Digital Signature Solutions for PDF Signing


Many Digital Signature solutions enable PDF files to be signed and encrypted directly without the need for Adobe Acrobat. This allows users and organizations to send invoices and bank transaction statements in PDF format. The recipients can be assured that the document is authentic. The digital signing solution can be used to encrypt PDF files, giving the sender assurance that the document will only be read by authorized recipients.

These solutions automate the encryption and signing process, so it can be done without user intervention. These solutions offer additional features, such as the ability to sign PDF documents.

PDF Signing using Digital Signing Solutions

Adobe Acrobat can sign PDF documents in the embedded form. This facility comes with several features.

  1. A visual representation of your signature can be embedded into the PDF document while you sign.
  2. The page on which the signature is to be placed and its location can be changed by the user. The signature can be placed in the top-right corner or bottom-right of the page.
  3. A visual signature can include the reason for signing, date and time, as well as location. You can either use a third-party time stamp server or the local machine clock to determine the time of signing.
  4. No special software is required to sign PDF documents using digital signature software. The PDF documents allow document recipients to verify signatures with the free Adobe reader 6. Digital signature software does not require any verification software for PDF documents. They enable document recipients to verify signatures with free Adobe Reader.
  5. To protect confidentiality, PDF files can be encrypted with a password chosen by the user. The encrypted files are not as secure as signed files. They can be decrypted using any third-party software. The password is required to open the file in Adobe Reader. Only the correct password will allow you to open the file.

Use eSignly software to sign PDF documents

These key features allow for easy deployment of encryption and signing into Business to Consumer (B2C), applications in verticals such as banking, finance, insurance, etc. are:

  1. Adobe Acrobat is not required to sign or encrypt documents.
  2. Automated signing and encryption are possible without the need for user intervention
  3. Adobe Reader can open encrypted files and verify signatures without the need for any third-party software.

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