How eSignature Can Help You Increase Construction Productivity


The construction industry is highly mobile. The team of specialists for each new site or project can change. It is important to ensure that all employment documents are intact. The work contracts must be properly prepared before you start.

Paperwork Is a Crucial Aspect of Any Business, and It Can Be Tedious.

Electronic signatures are more effective and reduce risks. A construction company can securely sign critical business documents like cost estimates, purchase orders, and employment forms using the online eSignature service.

Higher Returns, Lower Expenses

The speed of electronic contracts being transferred and the ease of signing them are real benefits. It also reduces the need to print paper and maintain a lot of paperwork. Converting physical documents to electronic format is an advantage, especially since the number of documents signed annually by large construction companies is decreasing. The firm will be able to claim a high level of prestige as well as financial success. It is easy to archive electronically signed records and find them when you need them.

Deliver Construction Projects on Time, No Delays

Capital investments are necessary for construction projects. It states that the parties involved need to provide guarantees. Verbal promises and trust don't suffice. Relationships are built on consistent safeguards, written documents. Documentation is essential for every decision and any changes to a project.

The need to get signatures from off-site engineers/subcontractors from another city can hold back the momentum of the project. This can lead to additional costs and missed deadlines.

A cloud-based electronic signature solution can be used to eliminate delays. It doesn't matter if the signer is your client, an off-shore engineer or a subcontractor; it takes just a few minutes to get the signature. The signer and you can quickly process agreements from any smart device. You receive approvals on time and can begin work without any document-related delays.

Establish Robust Results

It is difficult for construction companies to keep pace with technological advancements in office management and paperwork. However, there are many lessons to be learned. A firm that manages paperwork well and reduces paperwork will win trust and support.

Electronic signatures are a great way to show respect to workers and project leaders. It is a sign of a construction company that it values environmental sustainability.

Confidentiality Maintained

Online electronic signature software allows you to securely gather and store signed documents. Because all contracts are encrypted using SSL encryption, it is secure. Anyone who has access to documents on the move or stored can't read them unless they are signed by the SSL encryption.

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You can collect legally binding electronic signatures with the automated eSign solution. Each signature contains information about the IP address, timestamp and valid email ID.

eSignature Software Solution - Keep Your Projects on Line

Employees sitting idle, waiting for documents to be signed, is more wasteful than anything else. There are no excuses for delays due to misplaced courier agreements or managers missing critical faxes. To streamline paperwork, it is important to get your field team used to the eSignature system.

Eliminate the time taken to generate contracts from scratch

Construction leaders can create fillable templates using eSignature to generate repeatable document types like PO, inspection contracts and subcontractor documents. You can edit it and send it to your staff using your iOS or Android devices.

Automate Follow-up About Signing

Electronic signature technology keeps a log of every document movement so you can request the signing status for each file. It automatically sends reminders for signers who have not signed the document within a specified time frame. This means that even if the contract is forgotten, it will not let the lack of files impact project timelines.

Accelerate Remote Contract Signing

Many administrative workers are reluctant to travel due to the pandemic. This makes it difficult to cancel agreements or pay bills. An automated eSignature solution is available via web and mobile. It allows you to request signatures and to send documents by email. This makes it possible for field workers to reduce visits to clients' locations.

Digitizing routine tasks can greatly increase productivity. Your New Year's resolution should be to review how you approach your company's documentation workflows. Ask vendors the right questions if you're considering eSignature software.