eSignly eSignature API - Affordable Electronic Signatures Solution for Your Business Needs in 2020


What is an Electronic Signature API?

For someone new to this advanced digital era, the term electronic signature, what is it and how it works might be confusing. An electronic signature is an electronic form of the traditional handwritten signature. It is an electronic representation of the intention of a person to accept and verify the content of a document or the data that is linked to the signature.

Like the traditional handwritten paper and ink signature, an electronic signature is legally recognized in terms of signer’s intention to sign a particular document. in an electronic signature, what counts is who made the signature and the content of the document is not modified subsequently.

The eSignature API allows you to integrate eSignature into your own website or CRM system. The API key is the toolkit that is given to you, from there it is up to you. Most people integrate e-signature with their existing internal system which can make the signing of documents even quicker.

With the advancement of technology, life has become faster and easier. Technology also brought more accuracy to the businesses but there are many things still invoking doubts to many businesses. One such thing is the electronic signature. Today, there are some companies that still prefer the traditional paper-and-pen method of signature. However, the use of electronic signature can bring your business to new heights. The adoption of electronic signature and the implementation of paperless solutions will make your business paperless to some extent. In case you are still not convinced why your business needs Esignly digital signature API, this article will discuss the main reasons why your business needs an electronic signature.

Top Business Benefits of Electronic Signatures

In earlier days, companies used traditional pen-and-paper signature methods to sign business documents, but that becomes an outdated process in today’s digital and fast-paced electronic world. In the past, signing a business contract or a document was a long and inefficient procedure. It involved several stages such as printing, signing, scanning, and sending via email, fax or courier. Such a process usually takes a long time to get the required signatures from multiple recipients on various business agreements that can delay the process of business operations.

But in the prevailing market space, it is important for a given business to carry out its day to day business transactions and while performing the transactions it’s important to keep the business documents secure, safe and protected. Any theft or loss of valuable business documents results in huge damage to day-to-day business operations. The electronic signature software simply means the e-signature solutions provides high security to business documents so that organizations can run their business operations securely and smoothly.

What are the Benefits of Electronic Signature Software to Businesses

It is a natural human tendency to be wary and question new solutions. That’s why, when asked to adopt any new technology, the first thing that comes to most peoples’ minds is –why? The same case applies to an electronic signature. But the following are some of the real benefits why your business needs esignature such as Esignly electronic signature.

1. A sign from Anywhere in the World

Electronic Signature such as Esignly API allows the business owners to sign to business documents from anywhere in the world, even from the most remote parts of the continent. All you need to do is to have an internet connection to operate the solution. This helps to improve business efficiency, productivity and streamlines the work process.

2. Saves Company Time

Signing a document with an electronic signature involves a simple procedure. The newbies may think it is a complex affair to use an electronic signature, but eSignatures have made the traditional signing process much simpler and straight-through. Traditional signing on physical documents is a long and tedious process. One must get the document printed, append signatures on them, scan those documents, and send it to the other recipient for signature. In case one or two signatures are missing, or in the event where anyone of the document signers is not available, then the entire process gets delayed. As a result, a lot of company’s time gets wasted on document signatures.

In order to minimize the wastage of time, you can adopt the use of affordable electronic e-signatures like Esignly. This will save valuable time for your company as well as cut on the paper cost. As a result, time-saving enables firms to focus more on the core business activities that can help them come up with vital business decisions, drive more revenue, and improve work efficiency from the bottom level.

3. Offers Maximum Security

Esignly eSignature provides businesses with the ability to keep track of document security and provides real-time updates on signature status. The solution tracks how many people have viewed the document but not sign edit yet, and how many recipients have signed the document and sent it to you. In case one or two signatures are missing in the document, then you can send a reminder email to those recipients who are causing the hold up to sign the document.

Other than providing a high level of security to the business documents, Esignly e-signature software helps to improve customer experiences, drive revenue faster and speeds up the sales process.

4. Legal Value

Most people ask about the legal value of eSignature. Nowadays, people feel more at ease with an electronic signature. However, some people are still reluctant and question about its validity and the ability to use it as proof, in the case for some reason they required signed documents to be used in a legal context. E-signature is now working in government offices, and they use of Esignly eSignature for legal documents without any hesitation.

Almost all countries around the world accept electronic signatures because they understand the benefits of completing transactions digitally for their businesses. Thanks to the ESIGN Act, electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States. The electronic identification, Authentication and trust services (eIDAS) legislation states that all organizations providing public digital services in an EU member state must recognize electronic identification from all other member states. Similarly, the electronic signatures are recognized in court all around Canada, Australia, Russia, and China. Esignly electronic signature solution is legally binding and entirely ESIGN and UETA compliant. We take security measures seriously by providing communication that is safely protected using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.

5. Convenience and Ease of Use

With the document signature API like Esignly, you can give your business a new edge. Businesses may not be confined to a single location. Remote based teams and clients are not uncommon nowadays. Therefore, if your business has some remote based team or clients spread over the country or over the world, you will understand the importance of good collaboration and communication among all the parties. This is where the importance of electronic signature comes in. Electronic signature ensures that the whole signing process takes place online so whatever be the location of customers or teams, doesn’t matter. The documents are sent online in a secure manner and signed in a few minutes or even seconds without waiting or delay periods of days and weeks, and eventually sent back online securely. Therefore, using an electronic signature enables your clients, teams and partners to sign the documents electronically, and results in more efficient transactions. An electronic signature is a convenient way of appending a signature in the current busy world.

6. Get Rid of Messy Paperwork

It is not easy to manage so many business papers and documents on a regular basis. The paperwork requires a lot of energy and time to organize, which can be spent on other vital business activities. The paperwork also means that one requires a lot of space. As your business expands, so does paperwork increase thus the need for more space.

Moreover. You need to pack, manage, and store the business papers in a proper way, so, if you require any, you can find it easily without wasting much time. Here is the answer to the question of why you need an electronic signature. In case you adopt eSignature, you will keep all of your documents in a digital form as long as you want. You can create, sign, and store documents online with the use of the electronic signature. If you adopt electronic signature, you won’t require a hard copy of the documents at any given time which eliminates any messy paperwork from your workplace. All data, records, transactions, and documents are stored online and can be accessed within minutes or even seconds. This is the reason why your business needs to adopt Esignly eSignature in the year 2020.

7. Implement Your Decision Quickly

It normally takes a long phase to enforce any decision in the business, because it involves the signing and approving a number of documents by various stakeholders. Therefore, it is understandable that this process has to take a substantial amount of time, due to so many complications. As a result, there is a need for something that can fill the gap between decision and implementation. This is where free e-signature API comes in.