How to Use Digital Signature Online Apps to Create an Environmentally Friendly Workplace


As a company, will you have to cut your overhead costs again this year? Well, that’s a problem for almost every business. Organizations have adopted many techniques, tools, and processes to reduce overheads and operating costs, but few have been successful. The reason is that they haven’t found the right steps to control their costs. The digital signature online is one of the best innovations to achieve this.

The fact is that in today’s world, because of the competition in the marketplace, businesses cannot compromise on quality. As a result, they don’t try to control costs in the areas where they make money. They continue to focus on the sectors that are not productive and are considered supportive. However, they are not aware of the value of the best online signed document applications that can save not only money but also the world. This is because these solutions minimize paper consumption, are cost-effective, and help you live in an environmentally friendly environment.

Digital Signature Online Apps

Everyone in this world is concerned about the environment. Many global platforms are working on various measures to improve the global environment. However, when we talk about reducing paper consumption, one of the most famous global platforms contributes to a better environment. Over 100 countries are members of this forum, which has identified some facts about paper consumption. We want to discuss some of the key points of this platform here.

According to the study, companies in the United States spend more than $ 8 billion on paper and related instruments, tools, and other related expenses.

The study also mentions that paper consumption is around 69 million tons per year in the US alone. In addition, this amount is more than six times the global average.

The most damaging information in this regard is that a US employee uses around 10,000 sheets of paper per year.

How can we reduce paper costs through online applications with a digital signature online?

Now let’s take a look at converting these numbers to dollars. Typically, 500 sheets of paper cost around $ 10 in the US. That means a company will spend $ 0.02 on a single piece of paper. If you have 100 employees and each team member uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year, you spend about $ 20,000 on paper. I think that is very important for a company.

The next step is to include all costs involved, i. H. Printing, postage, and storage. For example, the cost of courier services can be particularly daunting. Paper waste can also add up in administration contracts. If we knew how much money we were spending on these needs, we would find that we could save a lot of money by acting wisely.

In contrast, the use of electronic signatures is a cost-saving option. Research by independent insurance agents and brokers in the US that has shown companies cut turnaround times by up to 97% has inspired many companies in the US. In addition, the waste of paper due to mistakes can be devastating to businesses. With the help of digital signatures, you can reduce them to 81%. And last but not least, the increase in productivity, which can be up to 61%. Combined with safe and secure storage, you can save your company a lot of money.

Various documents that you can electronically sign online

There are several ways to use these electronic signatures in legal documents. The list below shows various documents that can easily be electronically signed.

  • Wills
  • Adoption acts
  • Trust Agreements
  • divorce
  • Wills
  • Family law contracts
  • Court petitions
  • Legal briefs
  • Official court records
  • Notes on renting for individuals
  • Notice of review
  • Announcement of the declaration of invalidity
  •  Insurance declaration of withdrawal
  •  Records of hazardous materials
  • and several different agreements

In addition to these documents, you can also use them for any company certification. It will give your company an honest review.

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