Things to Consider Before Implementing Digital Signature


Businesses can automate and speed up signing processes with a robust digital signature API. With esignature API, multi-layer verification, downloading sealed documents, real-time tracking, and many other features are possible.

Every company wants to implement technology that will benefit its operations and increase revenue. But not all technology is financially profitable. Sometimes even profitable technology doesn't give the expected results because you didn't check some things or blindly bought it from a vendor.

Let's take as an example an application for signing documents. You can get the results you need with any free e-signature program. If you want more safety and features, you'll need to buy a paid version.

Consider these Points before Implementing Digital Signature

Are e-signed documents legal?

High-value transactions in highly regulated industries are not allowed to be taken lightly. Each transaction is critical and every solution that you use to execute these transactions must have legal protection. To avoid possible customer disputes in the future, you need legal protection. A few laws and rules are available, such as the ESIGN Act and UETA Act.

These acts set out a few guidelines that any professional esignature solution must follow. You should ensure that the process evidence of the solution you select to deploy captures each step taken by both the signatory as well as the parties.

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Is the digital signature solution safe?

For their safety and security, digital signature solutions are used. You must ensure that your solution is safe for users and data. The solution should protect the digital signatures and digital documents using a strong digital fingerprint and password that can be used with private or public keys. These technologies or security precautions authenticate the integrity and authenticity of any document signed by specific parties. Check to see if your vendor offers all of these.

Is digitally signed documentation safely in the cloud?

SaaS solutions are often used to implement digital signatures. You should choose a vendor who offers cloud security and reliable cloud infrastructure that can protect your sensitive data with integrity. SOC 2 security certificates are required for vendors. You should choose a vendor that has the highest standards in security and data protection. It is ultimately your responsibility to secure the data that you have collected from customers. Nobody else can do this. Your vendor must offer cloud infrastructure that can protect data from data breaches and fraud.

Ease in use

It doesn't matter how efficient technology is. However, it won't be of any use if it's difficult to use and understand. Choose an easy-to-use vendor for esignature solutions that all your staff can use right away. If a vendor claims that you need to learn how to deploy a digital signature solution, then they are probably not right for your organization. The best electronic signature software simplifies an already complex process.

Is the e-signature system able to accept other forms of signatures?

There are many ways to digitally sign. There are two options for signing digitally. You can use a stylus or finger to draw a signature on your smartphone screen. Or you can click the I Agree with button and confirm your consent. You can also click on the box on the document to express your decision. You and your customers must be able to sign documents using any app that allows them to do so.

Find out if the solution can be customized

Your organization's branding is an essential activity. It will help you create positive customer impressions and brand image in the marketplace. You should check to see if your vendor offers an electronic signature solution that is customizable and adaptable according to your business sector and the customer you are dealing with.

You must check that the paid e-signature software you choose to deploy is mobile-friendly so that users can access it from any location, using any device. You should also ensure that the solution offers everything your business may need in the future and present in terms of document signing and documentation. The best electronic signature software should have a good reputation and market image.


Before you decide on an e-signature solution, it is important to think about all the concerns and questions that you have.

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