Digital transformation is putting pressure on both the private and public sectors. These processes are often paper-intensive and cumbersome. Document signing is one example of such a process that can take your time, money, and effort. This can hinder productivity and frustrate clients. Many organizations are moving away from traditional handwritten signatures to adopt the simple and secure "Digital Signatures". Digital signatures are a way to ensure the security, authenticity, and integrity of documents.

Cloud-based/online signing is different from the traditional digital signing process that involves signing documents with certificates stored on USB tokens and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Cloud-based digital signature services allow signers to digitally sign documents, without the need to install or download the software. They can also rely on a cloud-hosted sign service.

Cloud / online signing: Why should we go for them?

  • The cloud signing platform uses a subscription model that allows you to pay as and when you want
  • It is easy to track the progress of the document, including who signed it and at what stage.
  • It is easy to use, as there are no installations, configurations, or maintenance requirements. You can also sign documents from any location, at any time.
  • It allows businesses to create their own workflow.
  • Signing documents online can speed up the turnaround time for companies.
  • It lowers IT/administrative overhead
  • It improves productivity and efficiency, and it reduces the time and cost involved in the process.
  • Remote employees have access to the internet and can work remotely
  • Multiple signatures can be added to one document.
  • You can customize the placement of the signature on the document

Is this article exciting for you? Do you want to elevate your signing process with the cloud-based digital signing solution? eSignly can be used for all of your online signing needs. It uses PKI digital signing technology, which is far more secure than a handwritten signature or electronic signature. Cloud signing with eSignly allows you to sign documents anywhere, anytime. Cloud signing applications allow organizations to reduce administrative costs, save time and increase productivity.

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