25 Alternatives to DocuSign: How to Choose an eSignature App for your Business?


E-signature software allows sending, receiving, and signing documents electronically. This eliminates the need to distribute them physically. E-signature software makes sending a contract or document requiring electronic signatures easy. The e-signature software creates a paperless workplace. It also eliminates the need to wait for the recipient to sign the contract and send it without verifying if it has been received.

An e-signature, in simple terms, is a digital way to put pen to paper. Electronic Signature & Records Association says it can be a sound or symbol. Electronic signatures can be taken on a tablet, mobile phone, or computer. E-signatures verify and validate the intent of the signer while also preserving records. Tracking and esign documents can be done on the go, making it convenient or necessary. E-signature providers offer more functionality through mobile browsers or native iOS and Android apps.

What is an eSignature Software?

E-signature software offers users an efficient alternative to traditional methods of preparing and sending documents, agreements, or contracts. E-signature software offers a better customer experience, increased workflow efficiency, and a way to stand up against legal requirements. However, because of the sensitive nature of documents that are exchanged and signed using e-signature software, most products comply with strict industry standards for authentication, security, and encryption.

The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), passed in 1999, along with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Acts (E-SIGN Act), resulted in greater adoption of e-signature technology. The US Congress passed the E-SIGN Act in June 2000. It states that electronic signatures and records cannot be "denied legal validity or enforceability solely due to their electronic form." Digitalized contracts and electronically submitted signatures have the same legal weight, are legally binding, and can pass legal scrutiny in the United States as paper documents.

The European Union (EU), 2014, created the electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS Regulation). This regulation, similar to the E-SIGN Act, states that signatures cannot be denied legal effects "solely because it's in an electronic format." However, the EU categorizes electronic signings. Qualified electronic signature (QES), the only e-signature with the same legal weight as a handwritten signature, is the key distinction between different locations.

Some eSignature solutions can be integrated (or made easier) with solutions that provide e-notary functionality. Both solutions are designed to protect sensitive documents' data integrity. However, electronic notarization does more than encrypt and sign electronic signatures. E-signature platforms may also offer document generation capabilities that can be used to speed up the document creation process.

Both solutions allow users to share and store documents. However, document generation allows users to create more complex document types, such as text-based and graphic versions. Many e-signature products can be integrated with popular document management and CRM tools. Integrating an e-signature product into your content management software or CRM can help make contract signing more efficient and manageable.

Different Types of E-Signatures

Electronic signatures must comply with the requirements of signature laws and regulations based on location. E-signatures are available for personal and business purposes. They can be used on purchase orders, sales contracts, and lease agreements. These points will provide details about the different types of electronic signatures and their differences.

Electronic Signatures

"E-signature" can be used to refer to any electronic authentication method that allows you to accept or reject a contract or agreement. This method can be used to verify the identity of signers, from corporate IDs to verified email accounts. Multi-factor authentication can be used to ensure that e-signatures are secure and auditable.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are one type of eSignature. Digital signatures can be described as an enhanced version of e-signature with additional security features. A certificate-based digital identification is required for digital signatures. This adds an extra layer of encryption to identity verification methods. The digital signature is then validated by a trust service provider, commonly via certificate authorities (CAs).

For various business purposes, companies can use both digital signatures and e-signatures. Digital signatures are often used for higher-risk processes. Some more highly-regulated business processes include loan approvals, bank transactions, and HR management processes.

Standard Electronic Signatures

An SES, also known as a simple electronic signature (or e-signature), is the most basic type recognized by the EU. These signatures are not required to use enhanced encryption or require authentication. They also do not require stringent authentication and do not require the signing party to confirm the agreement. Although an SES can still support legal requirements, fraud is more likely if the signer's identity has been made easier.

Advanced electronic Signatures (AES)

The e-signature offers additional security measures than SES. The key difference between AES and SES is the requirement that the signer's identity is verified. To be considered an AES, the eIDAS Regulation states that signatures must be uniquely linked to the signer and capable of identifying them. It can also be created using electronic signature creation data the signer has sole control over and linked to any data signed to detect subsequent changes.

These requirements reduce the risk of fraud and increase the legal standing of an agreement. AES can be used to make employment offers or to create a unique password to confirm identity before signing onto platforms. Although this e-signature offers greater security than SES, it is not equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Qualified electronic Signatures (QES)

This type of electronic signature provides the highest level of authentication. The EU recognizes it as an equivalent to a handwritten signature. QES is only available in the EU. There is no equivalent in the US. For a QES to be recognized, you must meet the AES and SES requirements. Additional requirements are placed on the device that signed the document.

