Traceability of Electronic Signatures Is Better Than Traditional Manuscript Signatures


Electronic signatures are very different from signing with ink personally. gives you more credibility to prove that you are who you claim to be. Electronic signature allows the signer the same flexibility as manual signing, allowing them to read and understand the document and then sign it.

However, the electronic signature records the underlying identities and provides more secure audit trails. It also tracks the time stamp and location of the internet signer. The electronic signature traceability is stronger than a manual signature due to the unique login credentials and the possibility to sign from their PDAs. Electronic signatures are similar to how online banking has become a safer option for everyone, avoiding the hassle of signing cheques manually. An electronic signature is simply a software program that creates an electronic signature using user inputs, such as a password and pin.

Electronic Signature is more trustworthy?

With so many deals happening in business every day, and each deal involving one or several stakeholders in an unknown environment, it can be difficult for business professionals in order to verify the identities of all their stakeholders. Every business transaction can be digitally linked with an electronic signature. We can track all formalities and approvals received from different stakeholders and gain good accountability. The electronic signature is a simple proof-of-signature that can be used as virtual proof of transaction. The user has full control of the process and all risks are taken care.

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Digital supply chain models have made electronic signatures a necessity in this age of digital transformation. Although the signature can be trusted, the handwritten signature does not have a traceability system that allows you to trace the signer. It is difficult to trace the history of signatures used in the past because there is no historical archive. Digital signatures are easier to use for personal or document signing. They also require less effort and can be traced back further into the future. eSignly uses digital traceability to identify creators and signers and provides good accountability statistics, including time and date stamps.