How to Choose the Best Electronic Signature

What Are E-Signatures?

The use of an e-signature solution in the world is growing. The present pandemic is one more reason why businesses and people across the world are willing to use contactless technologies to perform certain transactions or activities rather than relying on manual or traditional ways.

Before we go ahead and understand what electronic signatures are and how to choose the best app for signing documents for your business, we need to accept the fact that people are becoming more and more open to the technology and are hardly hesitant to rely on them. Even the medical care sector is leveraging a paid or free electronic signature app, as per the needs and budget. So let us start digging deep:

An electronic signature is a signature in a digital format that is performed by a user with the help of document signing software. It is a digital way of giving consent to the data/message/document. Electronic signatures are legally backed in many countries in the world. Digital signature software not only helps users in making electronic signatures but also helps in saving the shared and signed electronic data safely on the cloud with the access given only to the concerned parties.

Using Digital Signature Solutions, you can send important documents to every concerned party irrespective of the geographical distance. If you are a business or an individual who conducts business with foreign clients, this solution is perfect for you and it lets you sign the document, share it and store it digitally using your smartphone. This entire process is cost-effective as no party has to spend on paper, ink, printing, faxing, mailing, postage stamp, etc. and even the waiting time is reduced from weeks or days to a few hours or minutes.

As far as security is concerned, digital signatures are more reliable than wet signatures. These solutions use mathematical algorithms to track the real-time progress of the document. Every concerned party to the document can know what is the current status of the signing and documentation process. Every signer is connected to the signature in a cryptographic format to ensure that the right person has signed the document. If you are using a credible digital signature solution, it has a legal value in the court of law.

However, just because the solution is helping everybody in the market and the world, does not mean you can choose any vendor and start using his solution. You need to consider a few factors before you make the final decision:

(1) Does it offer a trusting client experience?

One of the critical points while picking an electronic signature solution is convenience and intuitiveness. In case your staff needs to waste hours leafing through a manual before beginning, we bet that you will be on the chase for another vendor or solution soon.

Pick a product that is simple and natural: one that is intended to work with a positive customer experience every single time. A solution that offers free templates that you can reuse and highlight obligatory fields are only a couple of the convenient features that Esignly has to bring to the table There are many other features in this solution.

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(2) Does it incorporate my current business system or tools?

If you are a medium or large-scale business, there are chances that your team likely shuffles dozens of business applications to oversee day-by-day tasks. Utilizing an electronic signature software that coordinates with these applications, like, Google, Microsoft, etc. will help drive staff productivity immediately.

In case that doesn't address your issues, check if the solution offers an incredible and adaptable API that prepares your business for a smooth electronic signature experience. This will save your staff a ton of time.

(3) Does it offer a consistent mobile experience?

The present competitive market requires an answer that permits users to safely send, sign, and oversee documents as quickly as possible. Pick Digital Signature Solutions that offer applications across the platform like iOS, Android, and web a seamless experience.

This degree of compatibility will permit you to use push notifications or real-time alerts to guarantee that your staff is consistently on-task and on schedule.

(4) What level of safety does the product offer?

Another key factor while picking an e-signature solution is keeping your information secure. Various solutions offer various degrees of safety.

As a dependable guideline, choose to secure the documents with SSL encryption. Couple that with an end-to-end auto trail that tracks the whole signature process: From recipient's email address, gadget IP to record finger impression to timestamp. These audit trails can prove to be useful as lawful proof should your business at any point need to confront in court.

(5) Does it take into account organization branding value?

Your image is the thing that separates you from the competitors in the eye of the purchaser. So why not let it sparkle by picking the right document signing software?

Search for software that permits you to customize the documentation process as per your needs and let you use your company logo. Setting your organization's personality before customers' eyes is one little yet fundamental step in offering a consistent buyer experience. Add that with a frictionless signing experience, and you are good to go.

(6) Does it conform to guidelines that are applicable to your industry?

The guidelines with which electronic signatures should comply differ dependent on the geological area of your business.

The United States follows the ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).

The EU (European Union) relies on eIDAS, that is the Electronic Identification and Authentication Services.

Based on the type of business you are, the land on which you operate, and your business goals, you will have to follow certain rules.

Here is how you can ensure yourself that you have chosen the right document signing software for your business and your customers:

  1. Compliance of services

If you are installing a digital signature solution in your business, it is important that you choose a vendor and a solution that has legal backing in the court of law and the solution is in compliance with all the required guidelines. Only such software can offer you and your customers credible services and these services will have a legal value and hence will be secured. Plus, make sure the vendor educates you on how the software works under certain regulations.

  1. Usability of the e-signature software

Usability or utility or scope of use of any e-signature solution you choose is an important fact that in turn affects your productivity and customer experience. Hence, it is important that you ask for a free demo of the software before you install it. Invite all the stakeholders or their representatives to the free demo so that they can give their opinion or try the software themselves. Get a complete experience of sending, receiving, signing, storing, accessing the document. Ask your doubts and get them cleared.

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  1. Integration with your internal systems

It is important that the solution you choose to install in your business is easy to integrate. You must be able to incorporate this solution with your existing and upcoming business management system in order to streamline the documentation process across the departments and offer easy access to the data to every concerned party whenever needed.

  1. Verification of documents

Online Signature Pricing of digital signatures is very reasonable and cost-effective. However, prices are not the only criteria when it comes to choosing the right esignature solution. Apart from being cost-effective, the app for signing documents must also offer a smooth and credible verification of documents. Workers should be able to process documents smoothly and in real-time from wherever they are.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, one must consider the following things before buying any digital signature software:

Use of various applications to leverage cross-platform capabilities where the signer can sign on multiple documents at the same time.

Compliance with the law is a crucial factor, as seen above, it is important that the vendor and the solution are in compliance with all the required laws in order to offer secured ad valid services.

Verification of electronic signatures is another thing to consider before buying any software.

Here are a few of the benefits of using a reliable and authentic app for signing documents:

Using an e-signature solution means you are helping the environment by reducing the use of paper, hence saving trees from getting cut down. Plus with the digital documents and signatures, no one has to courier paper-based documents, so no fuel is used here. Printing and faxing are avoided which saves electricity.

Electronic signatures are a lightning-fast solution where documentation processes can be completed faster than before.

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If you decide to collect signatures traditionally or manually, it is going to take a lot of time, and the process becomes a bit clumsy. However, with digital signature solutions, you can efficiently share the documents with all the recipients in one click, they can sign it quickly within a few minutes if not seconds and send the document back to you. This process is much smoother.

An app for signing documents also offers security, legal validity, easy storage, easy accessibility, and more to the business.