QES must be verified by a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). It is also created with an electronic signing device. QES has additional requirements that increase authenticity and reduce the risk of fraud and tampering. The EU only recognizes QES as an e-signature. This should be used for contracts or agreements requiring high scrutiny levels.

Tips to Choose the Right Electronic Signature App for Your Business

You are interested in streamlining your signature process and being able to request and sign signatures electronically.

There are many options for platforms.

Understanding the key features, you will need when choosing free signature app is important.

These are the 8 things to consider when choosing a vendor.

Sign Documents for Mobile Devices

With 83% of sales professionals reporting that mobile devices are an integral part of their toolkit, 83% say they have access to mobile sales tools, which gives them an advantage over their competitors.

Digital signature platforms must be able to cater to this growing demand and provide the functionality that allows stakeholders to sign on the go, regardless of what device they are using.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data is a great way to see how prospects and leads interact with your proposals. Do they open the document multiple times? Is it taking them a while to sign?

This information is available on-demand, allowing you to improve your proposals and sign deals faster. You will find the best e-signature software with helpful analytics. This lets you see which prospects are opening your proposals and, hopefully, when they sign on.

CRM Integrations

Most sales teams use CRM (customer relationship management). The best thing about CRM platforms is their ability to integrate with other platforms and apps to simplify your business processes.

A reliable e-signature platform that uses the right technology will integrate with your CRM platform. This will make it easier for sales reps to monitor what's going on in their business pipeline.

Security and Privacy Regulations

Clients, users, and signers of documents need to feel confident that communications are secure.

Your chosen e-signature platform should comply with privacy regulations in all territories where you operate.

For example, all legal documents in the UK and EU must comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

You can also find specific guidelines for e-signatures.

  • The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Acts (ESIGN and UETA in the USA).
  • The EU's electronic identification and authentication services (eIDAS).

To be legally binding documents signed electronically, the platform for e-signature must be secure and in compliance with the laws of your state or country.

Make sure to read the fine print and pay attention to specific details regarding authentication, record keeping, encryptions, and other features.


After you have succeeded in the sales department, other departments will likely be interested. It is possible that HR teams may be interested in e-signatures to sign internal documents or for remote staff recruitment.

An electronic signature solution that scales well will allow you to add users or expand your license to other teams easily.

Automation Capability

Automating processes can save time and reduce costs. This is especially important for salespeople who spend only 35% of their time selling.

Automating repetitive tasks and admin can help reduce time. E-signature software can also be a time saver.

Some platforms provide automated reminders or responses, so sales teams can concentrate more on creating new opportunities.

This has clear business value.

Based on 100,000 documents, our data shows that UK sales reps who use automated reminders have 24% more success rates than those who don't.

Reasonable or Flexible Costs

Many solutions provide free trials to allow you to compare them before you decide on your favorite. You can also choose from different subscription levels.

It is important to evaluate the price and use any freemium features before you sign up for a paid service.

Ease of Use

The best thing about any solution is its ability to make your life easier.

A platform for e-signature must be easy for salespeople and clients. Spending time explaining how to use the platform or sign documents digitally is not productive.

25 Alternatives for DocuSign in 2023

Are you looking for alternatives to DocuSign eSignature Check out what Electronic Signature DocuSign eSignature customers also consider when making a purchase decision? Potential buyers should compare the competencies of potential buyers in evaluation, contracting, integration, deployment, support, and product specifics when evaluating different solutions.

1. eSignly

eSignly free esign app provides electronic signatures free of charge. It can satisfy all industries' digital signature needs, including Financial, Insurance, Health Care, and Real Estate Legal. eSignly is available to all industries to reduce the paperwork and mess they must deal with. Our electronic signature services are now available to all industries.

eSignly offers digital signature solutions to all industries, including Financial, Insurance, and Health Care. All industries can use eSignly. It helps reduce time spent sorting through piles and creating chaos. All documents are kept confidential and away from chaos. Our goal is to create an agile system that allows seamless service flow within and between departments within the team.

Amazon Cloud offers secure, reliable, and robust data protection. It includes high-performance computing, firewalls, and data protection rules. SSDs are used to store data quickly. Promoting paperless activities is an eco-friendly way to go. This will make users more efficient and faster while meeting their social responsibility.

2. PandaDoc

PandaDoc empowers over 40,000 customers to create and manage e-Sign documents easily. Our digitized, central workflow platform reduces inefficiencies and can increase productivity. PandaDoc allows you to focus on the most important tasks and not get bogged down in time-consuming, tedious work. Visit for more information about pricing and product features.

