, or the insurance customer, you can look forward to leveraging the potential benefits offered by e-signature by eSignly in the following manners:

Improved Productivity

With the introduction of the e-signature solution, it is ensured that no document is sent to the wrong address, gets misplaced, or is piled up on someone’s desk. With such a cutting-edge document handling solution in the insurance industry, it is made sure that sending updates regarding the respective status of the given insurance deal helps in reducing the chances of human error. As such, the overall automation of the respective procedures leads to faster closings and improved productivity of the employees.

Improved Speed of Transactions

With the help of the advanced e-signature solution provided by eSignly, the insurance industry customers can look forward to signing relevant documents anytime & anywhere –within no time. Once the customers have decided to purchase the particular insurance policy, e-signature can be quickly deployed to fasten the transactions.

Reduction of Errors

The method of signing the insurance papers manually using a pen could involve major failures that could only lengthen the overall process of selling the particular policy. For instance, the insurer might forget signing some sections of the document or might overlook some vital fields in the insurance form. With the help of an advanced e-signature solution by eSignly, the entire process becomes automated and fault-free. Moreover, once the policy gets signed by the insurer, both the company as well as the insurer receives the proper copy of the digitally-signed insurance form.

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