How is eSignly different from SignNow?


Although there are many eSignature services, finding the most reliable one is a bit challenging as they are far and few between.

In terms of reliability, the most popular ones include eSignly and SignNow. But how do the two compare in terms of features, pricing, and integration? While both of them provide one with a chance to create and use legally binding signatures on any document and on any device, there are some key differences between them. To understand them more, let's have a look at some of their advanced features and compare them.


SignNow Features

At all price levels, SignNow provides a wide range of features. Some of these features include

• Unlimited, customizable sharable templates.

• Unlimited document sending even at the lowest price of the package.

• Ability to create and share signature links to ensure that the signing process becomes easy.

• Ability to offer custom branding.

• Ability to add conditional and advanced fields such as date boxes, text boxes, and signature fields, among others.

• Integrations and phone support with other services.

eSignly Features

• A free eSign software has the ability to provide customizable branding

• Ability to offer an audit trail.

• Mobile capture provision

• Ability to provide multiparty signing.

• Offering customizable templates.

• Task progressing tasking


Esignly pricing

Esignly pricing is usually based on four pricing categories free category, which is $0 a month, pro $10, business/team $18 and Enterprise, which is customs pricing. The main differences between these plans are the number of templates and the number of signing requests. Other differences include access to premium features such as API integration, branding, support, live secure electronic signature, and email notification.

At the start of every billing circle, the annual pricing is always paid in full. Apart from these, eSignly also provides API plans which are basic $30/month, standard $99/month and advanced service, which is $150 and enterprise, which is customized. If you are interested in their services, you may contact their sales team directly and request for a customized quotation.

SignNow Pricing

Unlike the eSignly, SignNow pricing is based on three major plans business plan, which is $20/month, business premium $ 30/month and enterprise, which is a customized one. The main difference between the plan is the number of access and the teams to premium features such as smart fields, bill sending, advanced threat protection, link protection, API integration, free esign service, and digital certificates. At the beginning of every billing circle, annual prices are usually paid in full. If you are looking for customized service, you may contact their sales team directly

Although both services provide the user with the ability to sign documents, SignNow provides the best value for money. For instance, if you choose the business package, you can get unlimited signing and unlimited templates at only $5 a month. For an additional $10, you can be able to get an upgrade to the business premium where you’ll get access to additional features such as conditional fields, custom branding, and integration with the sales force. Although, eSignly may offer a high price point, its suitable for certain specialized businesses. Its specific functionality may, therefore, be worth the amount of money being charged.

Pros and Cons

SignNow Pros and Cons


• At only $5 for the most basic level, it's relatively affordable when it comes to online signature service.

• The most basic level provides unlimited document signing and unlimited templates.

• Comes with an iOS and Android App.

• Additional advanced features include Integration to the salesforce and much more


• It does not offer any feature that’s meant for a specific audience.

Esignly Pros and Cons


• Provides unlimited templates and document signings.

• Comes with iOS and Android app.

• Provides industry-specific features such as the ones meant for only real estate.

• Has a reputation for being effective and reliable.


• As compared to other brands in the market, it’s a bit expensive.

Frequently asked questions


  • Which kind of browsers does it support?

Esignly supports browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer, among others.

  • Does Esignly need any special software or hardware for it to work well?

No. As a user, you just need an internet and web browser, and you are good to electronically sign any document.

  • Does eSignly have compatibility issues with mobile devices?

No. it works perfectly well with a laptop, smartphone, tablet, and iPad.


  • Does it ensure data security and privacy among users?

Just like other eSignature tools, it has digital security certifications that will ensure there are privacy and data security among users.

  • Does it have a history and document retention policy?

SignNow can always store documents in the cloud for up to seven years or as required by the customers. Its retention policy is to ensure that business records are stored according to the legal requirements. It also has a detailed document history which indicates document activity and who does them. The history can either be viewed within the platform or appended to the PDF document through the download feature.


The e-signature service that you finally choose will depend on your budget and needs. If you are on a budget but you are still looking for one of the best features then SignNow is the best one. This is because, for only $5, you’ll get unlimited templates and unlimited signings. On the other hand, eSignly will provide you with a customizable specified solution that is tailored to the kind of business that you are running. For instance, if you are in real estate business, you can greatly benefit from this service. Overall, SignNow has more to offer for the average user in terms of pricing and capability, especially for a beginner user.