3. SignNow

SignNow allows business transactions to be done anywhere, anytime, and from any device. SignNow has the highest ROI for SBM or mid-market due to its intuitive user interface, transparent pricing, flexible configuration, and ease of integration.

4. Foxit

Foxit is used worldwide by more than 650 million people. It has been sold to over 425,000 customers. These customers range from small businesses to large enterprises in over 200 countries. Foxit eSign allows you to create and sign legally binding documents. You can upload your document, create a template, add recipients, then send it. Foxit eSign streamlines workflow and allows users to send, sign, track, manage, and verify signature processes from any browser. Once you are done, you will have a tamperproof archive of the legally signed document. It's easy to create agreements online or on mobile.

  • Foxit eSign software offers many useful features, including:
  • Save time with reusable templates
  • Bulk signing and sending
  • Audit trails and Certificates of Completion
  • Attach photos, driver's license, etc. Send documents directly
  • In-person signing
  • For easy access and sign-in, generate in-email link documents
  • Online form/embedding codes available to integrate eSignatures directly into websites
  • Integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other services easily
  • Excel reporting
  • Notifications by email
  • Signing in 11 languages

5. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe believes documents are more than just information and proof. Documents are essential for connecting people and ideas and driving the business forward. Adobe Acrobat helps you stay connected with your team and drive your business forward, no matter where it is. Fortune 500 companies trust Acrobat as the best PDF and eSignature solution.

Acrobat allows you to create, edit and convert documents, share, sign, and combine them all within one Adobe platform. Your team can easily collaborate from anywhere, at any time, with seamless digital experiences. Acrobat's Liquid Mode allows users to view PDFs on smaller screens without pinching and zooming. We are reimagining how work is done in a secure and connected hybrid workplace in partnership with Microsoft.

Acrobat solutions can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft apps. You can save time creating, editing, sharing, and signing from Microsoft 365 and Outlook. Smart integrations are available with Google, Box, and many other apps you use daily. Acrobat offers file protection to protect your documents from being changed, copied, printed and altered.

Acrobat assists organizations in complying with security standards and regulatory requirements, such as GLBA or FERPA. It meets ISO 32000 standards, which include special-purpose standards like PDF/A for archiving and PDF/E to support engineering.

6. eversign

Eversign's mission is to help small and large businesses leap into the digital age. We will guide them through every step. Many companies are hesitant about managing sensitive data in the cloud, such as business contracts. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to creating an e-Signature platform that is secure and cost-effective for individuals and small businesses. It also offers flexible workflows that increase efficiency and speed up time for large companies.

7. pdfFiller by airSlate

A cloud-native, comprehensive and feature-rich solution that converts static PDF into interactive experiences for both sender and recipient. pdfFiller is a single place to store, audit, search, esign, and audit forms and documents.

8. Lightico

Businesses that are consumer-focused and require FAST signatures, ID Verifications, eForms, and more. The market's highest eSign completion rate. You can instantly collect eSignatures and IDs. You can use pre-formatted templates, document workflows, and ad-hoc files. Email, Text/SMS, and email. Get e-Signatures right away. You can use the API or as a standalone. Glia and Sapiens are all possible integrations. Bank-grade security & compliance (HIPAA and ISO27001, eIDAS ...)., eSign Act SOC2, PCI DSS, ZOHO, Zapier.

9. SignEasy

SignEasy makes it easy and quick to sign and submit documents for signature using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. SignEasy has more than 130,000 customers in 150 countries. Its simple-to-use, the secure solution helps to reduce contract turnaround times, speed up deals, improve customer service, and reduce environmental impact. SignEasy is compatible with many popular productivity and business apps like G Suite, Office 365, and Dropbox. It also integrates with leading email providers such as Outlook and Gmail. SignEasy's iOS and Android apps have been downloaded over 6 million times. It regularly ranks among the top 100 most popular business apps in Apple Store. It is consistently rated #1 by independent software review websites in customer satisfaction for SMB electronic signature solutions.

10. DottedSign

DottedSign offers the most complete and simple-to-adopt electronic signature solution. It provides businesses with enterprise-level security standards that equip them for a mobile-first hybrid working environment. Get a DottedSign Business plan for FREE for 14 days.

  • Invite signers by adding them directly to your contact list or entering their email addresses (Google Contact Supported).
  • Remote signing – Assign fields to signers in a specified order, including signatures and initials and texts and dates.
  • Use color-coded fields to show your signers what fields they should fill in.
  • Bulk Send: You can send one document to multiple signers (bulk mail).
  • Useful templates to reuse for standard documents
  • Sign your name using a free-hand drawing
  • Stamps can be made with your camera or photos.
  • Fill in your personal information before you drag it to the document.
  • To documents, add signatures, initials, and texts.
  • You can adjust the font size and text alignment according to your preference.
  • For signature stamps, remove backgrounds.
  • Visual progress bar - Intuitively check all signers' statuses and monitor signature tasks using visual progress bars
  • Timeline of Personal Activities- Record and display all of your activities
  • Requests for void signatures - Cancel signature tasks with one tap.
  • Search tool - Use the search box to quickly find your documents by entering the names of people and documents.

