Using Electronic Signatures in Real Estate Business Can be a Wise Idea!


Being up to date with technology is a big part of real estate. There are many electronic contracts/forms and other documentation work, and completing them takes a lot of time and resources. The use of e-signatures is rapidly growing with over 70-80% of realtors using it for streamlining all their business operations. Real estate has evolved 10 folds in the 21st century, but not all real estate companies are quick to adopt the change of digitally signed documents and paperless transactions.

Electronically signed documents are becoming more and more mainstream in modern times, despite the fact that many large banks didn't even accept e-signatures until recently. A person can be virtually anywhere in the globe, with just internet access, and still be able to send signatures via a Laptop or Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.

The bottom line is that with e-signature technology real estate deals can be closed much faster and that too without any hassle. Whether it's setting up an appointment to sign some paperwork or having the potential of a missed signature with eSignly signatures anything can be taken care of in a jiffy!

Still, most companies, prefer the conventional and good old-fashioned way of handling their business documentation work which requires a traditional pen and ink signature. But e-signatures have become a part of the real estate landscape today!

There are many e-signature providers and all aren’t the same the majority of major e-signature providers offer value-added services as well. Electronic signatures are legally binding in most countries nowadays, the e-signature companies such as eSignly offer high-quality legal protection and other great features and comply with all the legal regulations such as the federal ESIGN and the UETA Acts.

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