What is Esignly and How is it the Best among Other Digital Signature Tools Available in 2022?


There are multiple electronic document signature software services to be found online.

All of them come with different offers and perks, and the choice on what software to use often depends on the personal needs of the client. Sometimes, a website maybe too complex to use, and the client will need to find a software that has simpler features. Then, there is the difference in pricing that will influence the amount of traffic a website will have on their application. Also, different websites are compatible with different devices, and a client will select one that can be used on their site. All these factors are put into consideration when deciding what website is better than the next.

What is ESignly?

ESignly is a document electronic signature software that alows users to create their own electronic signatures from scratch. The website is equipped with different features all aimed at making the process straightforward and fast. Instead of users creating their own basic esignatures by scanning physical signatures, the wesbite offers better versions of these esignatures that are more secure to use and easy to create. These signatures are much less complex than blockchain digital signatures, but they are almost as secure to append on a document. Even better, the recipient is able to see the signature immediately they open the document, and they can easily identify it with the sender.


First, the website can be used with a range of different devices. This is because it is designed as a universally accessible page, as opposed to being an application that has to be altered according to the operating system of the device. This way, a client can access their account from anywhere, and use it to sign a document immediately after it has been created. This would not be possible if the app was only accessible from one device. Even so, mobile applications are admittedly easyto use because the client can sign and send documents while they're on the move. That is why the company is in the process of creating a mobile applications that will cater for all these needs.

Digital ID use

Also, the app creates secured signatures that are much harder to forge as compared to regular scanned esignatures. To do this, the website is able to link every user's signature with their digital ID. This has been made possible by the creation of a feature that allows users to add their digital IDs to the website account. Then, when the signature is being created, it is automatically identified with that digital ID. Digital IDs are unique online identification numbers that are used to distinguish one user from another. Every ID is unique so no two users can have the same one. That also means that all signatures created using this application can be traced back to the owner of that specific digital ID. This measure increases security and also helps limit identity theft on the website.

Even with this, the signature is not as complex as a digital one. That is because there is no use of cryptography to encode the signed document. If this were the case, many first-time clients would find the process quite daunting.

Features are used online

Many applications have features that can be used both online, and offline. Some clients prefer this so that they are able to use their accounts even without being online. This usually proves beneficial when it is impossible to connect to the internet at that time. That being said, there are several advantages that come with using an application online. For example, all activities on the account can be tracked and recorded when the device is online. This enhances security by discouraging unauthorised users from leaving their tracks on the account of another user. It also makes it easy to check the account activity in case of any breach, and help in finding the intruder.

Also, it helps in authenticating the user in real time. In case the account has any suspicious activity, the owner will be notified immediately. This will enable them to take timely action to remedy the situation. The accounts also have a verification process that can only be used when the device is online. Verification is activated in cases where the account is opened irregularly or if the user has not been on the website for a long time. Even without any security threats, being online allows a user to track any changes to their document and rectify them if necessary. The documents can also be uploaded and signed, then sent immediately without needing to save them offline.

Competitive packages

The best electronic signature website is one that is able to cater for a wide variety of clients, in spite of their different financial capabilities. The website should also include packages for companies that wish to cater for clients in bulk. This application has very competitive prices, especially when compared to similar signature websites. These rates make the site attractive to new clients, especially first-time users of the software. In addition to that, the website also has package rates that can be used by groups of users at a discounted rate. Such packages are great for sectors that use electronic signatures but do not have any software created for company use.


The ideal electronic digital signature software should be able to combine both customer-friendly features, as well as data security. This website strikes a balance between the two, ensuring that customers have an easy time navigating the website, and that they enjoy the safety of their personal information. It is comes with a tutorial that guides first-time users on how to navigate the website, and the features are placed on the website in such a way that they are easy to locate and use. Additionally, customers are assured of the security of the information they feed into the site, meaning that they can create digital signatures without fear of being hacked. The app comes as the ideal prices, that cater for both individuals, as well as large institutions. These advantages make it the best digital signature in the market this year.