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E-Signature For The Legal Agreements

eSignly is a web and mobile application that allows you to sign your legal documents digitally. This smart and advanced legal esignature solution is compatible with all devices, allowing you to esign your documents online and in the cloud. It also has offline capabilities that enable you to access documents signed through the application. Security at par, eSignly is a one-stop solution for managing how you have been handling your legally binding documents and going entirely paperless for the signing, distributing, and archiving the documents. Cutting down on irrelevant steps in the process, you can use esignly for a variety of legal documents. This modern solution helps you make your signing process seamless and hassle-free.


Importance of e-signature in the Legal sector

Sectors such as finance, banking, insurance, real estate, and others where legal documents are signed in multitudes used the traditional approach of taking a copy of the legal documents, physically signing it, and scanning it to forward to the respective person. It was a complicated process where the person's physical presence and several hardware capabilities were required. Also, managing the massive pile of paperwork was a task altogether. It stopped businesses from rapidly processing legally binding documents and relied heavily on manual ways to manage them.

To cut down the clutter, esignly provides a cutting-edge solution to sign traditional paper documents and streamline your process digitally. This allows you to go completely paperless while efficiently handling your paperwork online. Esignly offers you a plethora of features that are fit for businesses of all sizes and types. Furthermore, it ensures security and management convenience.

Regulations & Compliance

The world is going digital, and several regulatory bodies govern the workings of the businesses that choose to undergo digital transformation. When choosing to go with e-signature, the significant concerns of the companies are legal compliances and how authentic e-signatures are if they have to experience a legal battle.

As said, the regulatory bodies worldwide have embraced esignatures. Combined with strong authentication, top-notch security, and audit trail, esignatures are much more substantial admissible evidence than a simple wet signature or scanned image of the signed PDF.

For every electronic document, esignly automatically generates and stores a time-stamped history. You can view the entire history of when the document was sent, viewed, printed, signed, or declined and the IP address where these actions were taken. It also gives you information on the signatory, and every action is well documented on esignly. These steps not only assure document security but back you up in legal battles.


eSignly's Digital Signatures for Legal agreements

Esignly is an advanced way to process, distribute and archive your paperwork. We provide you with a secure solution to sign the legal documents. We comply with the jurisdictional acts and statutory rules of various regulatory bodies. Our digital signatures are accepted for legally binding documents, as appointed under ESIGN Act (2000) and UETA Act (1999).

We are an authentic solution, well-recognized in subsequent courts, and used worldwide by leading businesses from various industries. The electronic signature records on esignly are valid, legal, and as good as the physical signatures on the legal documents.

Improved Client Feedback

We are living in a digital age, and we expect things fast. In a typical legal environment, you cannot expect people to wait for you to send out a copy and then proceeding the deals and agreements. People need faster resolutions to problems, and when it comes to client contract signing, esignatures are modern and authentic solutions to meet client expectations. With esignatures, your important documents don't have to go through several hands. You can directly give access to authorized persons and get their signatures immediately on an online or cloud platform. It provides more convenience when people are working remotely and when deals are getting signed at odd work hours. It is an innovative, fast, and efficient way to improve your experience and give more convenience to your clients.


Our Certification And Compliance


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