Approvals in Microsoft Teams Are Getting eSignature Support and Approval Templates This Month

Microsoft has released a number of new capabilities and features that will streamline approval requests within Teams. The majority of these updates have been released, with the remainder due to be available later in the month. Today's first feature is the ability to create approvals with an electronic signature directly within the Approvals app.

"Now, key partners such as Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and other third-party providers, you can create an electronic signature approval natively in the Approval app. This new feature allows approvers to add their signature without leaving Teams. It makes approval processes faster and more efficient. The company explained that once the approval process has been completed, all information is saved in Teams. You can access the approval record and view eSignatures easily." The signature support service will start rolling out towards the end of the month.

Next, Microsoft Teams will be introducing customizable templates to the Approvals app. IT administrators and team owners will be able to quickly create templates, modify them, and publish them to common approval requests such as overtime and expense reports. This feature should make it simpler for end-users to create and submit approval requests right from Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft also introduced new features such as attachment capabilities. Users of Teams can attach any file or generic link directly to OneDrive or SharePoint when creating approval requests. The company also introduced markdown support for the detail's view of the app and adaptive cards.

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The app also added "Approve" and "Reject" buttons to the adaptive cards. This allows users to accept or decline requests via chats or channels. Microsoft stated that these buttons will only be visible to those users who are authorized to respond to approval requests. The official blog post contains more information about the updates.