How HR Departments Can Streamline Standard HR Processes With Electronic Signatures


You are likely familiar with electronic signature technology if you work in HR. This allows you to sign offer letters, government forms, and other employee forms. This is just a small part of the many benefits that electronic signature can bring to HR teams.

To succeed in 2021, HR teams will need to use smarter tools and automation to better understand and optimize their processes.

E-signature is already in use. This has been adopted by many well-known enterprises. The benefits of electronic signature solutions for HR departments are the most important. The convenience of electronic signature software is much better than the traditional method of signing documents. The paper documents are more time-consuming for HR departments because they must deal with many.

They must deal with everything, including bank documents, contracts, and other agreements. E-signature eliminates the need for such headaches. It makes things easier and protects them against safety-related issues. E-signature allows HR professionals to operate in a more efficient manner, making it easier for them to manage things efficiently. The productivity level can be increased.

Nearly every industry has been digitalized in this modern age. Even the manufacturing and production units can be digitally enhanced. HR departments should expect to make use of the eSignature software in such instances.

The Benefits of Digital Signatures to HR Department

An eSignature solution allows HR departments to streamline their processes when hiring new employees. This tool makes it easier for HR teams to hire new employees. It also helps them stand out from other companies because of its technology use, which is crucial in today's highly competitive market for digital talent.

The following benefits are available to HR departments when they use an eSignature solution:

Reducing IrrelevantTasks

Many HR departments involve a variety of unwelcome tasks like scanning, printing, Xeroxing, and so on. These tasks involve many machinery installations. These devices still need to be maintained and their performance can lag. These issues can slow down the process and impact productivity. The main benefit of eSignature software for HR departments is the lack of hassles. It is a smart and efficient way to get the job done in the shortest time possible. The technology makes it faster and more cost-effective.

Reduces Unnecessary Costs for Companies

Many HR professionals opt for an efficient way to save time and money. The electronic signature system is simpler than traditional methods of hiring. This involves sending contracts to employees, getting their signatures and scanning the documents. This is the best option for HR departments looking to maximize their ROI.

This means that the company is technologically-savvy. Potential new employees will be impressed by the electronic signature, especially since a large portion of the workforce is Generation Y (also known to as Millennials).

This generation was raised in a world of technology and appreciates the ability to facilitate procedures they find slow or annoying.

Reporting is Easier Than Ever

Reporting is one of the biggest challenges for HR departments. Reporting is a major challenge for HR departments. They must submit different types of reports to managers and other department heads. They are particularly challenged by reporting on the status of their documentation. They find it difficult to produce these documents in real time, which is understandable. The benefit of eSignature for HR departments is that it makes the process of creating such reports much simpler.

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There are many confusions that can be created by using regular methods. The HR professionals are often left wondering if the candidate has received the file and if they have checked it. They must also verify that the candidate has signed each point. If there is a mistake, the process can take longer. But, these issues can be greatly reduced with the help of eSignature for HR departments.

This is always up-to-date and available for urgent needs. Many urgencies are often handled by HR departments. They must submit a report quickly and comply with certain formalities. These are time-consuming tasks in traditional methods.

The good news is that e-signature software makes things much easier. E-signature software is a great tool for HR departments because it allows them to keep track of the whole thing. There are no more likely answers from HR professionals than these tools.

Maintains Utmost Transparency

The benefits of digital signature application adoption within the company can greatly speed up the recruitment process. It also maintains an incredible level of clarity. It makes it easy for the employee to read through all the documents. This allows you to quickly identify any confusion. They can also sign them digitally right away. It was difficult for employees to read through many documents and agreements. This software allows them to access this feature from anywhere. This software also provides legal assurance to the company. Transparency is also a key concern for the candidate. Both parties reach a better agreement.

Work Anywhere in the World

The work of HR managers is filled with frequent business trips and professional conferences. Another great benefit of eSignature adoption is that the absence of an HR manager will not affect your company's workflow. Managers can contact their employees anywhere in the world to sign documents instantly, and without printing, faxing, or scanning.

Additionally, many e-signature service providers offer an offline mode. This means your HR manager can continue to work even if there is no internet access.

Centralized Document Storage

Cloud-based HR and payroll solutions can be paired with e-signatures to provide central document storage. E-signatures can help businesses save up to 86% on document costs. Digital documents can be replaced with stacks of paper in file cabinets by digital documents stored in an online database.

Get Insights into your Agreements

Analytics and insights can take your HR agreements to the next stage. These features will allow you to access agreement analytics, set up automated workflows, and gain a better understanding of your employees.

Signing insights: To improve the signing journey and increase completion rates, you need to know where and why employees are skipping documents. Signing insights, a new visualization tool that helps admins understand signer behavior, is now available. You can filter the insights by field like template, device, browser to help you fine tune how you distribute agreements and how they are sent. Administrators can optimize the signing experience for their employees.

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Reports: Administrators can access real-time information and insights from document activity using the reports feature. The report overview gives you a view of key metrics such as the overall envelope status, completion time, and volume for all envelopes sent.

eSignature APIs: In addition to hundreds of prebuilt integrations, developers and administrators can also create custom integrations using the eSignatureAPI. This allows them to tailor their solutions or meet specific requirements, so that all systems are compatible.

The Key Takeaway

Human resources teams all over the globe are charged with finding ways to place employees at the centre of everything they do. HR teams often find themselves stumbling around manual tasks without the right tools to drive automation or pull insights. DocuSign's electronic signature features were designed for HR teams of all sizes, so that employees can sign, send, and understand employee agreements.