Electronic Signature for Healthcare Industry Has Made It More Possible to Issue Medical Receipts to Customers


One of the crucial sectors of the economy is the healthcare sector. This sector is shedding its old skin and adapting to a new culture and modern demands gradually but consistently. Across the world, the healthcare industry has adapted significantly to technological advancements and many healthcare businesses or professionals are finding a positive way of integrating these new technologies into their traditional working methods.

And why not? People in most parts of the world are becoming techno-savvy, they cannot do without technology. Smartphones are used almost everywhere in the world. Mobile applications are making life easier, e-commerce is making shopping pleasant. Experience. In such a scenario, how can the healthcare sector lag behind? Even this sector wants to connect to its patients and offer them the best possible services. Healthcare professionals want to make sure the patients do not have to compromise their comfort and convenience to perform some crucial but time-consuming documentation processes. Healthcare centers in such scenarios are relying on esignature solutions.

If the healthcare center wishes to offer effective and high-quality medical care, it needs a system that can help generate and share accurate medical records for every patient. One of these systems can be eSignature Healthcare Solutions. The healthcare industry is finding new ways to cater to its patients with reliable healthcare services at cost-affordable rates within a reduced time. Automating the process of documentation, complying with the regulations of the land, controlling, managing, and tracking the documentation process, etc are the focal point of this sector.

Let us look at the scenarios where a medical professional or a healthcare business can utilize eSignature Solution for Healthcare Professionals:


Every patient has his/her unique medical record and a separate file is made for each patient. This file has all the personal details and medical history of the patient. This file has to be well documented, and well-kept. Medical professionals/physicians need to sign any such documents throughout the day whenever they treat any patient. Here, doctors can use Electronic Signature software to sign those files quickly. Not just doctors, but even patients can sign all the required medical documents in real-time from anywhere using any device. Doctors or patients do not have to be present or face to face to complete the signatures. This saves valuable time for both parties.

  1. Approving Medical Processes

Hospitals or medical professionals request patients or their family members to sign documents or agreements before undertaking any treatment or during receipt of medications. This process is essential for the legal safety of both parties. A patient cannot say that the hospital performed certain medical treatment without informing the patient. And even the patient is safe as he knows what treatments he might have to go through. Signatures are important to confirm that a certain document is now a legally enforceable document. Using eSignature Healthcare Solutions in such scenarios means you no longer need to print the paper or scan it or make a copy of it. An electronic document can be easily shared and stored for future reference. Plus, no one else apart from the concerned parties has access to it.

  1. Useful While Making Payments for Medical Bills

With esignature solutions, patients can smoothly sign all the medical bills. They no longer have to sign each bill manually, inning pain in the neck and wattage of time. Plus, wet signatures are at the risk of getting faded as time passes. This can make it even more troublesome for hospitals or editors to prove if the document was duly signed and approved by tr parties or not. In such scenarios, the hospital may make patients pay the bill again, hence causing friction between the relationship and extra expenses on the part of the patients. To avoid such experiences, both parties have to use reliable and transparent Electronic Signature software that can make the signing process more reliable and firm.

  1. Signing Medical Reports

Doctors prepare medical reports for each patient. Based on these reports, doctors decide the treatment or the best possible medications for the patients. Hence, the importance of these reports is immense. Medical practitioners can use digital signatures in order to sign such reports. The signature made by the doctor suggests that they are going with the patient's decision. Making one electronic signature in these cases will ensure that all the concerned parties involved in the process of decision-making have access to the reports.

  1. Issuing Medical Receipts

The use of Electronic Signature software enables healthcare centers or medical practitioners to issue receipts of medical expenses to the clients. If the center wants to make sure that the revenue does not and the due payments get cleared in time, and all of this has legal binding, then such a receipt must have the signatures of all the concerned parties. A signed receipt shows that the patient has made the payment and the hospital has received it. Parties can use esignature solutions to make signatures rather than sending a receipt to every concerned signer and waiting for hours to complete it. Plus, these signatures can be misused or forged. Hence, in order to make these receipts more reliable and legally valuable, parties can definitely use digital signatures. Plus, the patient is forever assured of payment safety.

  1. Medicinal Distribution and Purchases

The use of eSignature solutions by healthcare providers can help to prove and attest that quality drugs or pharmaceuticals are being purchased and distributed. Tracking the movement of the goods is possible with digital signatures. The software lets users monitor the real-time progress of the goods as they are being distributed across geographies. This ensures transparency in the distribution and purchase mechanism. Healthcare administration can also check which order is signed, shipped, and delivered. Timestamp ensures that the users know about the time and day of the delivery and shipment too.

  1. Improves Patient Satisfaction

eSignature Solution for Healthcare Professionals is trusted by many professionals as it increases the speed of the signing process by canceling the need for collecting manual signatures by sending one document to every desk or office. Using electronic solutions a user can sign multiple documents at the same time. In the healthcare sector, time plays an important role. A quick signature means a quick approval which also means a critical treatment can start in time or a severe medical case gets the required attention as a treatment in time. All the data stored and shared using this solution is protected with limited access control features which means only those who are in concern with her data and have allowed access to the data by the user can reach the data. This saves data from security breaches and many fraudulent activities.

These solutions work with superlative security measures to protect the data. Technologies like encryption and cryptography are used.

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