Digital signatures in the Health Care industry can be attributed to the need for administrative efficiency


The Healthcare sector is one of the sectors in the economy across the world that has to deal with a huge amount of documents on a daily basis. All these documents carry crucial medical, personal data about the patients, and this data must be stored and handled carefully in order to safeguard the data from any possible fraudulent activities.

As even slightest error or an attempt to manipulate the data can cost a patient his life if the medical staff performing the crucial process of documentation in a traditional hue that is taking care of the document and medical file for patients health record manually then this data is more exposed to the race of getting misused or lost. To avoid this and in order to offer patients with high-end secured and positive patient care experience, it is important to switch to a reliable technology that can handle and store medical data safely and make it accessible to the concerned parties whenever required.

One such technology that is gaining popularity across the world, and especially in the healthcare sector is eSignature Healthcare Solutions. Telemedicine is a booming concept in the healthcare sector and post the outbreak of COVID-19, patients and their families prefer to consult physicians remotely using mobile devices. eSignature Solution for Healthcare Professionals comes as a solution in this scenario. Patients and their families do not have to worry about standing in long lines for hours to admit the patient or complete the formalities or submit the bills or insurance papers, etc. All of this can be done from the treatment room or the bed using mobile devices.

This solution is beneficial not only to the patients and their family but also to the other parties like insurance providers and medical staff along with the administrative staff of the hospital. Insurance providers can request online or digital documents of the medical claim, and approve them online without wasting much time.

Quick customer service and easy and faster approval of the medical claims made by the patients would add to the goodwill of the insurance providers. In terms of the medical staff, installing an Electronic Signature software would help in processing medical applications quickly without leaving the desk or running after the patients for signature. The staff can work with maximum productivity as the accuracy level is boosted and errors can be minimized.

Medical professionals earlier used to rely on paper-based medical history files which the patients had to hand over to the hospital for informed decision making and more accurate medical treatment. In case there is an error in this history, the treat can get wrong and it might risk the patient's life. In the digital documentation process, even this risk is eliminated as all the data and medical history is made available to medical professionals in the digital format.

Using eSignature Healthcare Solutions the medical care centre not only streamlined the documentation process but also made the patient care experience more positive. The medical staff can now focus on the core job that is taking care of the patients. Here are a few advantages of using eSignature Solution for Healthcare Professionals:

There are many eSignature Healthcare Solutions providers in the market that offer unique features and functionalities to match your objectives and expectations. Most of these service providers are authentic and offer legalized digital signature solutions However, it is your duty to cross-check all the necessary factors before installing any new technology or solution into the management system, especially when you are a healthcare centre.

Here are a few benefits of using reliable electronic signature software in the healthcare sector:


As electronic signature software allows patients to submit their documents digitally, healthcare centres can stay assured that all the collected data is legible and the required information is duly filled. As soon as a patient opens a document, the software notifies the patient about all the fields that need to be filled. In case the customer misses any field, the software reminds him of it. This way, both the healthcare organization and patients are assured that accurate data is shared.


One more function this software performs for you is the creation of digital documents and collection of digital signatures on the documents easier and quicker than ever before. You can allow patients to complete admission or check-in forms digitally without having to stand in long lines. All the hospital has to do is create a digital application form or upload it, make certain fields editable so that patients can fill them and then share the link with the patients so that they can complete the form, make a signature and complete the documentation procedure.


The US Federal offered electronic signatures legal backing just like the handwritten signatures back in 2000 by passing the ESIGN Act. Since then, many hospital forms, patient check-ins, billing and consent forms have been signed digitally using reliable eSignature Healthcare Solutions. All the signatures made using this software are legalized under the Act.

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Apart from the legal security, the software also offered technological security by leveraging modern-day technologies like cryptographic encryption and mathematical algorithms to make sure that the concerned patient has signed the document. The software also uses features like timestamp to offer more security. All the data shared and stored using the software are safely saved on the cloud with access given only to the concerned parties.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, using credible eSignature Healthcare Solutions also helps in saving money. The hospital no longer has to spend on paper, ink, faxing, mailing, postage, storage of physical papers, etc. Even patients’ money is saved as they do not have to incur expenses on the same things. In the long run, these solutions turn out to be more cost-effective and plus they are eco-friendly and hence sustainable.

Just like the increasing use of e signature solutions in the healthcare sector, the use of electronic signatures is rising in other sectors too. Even government agencies are leveraging this solutioneSignature Solution for Government Agencies is helping government offices to ensure they offer reliable, smooth, seamless and faster services to the general public.