Three Secrets to Save Time and Money With Esignly eSignature For HR


Are You Ready to Get Rid of Paper-Based Processes?

No matter if your HR department is located remotely, in-office or hybrid, you'll need the right tools to succeed in this digital workspace.

It's not an easy task to communicate with employees about organizational changes or support them at home. It's not hard to see that HR departments manage a lot of paperwork. It can be time-consuming and tedious to get printed documents signed and properly completed.

Esignly eSignature allows HR teams to save time and cut costs by automating paperless processes. Esignly allows HR teams to digitize forms and streamline communication.

What is the answer? We are so glad that you asked!

Esignly's eSignature solution is saving HR teams time and money in three ways.

  1. You can send and sign documents anywhere and anytime.

Save time by creating reusable templates and upload your forms and documents. Next, fill in the required fields such as date, signature and dropdown. You can create a custom sign order, add signing roles and send it via email or a link. Esignly's automated sign-in guidance makes eSigning easy for new users. It also reduces mistakes and miss signatures.

  1. Streamline your recruitment and onboarding

Employees and new hires will be delighted by a consistent, easy-to-use sign language experience. There's no need to print, scan, fax, mail, or track down physical documents. Esignly makes it easy to send out digital offer letters and complete new hire paperwork. There is no need for follow-up paperwork. With the court-admissible Audit Trail, you can track the status of your document at any time.

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  1. Optimize eSignature workflows

To share performance evaluations or policy updates with staff members, send HR forms in bulk or individually. They can sign on their mobile devices or desktops. Esignly, the eSignature platform, allows you to scale up your document workflows. Esignly integrates with Google Drive and OneDrive to help you locate contracts. You can also automatically save and upload completed documents directly to your Cloud Storage service.