What is An Electronic Signature: A Sneak Peek!


Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new tools or best practices so as to save time, money, and valuable resources without sacrificing quality or customer service. Many don’t know what is an electronic signature is? Well, it's never too late for introducing newer and better techniques for improving your organization’s and employees' performance. In simple words, an electronic signature it is an electronic process that ensures the authenticity of any electronic document which can be in form of an e-mail, a file in text format, or a spreadsheet.

If your business requires signatures on contracts, documents, or any other type of documents, you are in luck. Developments in new technology and globalization have made it possible for businesses to procure these signatures entirely online through the use of the electronic signature solution.

An electronic signature has various types of encryption which ensure and most importantly it guarantees the safety and authentication of a document. Encryption is defined as the process through which information is verified from its original source. Furthermore, it involves the use of a password, where the client enters the name and the password only then can they access the document. This means that one is able to get the highest level of security of the document and also keep the document free from being altered since its creation.

Electronic signature has been made legal and valid just as is the case with conventional handwritten signatures. This was good news to many companies and organizations whose business lifeline was mainly online. Because the electronic signature was legal, the online business growing phenomenally. Organization that incorporated this solution no longer had to keep papers and copies of copies of important documents like that, because the doubts about the authenticity of documents no longer existed with E-signature.

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