Why is a digital signature important in corporate business?


Technological advances have changed how everything, including business, is done.

Contemporary entrepreneurs have no choice but to catch up with the latest technology to stay relevant. Gone are the days when getting signatures from third parties or more than two signatories was a complicated process. For starters, one had to print the documents, then scan them and send them by post or email, hoping the recipient would get them on time, sign the documents and then send them back. Second, the process came with a lot of frustrations including lost signatures, late delivery of important documents, lost or torn documents, not forgetting the time-consuming manual process of printing, scanning and sending documents frequently. Technology is choosing digital signatures as a way to speed up business transactions.

Today, a trusted digital signature software like eSignly can ease the burden of doing things manually by enabling Entrepreneurs can get signatures from multiple signers faster and more efficiently. Overall, digital signature adoption is the only way an entrepreneur can remain competitive in a highly competitive modern business environment.

The importance of digital signature in corporate business

Here are eleven reasons why your business should embrace digital signature solutions:

1. Cost-effective

Those who use eSignly among other online signature service software can attest to the fact that the technology Save them money. Switching to an electronic signature solution from the traditional signature method enables companies to spend less money on paper and pen, administrative staff salaries, huge file cabinets, exotic file servers, postal/courier services and even rent. You will no longer have to endure endless sleepless nights due to misplaced documents, swapping pages, and missing pages.

2. Legally defensible

With hackers denied, it is important to ensure that the credibility of critical business documents is not compromised. The beauty of digital signatures is that they involve the use of stronger security measures with biometric signature capture systems backed by superior encryption techniques to ensure the authenticity of the signer. In addition, both signatories and relevant governing bodies such as the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (eSign) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) are required to agree to the legality of digital signatures before they can be used under United States laws. These agreements mean that a digital signature is not only valid but also legally binding and defensible in court systems compared to traditional manual paper signatures.

3. Save time

Digital signature technologies such as eSignly play a major role in providing mobile signature. As a result, entrepreneurs are able to get multiple signatures from their clients among third parties faster and more efficiently. In addition, they can use their smart mobile device to request and verify signatures instantly thanks to the availability of the Internet. In general, digital signatures save more time in contrast to the old manual method of signing documents.

4. Gives you more control over your documents

It is highly recommended to keep your business documents under your control lest they fall into the wrong hands. Unlike the traditional paper signing method, digitally signed documents are easy to keep track of. Using electronic signature technology allows you to view all documents sent, who signed them, when they were sent, and who did not sign them as required. The feature of being able to track your documents in the shortest possible time allows you to effectively send polite automatic reminders to all recipients who are late to sign any given document.

5. Efficiency improvement

The traditional method of document signing involved a lot of hassles including scanning, printing, sending by email/mail/post and delaying delivery of the signed business documents. Luckily; By using modern electronic signature solutions such as eSignly, entrepreneurs can improve the speed and efficiency of their business transactions. You will no longer need courier services to submit manually signed paper documents, contracts can be prepared and signed on the spot by all relevant parties in the shortest possible time. In short, digital signatures lead to greater efficiency in both multi-transaction and in-house contracts.

6. Advanced Security

There is a good reason why companies are eschewing the traditional manual method of signing documents and embracing the more secure electronic signatures. First of all, business documents are confidential and must be kept securely at all times. Second, hackers and malicious conspirators never sleep. They are always looking for loopholes to steal your confidential data for their own selfish gain. Fortunately a digital signature allows signing documents without any hassle. Using digital audit trails and encryption reduces the risk of your documents being modified, intercepted, or even destroyed by malicious planners.

7. Timestamp and Easy Audit

Unlike non-repudiation, digital signatures need a timestamp to keep track of when documents were signed. This helps prevent fake submission of electronic documents by fraudsters. In addition, digital signatures help improve record-keeping practices such as auditing and electronic discovery of documents.

8. Reputation improvement

Your company's image is everything as an entrepreneur. Using an effective online electronic signature service like eSignly can greatly improve your business reputation. Customers, partners and sellers will enjoy doing business with you knowing that you are using advanced technology to make things trade efficiently and easily.

9. Strengthening corporate social responsibility

Modern companies are required by law to adhere to a set of global environmental impact standards. Using digital signatures shows that your business cares about the environment through awareness. Not using paper for other companies shows that you are not afraid to make a positive impact on the environment.

10. Better time management

Time is of the essence. Unfortunately, companies that have not yet adopted digital signatures waste a lot of time dealing with, storing, signing and managing manually signed documents or contracts. The inefficiencies involved in signing traditional paper documents can easily be overwhelming for businesses. On the other hand, digital signatures lead to better time management skills as companies can prepare and sign contracts on the spot.

11. Better customer experience

Do you want 100% customer satisfaction? Well, digital signatures are convenient, time-saving and efficient which makes it possible for businesses to serve their customers more efficiently. Providing enhanced customized services to clients makes it easier and faster to handle your business.


Given all of the above significant reasons why digital signature is used in corporate business, why not get the right signature for your business today? This will make managing your business much easier.