6 Ways To Boost Your Business


Although smartphones are ubiquitous, almost everyone owns one. However, they're rarely used to their full potential. While smartphones are a common leisure tool for browsing YouTube and playing games, they can also be a valuable business tool. Smartphone technology can help you be more productive and keep your business running. 

These are some ways that you can smarten up your business, and make the most of your smartphone's potential.


Many business processes are now much easier thanks to apps. To get people to sign documents or contracts, they must pay for and wait for delivery. Or meet in person. The Electronic Signature App has solved this problem. It is possible to have an employee or client sign a document in a matter of minutes without ever leaving your office.

Video communication is another similar technology that has helped speed up business. You can download apps from the play store to instantly connect with someone you don't know. You don't have to travel to give visual presentations or guide tours.

Other apps are available to assist with personal organization, accounting, and rota creation. This can make it easier to speed up business processes that were previously slow.


Apps are everywhere, so why not make your own? 

This could help you market your business. A real estate company could use it to showcase all of your properties in a professional manner. You could make it a game, such as a driving quiz for driving instructors.

The app could also be used by you and your company for personal purposes. You could use it as a training tool or help you make cocktails if your business is a bar. It also has common tools and fixes for handymen. Only your imagination is limitless.


A strong social media presence is essential for any business to be online. Smartphones allow you to update your social media from anywhere in the world. You can post photos of your clients and completed work from your move to your website. If you are a gardener, you could ask your clients to take pictures of their garden on a sunny day for your social media. You can also keep your followers updated on events if you have a booth at a convention or are giving a talk or workshop.


It used to be difficult to keep track of one's plans while on the move. You no longer need to keep a calendar or diary with you (or deal with broken and stolen pens). Many smartphones have built-in calendars and diaries. You can update your schedule immediately if someone calls or wants to meet you. There's no need to keep notes in your hand, like in the old days.

There are also more advanced apps that can handle more personal organization. You can even share information with others, such as a diary or rota that your clients or employees can see. You can also share your personal diaries with others, so if you need to check where they are at any given time with a business partner, you can view their diary before you make a call or add an event to your own diary. You can also keep them informed about your schedule. You can share your calendar with your employees if you are a boss and get fed up with being interrupted during meetings.


The internet gives us unlimited information, no matter where we are in the world. Many people take this for granted. There's no reason to go into a situation blindly if you do your research before you make a decision. It used to be that you had to do some research the night before to make it to the meeting. You can now do a quick search on the commute to that meeting and have more time. You can also quickly check your email transactions and look up the company of someone you are speaking to if you receive news about a meeting. This has made it less necessary to brag.


You can use the time you have to commute to work by bus or overground train to answer those annoying emails and to soften the blow. You can also keep in touch with your employees and clients while you're away and respond to any emergency quickly and efficiently.

Accessing your work email can be a double-edged sword. If you have work emails constantly appearing on your phone, it can be a distraction to your free time. To solve this problem, some people get a separate phone for work that they can use while on the go and then switch off when they return home. Clients and employees will appreciate your availability when you answer emails outside of work hours. Keep a routine and create an "out of office" message to avoid being disturbed.

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