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Your Budget-Friendly eSignature Solution is Esignly

Electronic signature software is used by businesses of all sizes and sectors to make their operations paperless and efficient. In the present COVID-19 scenario, the importance of contactless and digital services has grown even more. In the background of these current happenings and digital advancement, the use of an e-signature solution makes more sense.

Apart from facilitating paperless work, digital signatures are providing high standard security to the documentation process, right from the formation of the document to the filing of the document. Insurance Industry eSignature Solutions Are known for their security, speed, audit trail, and other features. Businesses using these solutions can leverage all these benefits for the growth of their business while providing a smooth customer experience.

However, merely using a solution will not cater to you with all the benefits you expect.

You are recommended to use the right vendor providing the right app for signing documents. Any signature solution to install has to have all the basic features that can help your business grow effortless and with the utmost productivity.

Here are a few features your Electronic Signature software must have:


The solution has to be responsive and suitable for every computer device/mobile device. Users should be able to use the application from anywhere across the globe with the help of their devices such as personal computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. If the app for signing documents is not compatible then it will fail to attract users and will have to suffer from compromised customer loyalty.

The same is applicable in regard to document management. In other words, the solution must allow all the parties to sign directly and share securely through emails. This will add to the comfort and ease of using the solution.  A perfect esignature solution will need just a browser and internet connectivity. Users will not have to download special software and spare space on their computer devices to run the solution.


A right digital signature solution will always prioritize users' comfort and ease over anything else. One of the must-have features in any app for document signing is its ability to integrate with other software, or applications such as Google Docs, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc. This feature will help in the efficient document workflow. Seamless integration will facilitate easy workflow and minimal waiting time.

Business needs

One of the must-have features in any digital signature solution is its ability to meet your business needs (as the solution claims), irrespective of the number of APIs being used.

Security and authentication

Just like any digital solution,  an e-signature solution should also guarantee security. The document sender or message sender has to be verified just like the recipient and the document itself. The solution was to provide a reliable audit trail of the process. Legal compatibility and authentication if the solution is of utmost importance too. A reliable esignature solution will store all the data safely in the cloud with limited accessibility. Anybody who does not hold the unique private key/public key (generated during the signing process) will not be able to access the data.

Tracking Signees

If you are in the insurance business or healthcare industry, you most probably have to manage multiple lists of signatories and customers associated with the organization. If your operations are spread across the geographies, then the task gets even more tedious and complicated. In such a situation, the organization has to have total control over the various signatories, departments (across the locations) to maintain the system integrity. All these sign stories and customers will be using only one platform (your website) to access the data. As a responsible and efficient organization, your electronic signature software has to be robust enough to handle the load with end-to-end safety. This will cut down the turnaround time.


If your organization deploys an electronic signature software that provides all these basic features, your operational flow will not only get better, but the users of the solution/customers will feel more secure. This will ultimately help in creating a positive image among the users.

In the competitive market, every step you take to connect with your customers is crucial. Every consumer of your products and services is crucial to your business growth, and their loyalty will help you gain an advantage over competitors.