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eSignly eSignature API for healthcare processes with full legal compliance that your users will love

A signature is one of the commonly used methods of authenticating documents and tracing their origin.

Over the years it has been used to manually append artistic word in writing by the person owning the report or its content. In the modern world technology, digital signature API is taking over the manually attached signature to make the business process more convenient and reliable. 

You will no longer need to be extra careful to put a signature on your documents as this tool will save you the stress. It does not cost you to write your signature on a paper, and therefore with this technology, it’s no different. There are many applications available on the market to handle this task. It is as simple as taking the image of your signature and uploading it on the tool.

Why eSignature API?

Different tools come with various features depending on your business requirements. However, when sourcing for one, you will need to look at some basic but essential attributes. Unless you are the only user, check on its ability to mail documents from different accounts. Also, determine its ability to collect signatures from different signatories and to send notifications when those documents are signed. An application with these features will be good enough for you to get going.

You can easily track digital documents than hardcopy documents. And with this technology, it is even easier to sign many documents at ago. Instead of printing your legal documents, you send them to your signer and receive them back all correctly signed. The beauty of it is that you can send them all on a single mail.

Electronic signatures save you hours of precious time signing pages of documents. You cannot imagine how tiring it is for a director of a firm to sign volumes of documents when dealing with contracts daily. For a smaller business that handles fewer documents each day or a few hundred in a month can also employ a lighter tool that can handle these small tasks. There are free e-signature API available in the market to handle these light tasks at a minimal investment. 

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For a document signature API to have full legal compliance, it must meet some legal requirements. Foremost, patients must consent to using it and enter into an agreement willingly with the healthcare provider. This process must also be documented thoroughly. It should include a two-factor identification and authentication technique. It may include the use of a password or photograph. It is for the avoidance of doubt that the patient was not in a position to entre it a contract.

Additionally, messages and emails sent to the patients must pass the integrity test. Medical documents signed electronically are supposed to be highly secured to deny access to unauthorized persons. The signatures should be encrypted and proof of any alterations. More so, the tool must at least have tamper- evidence to prevent anyone from trying to forge or alter a signature. However, even with all these features, medical practitioners must always exercise due diligence. 


Benefits of eSignature API in healthcare

  • The health sector is one of the privileged industries that have laws that allow the use of the electronic signature. That is, as long as they abide by regulations in creating a compliant document signature API. These regulations are intended to protect and secure the privacy and confidentiality of patient information. With these rules into consideration, medical examinations reports, billing forms, drug prescriptions, and health insurance processing forms are some of the documents which may be signed electronically. 
  • Electronically signed documents are deemed to carry the same weight as a handwritten signature and ordinary paper documents. A fully compliant electronic signature document cannot be denied legal effect or enforcement just because they are in electronic format. The signing of patient documents electronically has contributed to enhanced authentication and heightened the level of security and privacy. It is only the authorized individuals who can gain access to certain documents.
  • This technology also has brought convenience to the patients. They can sign medical forms from their comfortable locations on their gadgets. They no longer need to visit the health care centre, queue at the reception and wait to be served. Nobody likes waiting to get served while they could be doing other businesses. Some free e signature API is cheap to install, more efficient and saves time. It also saves on the cost of printing and scanning back the same documents. 
  • Digital signature API enables the signing of medical documents on time than running after signatories. Hence, healthcare medics can approve and work on them on time. A patient's medical history, allergies and medications can be reviewed before he or she reports physically to the doctor. It hence improves the quality of care given to the patient. 
  • Documents are straightforward to get lost or mixed up when filed physically. However, with e-signature technology, documents are maintained in secure servers with backup. They do not decay or lose their quality and can be retrieved easily in future.
  • Digital technology is also cost-effective and saves on capital. The human resource requirement is also very minimal. The space occupied by servers is too small compared to having several archive centres.
  • With e-signature, it is much easier to establish what transpired when reviewing and authorizing medical reports and examinations. This is key for internal audit and compliance and during litigation matters. Cases of medical staff denying having executed some processes or failing to perform are eliminated.


Embracing technology in their practices, healthcare providers can have better processes and regulations. They can maintain higher levels of privacy and security. This guarantees not only current legal compliance but also ensures they steer clear of future compliance-related costs. It is not difficult or costly to implement e-signature in your health institutions. eSignly eSignature API provides one of the best electronic signature tools in the market. It is a compliant automated signature service that provides e signature API free. It allows healthcare service providers to reap the benefits of mobility, compliance, cost-saving, and efficiency.