Electronic Signature or E-Signature: Cost-Effective Business Solutions in the USA

In the present competitive market, every business is trying to get an edge over the other market players. These businesses cannot afford to lose any such opportunity where they can take their business a notch up and gain market value and customer loyalty.

In the process of staying ahead in the market and sustaining the uncertainties of the present global economy, many businesses are relying more on technology and less on human efforts. The present Kinder make has made it clear that the uncertainties are inevitable and the future is nothing but a digitally dominant ecosystem in which every business will have to integrate reliable and appropriate technology to boost human efforts. The concept of profit has widened and today's businesses are open enough to focus on sustainable growth, eco-friendly business modules, paperless work-flow, customer satisfaction, and most of all, creating an image of a reliable and sensitive business organization that thinks of others.

One such technology that is being used widely across the globe by both business and non-business organizations including government bodies is Digital Signature Solutions. As the name says it loud and clear this solution helps users to digitally sign the document and store the data in the cloud safely. In the present market where contactless business transactions are gaining speed, globalization is at its peak, it is more than required to have a system that can allow the parties to close deals quickly without having to be physically present at any particular location. This means, by using an app for signing documents, it is possible to close the deal, perform the transaction, file the medical forms, etc simply through one click, irrespective of the user's location. The signature can be performed by a smartphone device too.

Isn't it something all of us look for? A solution or an activity that can be performed on our phones, anywhere, at any time of the day.

Now, let us recall how things used to be a couple of decades ago. Though globalization was already a phenomenon, doing business with a customer or client from a foreign country was not an easy task. The issue used to start with signing a basic agreement. A business from an X country used to draft an agreement and send it to the Y country via courier. The Y country based party to receive it after a gap of a few days, review the document, sign it, and send it back to the X country based company. The whole process used to take weeks, wasting time, and opportunity too.

Additionally, both the parties used to make expenses for printing, stationary, and postage of the document. It is hardly convenient. But the arrival of a paid and free electronic signature app changed this scenario drastically.

Now, businesses can not only save costs on signing the documents and managing them but can also save time and effort. Online Signature Pricing of the software is cost-effective to every business organization, big or small, and hence, the popularity of the solution is positive. Now, business deals can be closed quickly, medical forms can be submitted faster.

Back in the year 2000, the US passed a law to legalize electronic signatures and since then the technology has not been looked back. With the ESIGN Act, it is stated that digital signatures are as valid as the traditional form of signatures.

What is the Definition of an Electronic Signature?

Before we go ahead and understand the benefits of using a document signing software, let us understand what is the definition of electronic signature and how exactly users can use an app for signing documents.

To define it briefly we can say that electronic signatures for digital signatures are digital versions of a handwritten or traditional form of signature. The signatures are considered valid in the court of law and are as authentic as any handwritten signature. These signatures are safer and faster as compared to handwritten signatures. Plus, keeping a track of the document and the signing process becomes possible with an app for signing documents. Every concerned party can have access to the document and they can monitor the progress of the document too. This brings total transparency to the process.

Alert from ESIGN Act, 2020, there are other acts that regulate the use of electronic signatures across the world. These are eIDAS, IT Act, and UETA.

Now that we are understanding the definition of electronic signatures, it is important to understand that digital signature is different from the electronic signature, though many people across the world tend to use them interchangeably. A digital signature is a cryptographic technology that is used to make electronic signatures.

How Does the Solution Work?

Now that we have understood the definition of electronic signatures, let us see how the process works.

The drafter of the document will send the document to the required and concerned parties after reviewing each and every terms and condition of the document and ensuring that it is as per the discussion. To send the document to the concerned parties all the drafter has to do is to add the names or the email addresses of the recipient of the document and just click on the SEND button.

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Once the recipient receives the document, he/she has to open it and make the signatures depending on the options given. It can be typing your name, clicking on an appropriate box, biometrics, etc. The signer is supposed to take action depending upon his/her opinion on the document. As the electronic signatures show that the singer agrees with the document, the consent has to be given with free will.

Once the signature is made the document is sent back to the sender and then the documentation process starts.

The Benefits of Electronic Signatures

There are many benefits of using the e-signature solution, let us dig deeper.

  1. Simple to Use

One of the important benefits of using an e signature solution is the intuitive features it offers. The right app for you will be the one that is easy to use and simple to operate. Most of the professional e signature applications are easy to use and do not demand any technical skills on your part. Signing a document using document signing software is easy. The user simply has to select the appropriate type of signature and follow the given guidelines to make the signature. The whole process does not take more than a few seconds.

  1. Maximum Security

As far as security is concerned nothing beats the safety and protected environment a professional esignature solution can offer. Right from tracking the document process at every stage to maintaining and managing all the records and documents in the cloud, everything is done in a secured environment with limited accessibility. Additional electronic signatures have legal betting that makes them even more reliable and safe. The process of electronic signature is tamper-proof

  1. Convenience

In today's world where it is practically not possible to meet every stakeholder of your business having professional digital signature solutions at your disposal brings a lot of convenience to the workflow and the documentation process. No need to print paper and fax it to a number of contacts spending crucial business hours.

Apart from the above-discussed benefits, a free electronic signature app or any document signing solution can offer:

  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Reduced expenses, especially on paperwork,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • High-class services, etc.

All types of businesses across the globe can leverage this technology. The spread and use of this technology are not limited to any particular business type, size, or sector. Here is a list of some of the functions or tasks which can get benefited from

Free Electronic Signature App:-

  • Sales agreements
  • Supplier and vendor agreements
  • Enrolling new customers
  • Changes in orders
  • Client approvals
  • Onboarding a new employee
  • Signing NDA
  • Filling taxation
  • Medical form submission, etc.


Whether you are a small scale business or you run a large business with 1000 plus employees across the world; whether you're a retailer or you run an online store, this technology has a lot to offer you. Every business, who has to deal with documents and paperwork can get benefited from this software. A document signing software is a time-saving technology that allows you to perform all the documentations at cost-effective rates.

In this article, we have seen the benefits of the document signing software and how businesses can leverage these benefits to the maximum. A digital signature is a trend that is going to stay in the market. The solution can bring you higher ROI in the long run. Those who wish to sustain and grow in the fierce market competition can rely on this solution.

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