11. Dropbox DocSend

Dropbox DocSend allows business professionals to securely share and manage the content that is important to their business. Dropbox DocSend's link-based system makes sharing and controlling content easy. You can set security preferences for each stakeholder and get notifications when someone views your file. You can also analyze the performance of each page on a page-by-page basis. Dropbox DocSend is trusted by over 25,000 businesses to manage and share sensitive information.

12. RSign

RSign, the e-signature platform from RPost, has been a global leader for over a decade. RSign(r) combines feature richness with an elegantly simple interface and is affordable at scale. RSign's unique ability to simplify and automate common e-signing while meeting all your document, form, or workflow requirements makes it stand out. RSign specializes E-Signatures Made Simple. Both signer and sender will have a more enjoyable e-signing experience.

RSign makes signing simple. Signers can complete documents and sign them using any desktop browser or mobile web browser. RSign has a simple user interface, a customizable user interface, and real-time reporting. Signature Certificate with Forensic Audit Trail. Documents containing the authenticated audit trail.

RSign patents offer the strongest authenticatable audit trail embedded within the e-sign record. RSign provides a Signature Certificate that can be used as a forensic record. It can also self-authenticate and provide all transmission tracking, content, and timestamps regardless of the recipient system. A Signature Certificate is a recognized evidence format and can be attached to any agreement or taken separately. It can also be imported into systems with the RSign APIs. Privacy with encryption and RSign Inbox E-Signatures that conform to HIPAA regulations and GDPR

13. CocoSign

CocoSign, a cloud-based electronic signature program HIPAA-compliant for professionals and SMBs, can be used by professionals and businesses. CocoSign is the easiest option for HelloSign or DocuSign. It offers simple features and competitive pricing, allowing businesses to streamline their eSignature processes and sign contracts 5x faster.

14. OneSpan Sign

OneSpan empowers organizations to accelerate digital transformations by creating secure, compliant, and easy customer agreements. OneSpan is the best choice for organizations that require high-assurance security. This includes the integrity of end users and the fidelity to transaction records behind each agreement. It simplifies and secures business processes with customers and partners. OneSpan is trusted by blue-chip companies worldwide, including over 60% of the top 100 banks in the world. OneSpan processes millions and billions of transactions annually in more than 100+ countries. OneSpan Sign has been recognized as a leader in e-sign processing by top analyst firms. This includes some of the most secure and trusted brands around the globe.

15. ValidSign

More than 3000 companies around the world have used our e-signature in a variety of processes. ValidSign Enterprise-solution means using ValidSign across all departments within your organization to sign various documents. ValidSign has expertise in more than 30 markets. ValidSign assists an American University's board member with an establishment decision. The accountant in the Netherlands also signs a tax return. Every organization that wants to improve customer service, sign faster and simplify their paperwork will be served by us!

16. Scrive

Scrive automates business processes based on agreements using electronic signatures and identity verification solutions. Scrive was founded in Stockholm in 2010. It quickly became the market leader for electronic signatures in the Nordics. The company is expanding into Europe. Organizations of all sizes and those in highly-regulated industries trust Scrive solutions to improve their internal efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

eSign is Scrive's agreement-signing platform. It comes with pricing plans and feature packs to fit any business. The key benefits of eSign include: Sign on any device – Eliminate tedious manual tasks – Shorten lead time – Authenticate signers using eID - Built to security and compliance - Track the status of your agreements and provide legal evidence and audit logs - Document integrity protected by blockchain.

17. Nitro PDF Productivity

Nitro (ASX. NTO) is a leader in SaaS for PDF software, document management, and electronic signatures. Nitro's Productivity Platform features powerful PDF tools, digital workflows, and highly secure eSigning. It also offers identity verification and identity verification capabilities. Nitro's industry-leading business analytics and business intelligence product measures ROI and quantifies sustainability. All are supported by exceptional customer success and a change management team. Nitro is used by 68% of Fortune 500 companies. It has more than 3,000,000 licensed users and 13,000+ customers in 157 countries. Nitro has its headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Dublin, London, Toronto, Melbourne, and Toronto.

