Three Tips for Making the Most of eSignature Solutions


eSignatures are created using public key infrastructure (PKI) and run through a digital signing program. PKI allows secure management of electronic digital signs. 40% now sign-on digital devices due to the advancement of technology and increasing security of eSignatures. Customers want to be able to access the services offered by businesses easily. Organizations have no excuse not to make customer journeys seamless by using these tools. We will be discussing 3 strategies that will help you make the most of eSignatures solutions.

1. Incorporate instant eSignatures in your workflow

While eSignatures are used by most companies, they are not the first generation. Customers are increasingly demanding in this digital age. Customers can order products online with Amazon's one-click purchase solution. The next-generation eSignature has the same concept. Documents are delivered immediately and forms can be signed with just a few clicks. The technology's growth has allowed documentation to be mobile optimized so that customers can sign forms from their smartphones from anywhere.

The business can streamline the process of signing documents by incorporating eSignatures in its workflow. This will result in a more productive workforce. Human error can pose a threat to any company when it comes to paper-based transactions. Electronic documentation eliminates the risk of misplaced and lost documentation. After the user signs the documents, their signatures will be encrypted and stored in cloud technology. The forms can't be altered. Incorporating eSignatures in the workflow has resulted in 50% more policy closings and an 80% reduction in the cycle time. This shows that customers have a better end-to-end customer experience if they use eSignatures.

2. Real-time collaboration with customers

Few company leaders realize the importance of customer experience. Customers expect to feel valued when working with businesses. Customers will be more inclined to return to an organization again and again if the lengthy process of signing documents is simplified. This increases customer loyalty which is essential for businesses in order to gain a competitive edge.

Many businesses who integrate digital tools into their workflow may think that it is easy for customers to use. This can make it more difficult than signing paper documents. Customers may be required to download software, and print or scan documents from certain platforms. Signing documents can be difficult and time-consuming due to this. After one bad experience, one in three customers would leave a brand they like. Healthcare, for example, has reported that eSignatures have made it easier to improve the patient experience. This allows patients to spend less time on paperwork.

Instant signatures make it easy to collaborate with customers and sign documents quickly and easily by allowing you to communicate instantly with them. Agent-guided eSignatures will be available in the next generation. The agent-guided eSignatures allow customers to be guided through the process. This ensures that customers are correctly filling out forms and speeds up digital completion. For instance, Happy State Bank recently installed eSignatures solutions. This allows them to collect multiple signatures for new account applications within less than two hours.

3. You must ensure that eSignatures comply with all applicable regulations

Businesses must ensure that eSignatures are generated from a third-party source. This can be easily integrated into the business's workflow. The signature of a third party is saved in CRM. To ensure maximum security, clients sign their signatures using a third party. In 2000, eSignatures were legal. Covid-19 saw more laws being enacted to ensure that eSignatures were compliant with most contracts. Some contracts, however, still require a signature. This includes adoption papers and divorce papers in the US. Make sure your eSignatures work. This will save customers and organizations time.

Many consumers still hesitate to sign digital documents. It is important to communicate clearly with customers, stating that all documentation is compliant and secure. 63% of customers stated that they share more information with companies that offer great experiences. It is, therefore, crucial to communicate clearly with the customer. The buyer's journey will be easier if you share information with them using an eSignature. These stages have been used by businesses to make customers feel comfortable signing important documents. This has resulted in a 4x increase in customer interactions via digital channels.


Next-generation eSignatures make signing documents easier because they are instantaneous and mobile optimized. As you work with customers from the beginning of the sale to completion, it is easier to collaborate in real-time. Companies that incorporate eSignatures are able to build long-term relationships with their customers. A business can gain a competitive advantage by building customer loyalty. Digital tools can be expensive, but this will help you, secure clients. 73% of customers agree that customer experience is the most important factor.

All stakeholders will benefit from a digital strategy. Employees will find it easy to integrate eSignatures into existing workflows, making the transition easier. has more information about eSignly's eSignature and eForms document collection.

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