What Are The Benefits Of E-Signly For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses?

e-Signly is one of the applications that allows enterprises of all types including small and medium-sized to get digital signature solutions and store them properly.

When everything is getting digital why do people still need to sign papers physically, why can’t we make it digital too just like everything else? This has many benefits and these can even be seen immediately. This article will tell you how e-signature applications like e-Signly have provided benefits to small and medium enterprises. In this article, you will know how it is increasing productivity and helping enterprises become eco-friendly. Let’s take a look at the benefits that e-Signly can provide to small and medium-sized companies.

Benefits Of E-Signly For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

1. Streamlined Workflow

If documents are processed and executed online it will be really easy to streamline the workflow. Right from the beginning when enterprises create a document on the digital machines and then execute them by getting them digitally signed, it will make all the documentation work online and all the documents can be put into a pipeline. It can help to get work done quickly as organizations will not have to pass the physical copy of a document to someone and then get their signature and then make a digital copy of it.

This also makes it easy to find documents and present them whenever needed. They can also be updated as per requirements and again get verified without many problems. All these things can take a lot of time and can be very inconvenient if done in the traditional way. The world is changing and enterprises have also gone digital, so why get signatures physically and waste time in getting it verified? eSignly is an electronic digital signature application that will streamline all the processes to create a document and get it signed within a few minutes. This is fast and reliable.

2. Cost And Time-Efficient

Using electronic signature applications can save a lot of time and money for enterprises. Small and medium-scale businesses need to reduce their expenditure as much as possible because it has a direct impact on the profit they earn. If the expenditure is lower the profit will be high. eSignature software features save the cost that an enterprise has to incur on printing papers and then sending them to people who are not in the same office or city. With eSignly, this can be done digitally within minutes.

When work is done quickly and there is no transportation cost or courier charge, all the employees will be able to focus on other important work, and this will increase the profit of the company. This is in a way one of the best ways to grow a business while saving time and money. Also, online signature pricing is flexible and differentiates with vendors.

3. Digital Audit Trails

Digital audit trails of documents can be done with authenticity and accuracy. Because everything will be done digitally all the documents will also be stored on a digital device. There will be a record of it on the sender’s side as well as on the side of the receiver. This will remove all inaccuracies and inefficiencies to find and present the document when needed. There are many problems when audit trails of physical documents happen because there are many documents and it is hard to keep track of them. They can also be damaged if any natural calamities occur.

Inaccuracies also happen because documents can be manipulated without the knowledge of the sender or the receiver as they do not have access to them all the time. This risk is removed while using eSignature solutions.

4. Cloud-Based Archival

Data becomes safe and secure when stored and accessed on the cloud. E-sign provides a cloud-based archival that can help the organization in storing documents digitally. It does not need any physical servers and thus data remains safe. Another advantage of cloud-based archival is that users can access their digital documents at any time irrespective of their location or the device that they are using. e-Sign is stored in a digital format and thus it diminishes the need for a physical signature storage device. Users can give their consent through OTP-based Aadhaar verification or any other process such as biometric authentication.

5. Signing Process Can Be Streamlined

Most people who are working in any type of enterprise would know how hard it gets sometimes to get a document signed. There are many things going on and amidst all of that, the document has to be signed. There are situations in which the document has to be couriered to a person who is in a different city or state so that they can get it signed by the relevant person. There are e-sign software solutions that allow enterprises to get rid of all this hassle and streamline all their documents digitally and get all of them signed online. The documents can be sent to the relevant person with the time in which it is required to be sent back. There will be no need for involving an extra person or a courier service in this. This will be fast and direct so there will be no problems in the process.

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Enterprises can plan and put all the documents in the pipeline and send them one by one as and when needed. There are 3 important aspects that enterprises have to look at while getting a document signed, which are the cost, security, and speed. These three can be achieved in their best forms if e-Sign is used.

6. Increased Security

Talking about security, a document’s security is at risk while getting it signed in the traditional method. It can be damaged, lost, manipulated, and whatnot. This is something that can get businesses, especially the small and medium-scale ones, into problems. The documents can be of a tender or starting a project and if anything happens to it or it is changed, then the business might have to face losses. Even delays caused because of security problems can cause losses.

To overcome this problem businesses can use e-Signature software features and ensure that the document is safe and always available digitally. Once they get it signed they can keep it safe again so that there are no casualties related to that document. One more benefit related to this that people might not know about is that digitally-signed documents can be presented as proofs in court. This is why many digital loan companies can sue a defaulter in court. There are many other security-related benefits that enterprises get when they get a document signed online.

7. Fast Payments

This is one of the less-focused benefits but has a great impact. When documents are signed digitally, organizations decrease the time to turn deals around and can start working on them. This means that they will get payments faster. This takes a lot of time when done traditionally and because of this payments also get delayed. Digital Signature Solutions can make everything fast and efficient.

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Small companies need this more than anyone else and not many of them have realized this yet. Digital signing of contracts and deals will help both sides and ensure that payment and work begin as quickly as possible.

8. Less Use Of Papers

E-sign is paperless. This means no paper is needed for performing governmental procedures and it thus helps in saving the environment in a significant manner. Reduced use of paper, ease in storage, and a decrease in associated costs are just monetary benefits. Other than that it also promotes a low carbon footprint which helps the company in sustainable development in the future years.

9. Other Benefits

Other benefits of eSign software solutions are that it saves paper and helps in environmental conservation. There is less cost of maintenance and shipping involved. This can totally eliminate the need for physical documentation and help companies work faster. This will reduce the expenses incurred by enterprises by a significant margin and because it will save time and make companies productive it will increase the production rate. The profit will increase and the organization will grow faster.

10. Higher Reach

With these digital e-signature methods, signatures are becoming easier and its reach is increasing to longer distances as there is no need to be there physically. Electronic digital signatures can help organizations that are start-ups, small-scaled, or medium-scaled to increase their output and save a lot of time while increasing their productivity.


eSignature solutions are the future of enterprise documents and the deals and contracts in the future will be signed this way only. This is something that will reduce the time in which it happens and provide better security and also save the environment. It is important to save paper and our environment now because everyone is responsible for nature’s damage. Finally, this is something that will make the process convenient and reliable and allow organizations to back up and retrieve data in a better way. Having said that, it is time that companies start using applications like eSignly.