Is digital signature useful for an individual in the United States?


Signatures are captured for documents, forms, and deliveries in a process that has been technologically revolutionized over the years.

We now have secure electronic signature software apps that allow you to sign documents digitally. You may be asking is a digital signature useful for an individual in the United States?

Just like email has made obsolete the fax machine, cloud-based software tools and smartphones are quickly supplementing or replacing email as go-to tools for digital signature capture.

For an individual in the United States who requires signatures to be used frequently, developing secure and efficient processes for signature capture will not only save you money but increase revenue and productivity. Below, are the top digital signature apps that can transform the way you work?

1. Digital Signature App

No need for a scanner, printer, fax machine or a pen to assist you in signing and sending essential documents anymore. You can use digital signature App to create a digital signature. The main apps include

2. ESignly

This is a free esigning software with the ability to provide a customizable branding, it provides an audit trail. It also has Mobile capture provision with Ability to provide multiparty signing. It offers customizable templates and Task progressing tasking.

3. SignNow

This app is found in your iPhone, iPad, and Android which will let you upload a PDF or Word document from your phone's camera, e-mail, or Dropbox account and insert your signature by just tapping. You will be able to sign using your finger or by uploading a saved signature. 

4. DocuSign Ink

This is a free app for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices which is similar to SignNow however it has extra authentication of signers' identities, an audit trail, and document encryption which shows where the document was signed, when and by who. 

For many United States individuals, digital software has changed the day-to-day operations. since we did spend hours as little children to practice our signatures, today you can simply type or write your signature once, take a picture and upload that image to serve as your signature.

Even though you may have wasted time, making sure your signature is beautiful, you can then make use of that time utilizing a digital signature software. To obtain a handwritten signature will not cost anything and therefore should digital signature.

Free digital signature software

There are free digital software that can assist you in keeping easy track of all your documents. If you have businesses where contracts or leases are lifeblood, digital signatures will have an extreme impact and save you hours of valuable time.

Free digital signature tools can be perfect for the infrequent user who is looking for a small investment. Characteristics to look for are your ability in collecting signatures from several signers, ability in sending documents from multiple accounts, and the notifications that show when documents are signed. If you consider the needs of your business, you will not require any of the features, however, they will be a good starting point.

Why is digital signature more convenient an individual in the United States?

1. Security and Tracking

When any document is signed, it becomes necessary to store securely important documents when the signing process is complete. The signing of the paper will create a question on the signer’s authenticity and signing process. 

The increase in cyber and fraud threat has resulted in the worries on whether the document has been tampered with. Therefore, protecting and storing documents has been an integral part of many businesses. 

Digital signatures help you sign the documents in minimal time and store the documents on a cloud on secure servers. These documents are highly protected and are irreversible once signed. With digital signature, your documents are stored securely and hence there is complete protection to your documents. You can always view the document tracker and see who signed it, when, where and how.

2. Signer Authentication 

If you are done with paper signing, you cannot know who signed the document. The risk of the signer authentication will increase with the paper signing. A digital signature saves you with the paperwork hassles and will let you know the signers’ real identity. The true identity of the Signers like their hardware passkeys, email ID’s, IP address, and software passkey, etc. 

3. Save Time and Cost

An average of 4 weeks is lost each year waiting on mislabeled misfiled, lost or, untracked, documents. The signing of the paperwork will happen within two different companies, at two different places, it can be considered manual work like printing, scanning, email, and signing, etc. Printing, managing and storing these documents again is a cost. With digital Signatures, it can be easy to manage and store documents in the cloud. Additionally, your documents will easily be accessed and securely protected. 

4. Best digital Software Solutions 

This is an electronic means which an individual will use to show that he is in full agreement with the terms of the document. You can use digital signature solutions to verify the identity of the message creator. Therefore, in such a scenario the digital signatures pass as stamped seals and handwritten signatures.

How to Choose the Best digital Software

The use of digital software solutions is the same as confirming a given option and used to sign documents online to show trust in the other party or critical information. If you like speedy workflows, shop for an enterprise solution that gives more templates to use for every different occasion. Here are some other factors to consider;

1. Audit Trail

To make sure that the decision to sign documents online is enforceable, the audit trail function is vital.

2. Scalability

Most eSignature solutions work with many documents at a time therefore, a digital signature solution should perform this task without slowing down the overall workflow.


The digital-signatures popularity is growing very fast, many people are so keen on learning more about technology. There are many providers of the e-signature software, individuals and companies need to exercise caution when choosing the best solution. Here are some tips which can help you in choosing the ideal e-signature provider for your business.