Business Applications Of Electronic Signatures


Does paperwork make you feel bored? If paper-based documentation takes a lot of time to complete? Are you tired and fed up with the endless printing, copying, scanning, and the regular emailing back and forth again all these to the clients? Well, don’t be lost use electronic signatures and maximize your profits drastically. You can save a lot because electronic signatures remove the normal means of using the usual ink and paper for authenticating various documents, invoices, forms, and so on. Electronic signatures software solutions help you sign documents with a finger, mouse, or mobile device.

It's a classic business scenario that some clients are always there who need to sign some documents and most of them need to sign various forms no matter what you need to always sign down on a piece of paper its simply inevitable to avoid it. But in today’s era more and more companies are resorting to the use of electronic signatures and making most of their processes and functions streamlined and simple over time. There are a number of ways that you can sign a particular document and see how they are verified electronically:

  • Public Key Infrastructure: For verification, your signature is verified via means of a Key that is issued by a third party ensuring maximum security.

  • IP Address: It is common in certain e-signature software to record your IP address for certain authentication purposes.

  • Your Device: Some electronic signatures time stamp your computer for recording the information of the computer you have recently used.

As long as you are willing to put in a little extra money and incorporate the electronic signatures into your existing business you cannot reach the pinnacle of success. You can manage your contacts efficiently and that too without any extra expenditure. However, policies vary from one organization to another where one company will be comfortable with using electronic signatures any other would-be reluctant to use them. It all depends on how they are used and implemented.

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