How Repetitive Task Hurting Business


Despite the business improvement of technology by use machinery and robots in some scenarios, firms have tasks which are repetitive that employees have to handle.

Repetitive jobs pose a challenge to the company through the loss of revenue and a decrease in production. These tasks also have an effect on the staff. 90% of employees get bored working on repetitive tasks. Repetitious jobs pose a risk of physical and mental health to your workers.

Many organizations rely on a manual process, and this contributes to low enterprise growth and wasted opportunities. Repetitious jobs create a lack of excitement in the workplace because people feel that they deal with the same procedure every day.

The following Recurrent Tasks Concerns Hurt Your Business

  • Turning Employees Mindless

Many workers find repetitive tasks more of a burden than a career. Employees feel stressed by monotonous work, which affects their morale. The repetitive jobs affect their creativity, and in the end, they become less productive. Eliminating tedious tasks frees your workers to handle better and more productive functions.

  • No Proper Business Growth

If your work does not encourage creativity for your staff, after a particular duration of doing the repetitive task, they stop offering their best performance. The situation hinders business growth due to the lack of innovations.

  • Chances of Making Error

Manual work performances get prone to human error. The inaccuracies increase in cases of repetitive jobs because due to the nature of the tasks, workers assume they understand what their work well. Employees perceive these jobs as simple work, and most of the time, they don’t bother to counter check them for any inaccuracies. Some errors cost the company.

  • Repetitious Jobs Lead to Unwanted Costs

Repetitive tasks cost your company lots of cash - Mistakes made due to negligence cost expenses like time, fees, and supplies. Expenditure on supplies occurs due to staff carelessness. Recurrent jobs take a lot of time. Any delays slow your enterprise growth, and this, in turn, affects its turnover. If you don’t utilize your staff talents, you incur labor costs. You may end up hiring more employees. Employing new skills costs money too.

What to Do

  • Automate Your Task

Thanks to technology, businesses have embraced automation for their processes. Automated processes ensure a smooth and fast flow of work. Through electronic signature free solutions, for example, employees have an opportunity to share electronically signed documents.You can sign esignly records from any location, giving you the convenience of working from any base; whether your home or office. Some automated business processes include invoicing, payments, email follow-ups, and sales automation.

  • Hire Contracts and Vas

While your staff handles many tasks, some jobs get better done by hiring contractors and VAs. To free their employees time, some business owners opt to work with Vas and contractors. Some jobs like social media marketing, web design, and content writing get done better by talented individuals. It may cost the company more to retain these talents in-house. As a firm, you work on a fixed cost with your contractors and Vas.

  • Recycle Your Project Using Templates

Some business functions get done quickly by using templates. You need templates for your clients’ projects. When you have these templates, you edit them to fit your customers’ project requirements. Some models include emails, invoices, contracts, press releases, brochures, agreements, blog posts, and many more. With esign documents free systems, you have your records digitally signed before delivery to clients. Such templates ensure you don’t recreate other models for the same project.

  • Focus on Culture Which Gives Productivity

Achieving business productivity requires joint participation of the enterprise owner and employees. Once in a while, you should gauge your staff performance to identify the ones that assist you to increase your firm’s productivity. Handling repetitive jobs doesn’t mean that all your employees perform. Come up with various ways of achieving results and serve your consumers better.

By using customer signature app, for example, your clients get to sign documents like agreements and contracts from the comfort of their site and email them back. Such solutions save the company on time it would take to sign those records manually. Your staff gets more time to work on other projects, hence, increasing work productivity.

  • Plan

Every business requires proper planning to operate smoothly. Proper work schedule ensures that work gets accomplished before set deadlines. You can have repetitive jobs grouped and allocated to employees, depending on their competency. Encourage your staff to identify new ways of working on the tasks.

  • Prioritize

Employees get tempted to work on easy tasks first without considering their urgency. To stick to your work schedule, and finish chores before deadlines, encourage your staff to handle the works in order of their necessity. Working on the tedious jobs at the beginning of the day when their minds are fresh would also get the work done well.

Tasks You Can’t Outsource and Automate

Not all business jobs need outsourcing and automation. Some tasks like top managerial positions and administrations get better handled from the office. For the security of company and customer data, any jobs that involve sensitive and confidential information do not require outsourcing. Here are few of the tasks that can’t be outsourced:

  • Client Problems

Not all customer problems get solved through automation. Most clients prefer speaking on the phone with someone for assistance. Through telephone conversations, they get to express their dissatisfaction and seek advice regarding their problems.

  • Employee Recognition

The staff gets motivated to work more for getting recognized for a job well done. Most employee recognition gets done by their senior managers and business owners through verbal meetings and gifts presentation. Such chores can’t be automated.

  • Creative Works

Although automation increases productivity, it can not replace human activities in some situations. Automation can’t replicate the human brain. As such, some tasks like designing graphics, or brainstorming your business product may not get automated.

Some businesses may not eliminate repetitive tasks. As such, they should look for creative ways to work around them to boost work productivity. Employees also should exercise cautiousness when working on repetitive tasks to avoid any company loss of revenue due to carelessness.