What method can I use to create a digital signature free?


Electronic document signing is a trending feature. And this trend is here to stay. Businesses are using the best electronic signature solutions to sign documents and store them on the cloud safely for as long as possible.

Esignature is used to cut on the negotiation time and reduce the cost of transactions. In the present globalized world, where competition is always at its peak, businesses need something that can boost up the speed of documentation and businesses can also act on all the documents in a safe environment with the utmost privacy and accessibility to the data. Choosing the best electronic signature app will help in smooth business communication. It is the way to a better future and seamless present.

Electronic document signing applications help in signing as many electronic documents in the least possible time. Plus, the users enjoy added features such as an Audit trail. It also offers a timestamp feature which ultimately helps in eradicating fraudulent activities and incidents like forgery, mishandling of the data, attempting to change the content post-signatures, etc.

Using a reliable Digital Signature free solution that has a market reputation is a perfect solution for your business. Such solutions can be used by multiple individuals and organizations across the sectors to streamline the document workflow and boost productivity. Make sure the solution is easy to understand and easy to use for a common person. Security and legal validity of the solution are also important.

Now that we have understood a bit about the use of electronic signatures, let us understand how we can create a Digital Signature free in a few steps.

Upload Your Document

We hope you have chosen the right signature solution and now all you have to do is start the actual process of designing. The first step is uploading the drafted electronic document. For this, you will get a place or a button on the home screen or on your profile page of the application/website where you can upload the drafted document. You can choose the file of your choice and upload it. If this option is not feasible for you, you can use other alternatives like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. Before you upload the document know all the types of documents your solution accepts; the more the better. Usually, all the professional electronic document signing solutions accept doc, pdf, jpg, and png formats.

Add signature field

One more crucial step that needs to be taken in order to build a smooth signature experience for your customers is to create a dedicated and clearly visible, and spacious signature field. Or you can create an 'I Agree' box, or 'I am the concerned signer' checkbox. There are many ways through which you can take valid and legal consent from the party/user. Make sure the solution allows you to use those ways.

If there is more than one party to the contract, you can add the required parties and create a dedicated signature space for them as mentioned above.

Signing the Document

This is the actual signing part. Here, users can choose to sign the document and show their content to it by choosing any of the signature types you have provided on the doc. They can use a stylus and make a signature, they can click the checkbox, they can upload an image of the handwritten signature, etc. The only thing that is needed to be ensured that the signature is made by the concerned person only. Once the signature is done, the singer will save the document and send it back to the drafter.

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Download the Signed Document

Now that you have received the dog stores of all the concerned parties and the process was conducted smoothly, you have to download the duly signed document/file and you are supposed to save it safely on the cloud.

Let us understand how the electronic signature app works?

Digital signatures are unique to every signer and show the intent of the signer to sign the document. It shows the signer's consent to the content of the document. When the signature is made the document and singer are connected to each other via a unique private key in an encrypted format. Along with each private key, a public key is generated for the rest of the concerned party so that they can track (not edit or intervene) the complete process.

One moze thing to be understood is through the term Digital Signature and Electronic Signature is used interchangeably, there is a minute difference between them. Electronic signatures and electronic markings one makes on the document with or without going through the verification processes. On the other hand, you can call any signature a Digital Signature only if it is verified by the concerned process and authority. Digital signatures are more secured.

Here are some questions one should ask before choosing the best Digital Signature free.

Types of signature formats the solution support

The validity of the solution and its use in the court of law.

What are the safety measures taken?

Is the solution easy to use?

And most of all, is the digital signature free as a competitive solution as the paid one?

Some factors to consider before choosing the best electronic signature app:


Compatibility with other devices

User-friendly interface

Free templates

To wrap:

Digital Signature free is a cost-effective way of staying competitive in the market. It is your chance to build a productive business and connect with the stakeholders of your business as smoothly as possible.