The Benefits of eSignature Technology Should Be a Top Priority.

Organizations around the globe have been using eSignatures in a variety of business documents over the past few years. They realized the many benefits of a digitalized, paperless signature function, as well as significant efficiency gains. At this point, eSignature technology is not only desirable but essential. We'll explain.

The work environment has drastically changed.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, employers and employees were already exploring the possibilities of "work anywhere" technology. eSignatures offered the paperless, frictionless flexibility that made working remotely possible.

During this difficult period, eSignature technology was used to help organizations:

  • Keep your business running smoothly by untying paper processes
  • Multiple stakeholders were involved in streamlining approval processes
  • Instead of using snail mail, send documents digitally.

The world is now undergoing a second transition, this time to a hybrid workplace model which caters equally for remote and on-site workers. We all now recognize the advantages of eSignature technology as a permanent fixture in the workplace. Organizations that haven't adopted the technology may become obsolete.

Hybrid working: Helping companies succeed

Many teams today are made up of remote and on-premises employees who work together across multiple sites and geographical locations. It is now crucial to ensure that your eSignature tool runs at its best.

More on that, eSignature technology has a vital role to play in ensuring all participants in signature/document-related processes can easily and successfully play their parts. Businesses that facilitate digital signatures and electronic exchanges of documents have an advantage over those that still use paper or manual methods.

End-to-end streamlining and digitizing of tasks

We're only scratching the surface. When eSignature technology is used in conjunction with process automation, the deeper benefits can be realized.

Organizations can digitize entire business processes by using process automation. These workflows are accessible anywhere on the internet as a series of steps that employees can click through. They provide guidance and prompts for employees to ensure everything goes smoothly and is completed in a timely manner.

All kinds of important apps and services can be embedded in your workflows. eSignature capabilities are also available. Let's take, for example, a workflow that deals with contract approval, drafting, and signing. Let's look at what could happen.

  • Software for document generation creates contracts using your data and templates
  • Workflow routes the new contract from Stakeholder A to Stakeholder A, for review and approval
  • Stakeholder A reviews the contract and clicks "Approve". The contract is then routed to stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder B will be prompted to submit their eSignature for the document.
  • The contract is automatically sent to Stakeholder C as the final signatory.

Process(r), The Power of Process

Process automation eliminates the need for each participant to wait until they receive the contract. It is no longer necessary to worry about stakeholders not completing the documents. This workflow speeds up the entire process.

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Organizations that have already implemented eSignatures have an advantage over those who are still behind. The advantage is even greater for those who combine the technology with workflows. It's better to be in the top tier of a highly competitive market.

Better experiences for everyone involved

It's better for everyone when signature processes can be streamlined and improved in this manner.

  • Customers can access their goods and services faster
  • Use less paper - it's better for the environment and economics.
  • Companies get paid faster and have better cash flow
  • Employers spend less time and energy on administration and paperwork

eSignatures can improve your bottom line and make organizations more enjoyable for employees and customers. This is one of the many benefits of eSignature technology. It can make a significant and visible difference.

Enjoy the full potential of eSignature technology

Esignly wants to make it easy for organizations to start enjoying the benefits of electronic signature technology. Our platform allows you to combine eSignatures and process automation, document generation, and other powerful technologies to digitize and transform your business processes.

Organizations today have nothing to lose when adopting these technologies. We believe they have everything to gain. All signs point to eSignatures being more popular and valuable in the future.