18. Roger

This is the easiest way to sign agreements. Sign up faster, get 2x more signatures, and send them in seconds. You can also add unlimited users for free. We transform boring, PDF-based contracts into an enjoyable app-like signing experience so that your customers enjoy filling out and signing. Roger takes out the hassle of signing, so your agreement will never go cold.

19. Box

The box is the Content Cloud - a single secure platform allowing all aspects of the content lifecycle. This includes file creation, sharing, co-editing and signature, classification, and retention. You can work securely anywhere and seamlessly integrate your tech stack with over 1,500+ best-of-breed applications. The box is trusted by 100K+ top organizations worldwide, including JLL, Nationwide, and AstraZeneca. provides access to analyst reports showing Box customers have achieved a 332% ROI.


CINCEL is Metasignature-as-a-Service, the suite of multi-signature, notarization, blockchain, and identity. It ensures that people and businesses can reach agreements with ease, trust, and compliance. Through the CINCEL Suite, we provide confidence and agility in any digital signature experience for a contract or other document. We also offer certifications (Audit Feeprint + NOM151 + Blockchain), with legal compliance (UNCITRAL+ ISO/IEC + ETSI TS) and technological (SSL/TLS). An end-to-end service includes multi-signature services (simple or advanced), legal certifications, and notarization with Blockchain.

20. Yousign

Yousign is an easy-to-use, legally binding eSignature, and contract automation tool that has helped more than 13 000 small businesses power their agreements. Our platform simplifies approval workflows and secures agreements. It also allows you to provide a high-quality experience for your customers, partners, and employees. Our platform provides a seamless, personalized, and compliant signing experience. We are a trusted third-party, certified authority, and eIDAS-certified solution. This ensures that your signatures remain legal.

21. DigiSigner

Unlimited documents and templates, custom branding, and signing links are included. The team features are available for only $12/month. It is legally binding, safe, and easy to use. This is ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses. Free 3 monthly docs DigiSigner focuses on simplicity, speed, affordability, and ease of use. DigiSigner is compatible with all web platforms, including Android, iPhones, and iPads. It can also be used on mobile devices. DigiSigner is compliant with all major eSignature laws, including ESIGN and UETA. DigiSigner signatures are legally binding and can be recognized by courts. DigiSigner is trusted by millions of businesses worldwide and has been available on the market since 2014.

22. Legalesign

Legalesign, a UK-based eSignature software that allows you to sign, send and manage contracts online, is available from Legalesign. Companies use Legalesign to increase productivity, financial benefits, and customer satisfaction. It allows customers to sign online from any device and removes the need to print. Last but not least, it relieves long-suffering staff of the tedious paperwork. Clients of Legalesign include lawyers, property companies, legal firms, accountants, and recruiters. Legalesign was built from the ground up to provide maximum value to our customers.

23. Yoti Sign

Yoti is being used by many businesses to save money and make it easier to send, sign and manage documents. It is possible to sign any contract or agreement from any location in the world using advanced encryption. Our team has analyzed the market and created an e-signing platform that is easy to use. You can adjust documents according to your requirements with features like checkboxes, templates, text fields, and editing. Biometric verification, embedded in the platform, is a powerful option to perform client onboarding, KYC, or authenticate a signee. Our e-signing platform can be used by small and large companies that want to improve their customer service and speed up sales.

24. Jotform Sign

Find out what happens when eSignatures meet automation. Jotform Sign allows you to create powerful documents that can be completed and signed on any device. Upload a PDF document and choose from 600+ pre-made templates or create a new document. Then share it with clients or colleagues online to complete it in just a few clicks. Our drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customize your document design, whether you are collecting waivers, lease agreements, or consent forms.

You can update the design to match branding by uploading your logo and choosing new fonts and colors. No more tedious pen and paper signatures! Jotform Sign's automated electronic signature solution allows you to take your paperwork online.

25. Juro

Juro is an all-in-one platform for contract automation that allows teams to automate the creation, execution, and management of routine contracts at scale. WeWork, Trustpilot, SoundCloud, and WeWork are some of our clients. We help them streamline their contract workflows and provide better insight into their contract data. Eight Roads, Union Square Ventures, and Seedcamp back Juro.

The Key Takeaway

Document signing app enable users to create and share documents with their signer digitally. This allows the workforce to concentrate on more difficult tasks. E-signature tools allow users to use already-designed templates and send documents electronically. They also get notified when documents are returned, signed, and seen. This saves time and manual effort.

These solutions allow the signer to receive electronically, review, sign, and verify the document without needing to check mailboxes physically. This makes it much easier for all involved. Many e-signature software integrates with CRM to allow sales teams to receive notifications when agreements are received, reviewed, and signed.