5 Reasons eSignatures are The Must-Have Tool Your Businesses Should Consider About

Technologies and tools made available to companies and customers have made it easy to interact.

eSignatures are a technology that many businesses should think about if they want to stream their document signing process. With the laws governing eSignatures continuing to evolve, the eSign environment is becoming more practicable and legally protected. This is causing many businesses and individuals want to use eSignatures.

Many companies can boast of going digital, however, when you look at their cabinets, they are full of paper documents. Most of these documents usually require signatures for example, tax forms, contracts, reimbursement sheets, and others. To organize and manage these documents, it costs businesses a lot of money and manpower or even time. Companies have to seek resources on how they can manage the paper documents and the signing process. Friction comes in when a document gets lots when going through the signing process. A solution to these problems is to adopt eSignature solutions for businesses or eSignature for government solutions. Since today's eSignatures carry the same legal weight as those handwritten signatures, it makes sense when you switch from the wet pen-paper signatures to electronic signatures.

So here are five reasons signature solutions are a must-have for your business:

1. Saving time

How much time do you spend printing, storing, sending, faxing, and getting documents signed? A lot of time indeed. When you switch to electronic signatures, you ensure that there is a streamlined workflow. You eliminate the long approval chains that are typical with paper documents. It also does away with the follow up with the parties to sign the documents. This is because an eSign tool can trigger automatic reminder emails or notifications to people who have been sent the electronic documents for signing and haven’t signed them yet. You also do away with the endless printing and scanning as well as repeat processes.

Using eSignature tools allows you to automate signing requests and you just sit to wait for the recipient or signer to sign the documents. You also prevent errors the fields are clearly marked and the document will not be submitted unless it has been filled and signed correctly. Again, you can use templates provided by the eSign vendors meaning you don’t need to do the same job of creating the same document you previously sent to a signer or customers. Avoiding repeat tasks helps you save time in your business. You can also integrate the eSignature system with other apps like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Evernote, and OneDrive to ensure easy file management.

2. Reduced overhead costs

It costs a company a lot of money to manage paper documents. A company has to purchase cartridges, printers, scanners, faxing machines, paper, and other office items to be used in document management and storage. The companies also pay workers to do administrative tasks like filing, faxing, and printing. All these can lead to huge costs of operations. To help reduce these costs, you can move to eSignatures. An esignatures legal department can provide a paperwork environment where documents don’t have to be printed and physical taken for signing. The signing happens online and documents are transmitted electronically. In addition, the documents are stored in secure servers or the cloud meaning you may not need to place them in the cabinet boxes anymore. Companies that implement eSignature solutions increase their revenue by 8 percent in the first year.

3. Better customer experience

eSignatures ease the process of signing documents. Customers can quickly sign documents and they don’t feel like they are wasting a lot of time. Today’s customers want a fast experience when it comes to interaction with their brands. An insurance business for example, that offers eSignature solutions insurance industry allows fast document signing and contract execution. Transactions can be completed fast and there is the legal binding factor that protects the use of eSignature. The eSignature is valid and can serve the same purpose as the wet pen-paper signature even when it comes to legal matters and presentation of evidence.

4. Efficiency

When you introduce eSignature to your business process, it leads to enhanced efficiency among the teams. The teams can save hours or even weeks of precious billable time, which could have been wasted when they engage in chasing down signatures or looking for documents to be signed or which have already been signed. Your business will not only enjoy efficiency but also productivity because the time that was used to manage paper documents is now being used to do other productive work. When you make eSignature to be part of the DNA of your company, you will reduce the time and cost that is taken to complete transactions.

5. Easy to use

eSignature tools are designed to be easy to use because they serve different people of different levels of understanding. The design of the interface allows user-friendliness meaning that when you are on the site of say, for example, eSignature solutions for financial services vendor, you easily navigate and fill the fields without encountering problems. An intuitive platform that makes customers to easily fill out documents and sign them ensures that there is improved user experience and the customers or partners are happy that the document signing process goes on fast.


If you have felt the pressure to switch to eSignature solutions, which means you are thinking ahead. Businesses need to consider technologies that enhance customer experience, reduce costs of operations, eliminate lengthy manual processes, and enhance security. eSignatures are providing to provide a great solution to businesses that have remained in the burden of paper document signing that has eaten a large chunk of their money, caused them unnecessary legal disputes and resulted in wasted time.

Start saving money today and enhance workflow in your business or government department by switching to eSignatures. Every business is today thinking of how it can implement this technology and the support is there are government programs and legal protection structures that have been set up. What you need to do is find which eSignature vendor offers solutions that resonate with the needs of your business.