What are the benefits of e-Signly for small and medium businesses?


e-Signly is one of the applications that allows businesses of all kinds, including small and medium-sized ones, to obtain digital signature solutions and store them correctly.

When everything is going digital, why do people still need to physically sign documents? Why can't we make it digital as well as everything else? This has many benefits and these can even be seen immediately. This article will explain to you how electronic signature applications like e-Signly have provided benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. In this article, you'll learn how you're increasing productivity and helping businesses go green. Let's take a look at the benefits that e-Signly can provide to small and medium-sized businesses.

Benefits of E-Signly for small and medium businesses

1. Optimized workflow

If the documents are processed and executed online, it will be very easy to optimize the workflow. From the beginning, when companies create a document on the digital machines and then execute it by digitally signing it, it will make all the documentation work online and all the documents can be put in one pipeline. It can be helpful to get the job done quickly, as organizations won't have to pass a physical copy of a document to anyone and then get their signature and then make a digital copy.

This also makes it easy to find documents and present them when needed. They can also be updated as per requirements and re-verified without much trouble. All of these things can be time consuming and very inconvenient if done the traditional way. The world is changing and businesses have also gone digital, so why physically get signatures and spend time verifying them? eSignly is an electronic digital signature application that will speed up all the processes to create a document and obtain its signature in Few minutes. This is fast and reliable.

2. Time and cost savings

The use of electronic signature applications can save companies a lot of time and money. Small and medium businesses need to reduce their expenses as much as possible because it has a direct impact on the profits they make. If the expense is less, the profit will be high. The features of the eSignature software save the cost that a company has to incur to print papers and then send them to people who are not in the same office or city. With eSignly, this can be done digitally in minutes.

When work gets done quickly and there are no transportation or courier costs, all employees can focus on other important work, increasing company profits. In a way, this is one of the best ways to grow a business while saving time and money. In addition, online signature prices are flexible and differ from providers.

3. Digital audit trails

Digital audit trails of documents can be made with authenticity and accuracy. Because everything will be done digitally, all documents will also be stored on a digital device. There will be a record of it on the sender's side as well as on the receiver's side. This will eliminate all inaccuracies and inefficiencies in finding and submitting the document when needed. There are many problems when producing physical document audit trails because there are many documents and it is difficult to keep track of them. They can also be damaged if natural calamities occur.

Inaccuracies also occur because documents can be tampered with without the sender's or receiver's knowledge, since they don't have access to them all the time. This risk is eliminated by using electronic signature solutions.

4. Cloud based archive

Data becomes secure when it is stored and accessed in the cloud. E-sign provides a cloud-based archive that can help the organization store documents digitally. You don't need a physical server and therefore your data remains secure. Another advantage of cloud-based archiving is that users can access their digital documents at any time, regardless of their location or the device they are using. e-Sign is stored in a digital format and therefore reduces the need for a physical signature storage device. Users can give their consent through OTP-based Aadhaar verification or any other process like biometric authentication.

5. The signing process can be simplified

Most people who work in any type of business would know how difficult it can sometimes be to sign a document. Many things are happening and in the midst of all that, the document has to be signed. There are situations where the document needs to be couriered to a person in a different city or state for the appropriate person to sign. There are eSignature software solutions that allow businesses to get rid of all these hassles and streamline all their documents digitally and have them all signed online. Documents can be sent to the appropriate person with the time they are required to be returned. It will not be necessary to involve an additional person or a courier service in this. This will be quick and straightforward so there will be no problems in the process.

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Companies can plan and put all the documents in process and send them one by one when needed. There are 3 important aspects that companies should consider when signing a document, which are cost, security and speed. These three can be achieved in their best ways if e-Sign is used.

6. Greater security

Speaking of security, the security of a document is at risk while it is signed with the traditional method. It can be damaged, lost, manipulated and all that. This is something that can get companies in trouble, especially small and medium-sized ones. The documents can be from a tender or the start of a project and if something happens to it or is changed, then the company could face losses. Even delays caused by security issues can lead to losses.

To overcome this problem, companies can use e-signature software features and make sure the document is secure and always available digitally. Once they sign it, they can keep it safe again so there are no victims associated with that document. Another related benefit that people might not be aware of is that digitally signed documents can be presented as evidence in court. This is why many digital loan companies can sue a defaulter in court. There are many other security-related benefits that businesses get when they get a document signed online.

7. Fast payments

This is one of the less focused benefits, but it packs a punch. When documents are digitally signed, organizations reduce the time to turn agreements around and can start working on them. This means that they will receive payments faster. This is time consuming when traditionally done and due to this payments are also delayed. Digital signature solutions can make everything fast and efficient.

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Small businesses need this more than anyone and not many of them have realized it yet. Digitally signing contracts and agreements will help both parties and ensure payment and work start as quickly as possible.

8. Less use of paper

E-sign is out of paper. This means that no paper is needed to carry out government procedures and thus helps to save the environment significantly. The reduced use of paper, ease of storage, and lower associated costs are only monetary benefits. Apart from that, it also promotes a low carbon footprint which helps the company in sustainable development for years to come.

9. Other benefits

Other benefits of eSign software solutions are that it saves paper and helps conserve the environment ambient. There are less maintenance and shipping costs involved. This can totally eliminate the need for physical documentation and help businesses get to work faster. This will reduce the expenses incurred by businesses by a significant margin and since it will save time and make businesses productive, it will increase the rate of production. The profit will increase and the organization will grow faster.

10. Greater range

With these digital electronic signature methods, signatures are becoming easier and their reach increases over longer distances, since it is not necessary to be physically there. Electronic digital signatures can help start-up, small or medium-sized organizations to increase their production and save a lot of time while increasing their productivity.


Electronic signature solutions are the future of business documents and agreements and contracts in the future will be signed only in this way. This is something that will reduce the time in which it happens and provide greater security and also save the environment. It is important to save paper and our environment now because we are all responsible for the damage to nature. Finally, this is something that will make the process convenient and reliable and will allow organizations to backup and recover data in a better way. With that said, it's time for businesses to start using apps like eSignly.