Electronic Signature Software and CRM Software, The Ideal Combination


Sales are all about time. Faster sales cycles translate into faster growth, faster lead times, and more revenue. To be successful, your sales team must have the right tools to help them perform at their best.

The problem is that the average salesperson spends only 36% of their time selling. This prevents most sales cycles from reaching their full potential. Salespeople spend 36% of their time on admin tasks and service tasks. This leaves little time for building relationships with customers and prospects.

Many of these administrative tasks are done through signatures and physical contracts. Slow printing and sending out documents at scale can slow down sales cycles, which can take days.

Fortunately, eSignature CRM can help you to remove this bottleneck.

How CRM and Integrated Electronic Solutions can help your business?

Businesses should use integrated cloud CRM software that allows for secure sales transactions. This integrated system will allow your business to automate sales and service processes, sign business documents anywhere on the planet, from any device and at any time, gain more business competence, direct documents to the right clients, instantly send and sign documents online, and increase business efficiency.

The integrated solution tracks who signed the document and where it was signed. Your business can also send automatic rest emails to clients that will remind them about the signatures they need to sign documents or agreements.

Integrating electronic signatures with CRM software can be a boon for your business. Here are some:

Increases Sales Team Productivity

Businesses used to spend a lot on paper, pens, and postage. The constant task of scanning, printing, mailing, and mailing various business documents and sales agreements has led to increased business costs and reduced sales productivity. The integrated electronic signature solution was a great tool for businesses. It allowed them to streamline their sales processes and reduce the time to prepare and fax the documents. Electronic signatures allow businesses to send and sign sales contracts and other business documents electronically.

Accelerates the Sales Contract Process

The integrated solution of electronic signatures with Customer Relationship Management software allows your business to quickly create and send contract documents. Your sales representative can also speed up the process. The integrated solution allows customers to create and deliver electronic documents and business contracts much faster and easier.

Increases Sales Data Quality

Your business can use CRM software daily to help improve sales data quality, make better sales decisions, and save time rather than wasting it searching for manual forms or the right information. The integrated solution can help your business improve the consistency of the contract process and data quality and reduce the likelihood of disputes after sales.

Merge Data Easily into Your Documents

Integration with CRM allows you to automatically populate data from your CRM into your documents. You can import customer names, contact information, the title of documents, transaction details, and other data points.

Auto-population of data allows you to create documents quicker and ensures that your documents are accurate. This prevents human error, which could lead to incorrect data being included in documents or sending the wrong document to the wrong recipient.

Track Document Progress within your CRM Pipeline

Once you have set up your CRM integration, it is possible to track the progress of electronic signature documents throughout your sales process. This allows you to monitor the progress of active deals through your CRM system. It also makes it much easier to compare information across systems.

The CRM system allows you to see whether or not a document was signed and when it has been edited, opened, commented on, or edited again. This allows you to identify why your documents are not completed and send reminders to those who need to sign.

Create Documents in Your CRM System

Many CRM and eSignature integrations allow you to create, edit, and execute all your documents within your CRM. This saves time for everyone on your team as you can now manage all aspects of your document workflow in one place. Your CRM platform already contains all your contacts, so you can send your documents to be executed more quickly.

Smart Storage

You can also access your documents via CRM integrations. Often, CRM systems provide unique systems for organizing your electronic documents. This makes it possible to locate and store documents easily in the future. You can, for example, categorize your documents and view them based on their relationship to an account, opportunity, lead, or other accounts. It's also easy to find documents related to each customer account.

Why Business Should Get E-Signature Integration 

E-Signature integration is a great option for CRM professionals, aside from the security benefits. These are the reasons:

  • E-signature Integrations are Cost-Effective. It is worth the effort, and it's well worth it.
  • E-Signatures are easy to use in the CRM industry. They allow users to authenticate both themselves and others. They can read the documents and make corrections before signing them.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Digital signature software allows users to sign contracts or deals anywhere in the world. You can sign contracts even if you are thousands of miles from the person signing them.
  • Faster: E-signatures can be done online and ensure quicker contract turnarounds. This allows you to get paid in a matter of seconds.
  • Esign Tracking: Ever been frustrated wondering if your document was signed or if the fax reached its recipient? These problems can be eliminated by integrating electronic signatures into your financial transactions.

Are Electronic Signings Legally Binding?

No matter what type of business you own, you will want to be sure that your electronic signature is legal and valid. Electronic signatures are legal! Electronic Communication Act states that electronic signatures are legal. The eIDAS regulation has also made them part of European law. The Law Commission resolved any remaining ambiguities in 2019 by confirming that e-signatures are legal and valid in executing documents. This includes cases where a statutory requirement requires a signature.

If necessary, digital signatures may also be used in court. Handwritten signatures are valid only if copies of the signature can be compared with testimony from witnesses or handwriting experts. The electronic signature's audit trail contains information such as the IP Address, location, and date/time stamp. This helps confirm its authenticity.

Electronic Signatures Recognized by eIDAS

Three types of electronic signatures are recognized by the eIDAS Regulation.

Basic Electronic Signature (SES)

The Basic eIDAS establishes a foundation for electronic signatures. It asserts that electronic signatures cannot be denied legal admissibility simply because they are electronic. You can meet this requirement with typical electronic signatures. They are not necessarily digital signatures and do not require user ID verification. The SES can be used to write your name in an e-mail, scan your signature, and click the "I agree" button.

Advanced Electronic Signature (AES)

Advanced - These are the minimum legal eSignatures. They can identify the signer by being uniquely linked to them. Signers create their signatures using data that is only under their control. The final document is untampered-evident. Digital signatures can meet this requirement.

Qualified Advanced Electronic Signature (QES)

QES, a stricter version of AdES, is the only type of signature that has the same legal value and legal backing as handwritten signatures. This provides digital signatures with the best legal backing. It requires that signers use a certificate-based digital ID issued to them by a qualified EU Trust Service Provider (TSP) who has been through an accreditation process and supervision process, which is described in eIDAS. This includes user verification, security, and protection of the signer key.

Signers must also use a qualified signing creation device (QSCD), a smart card, a USB token, a mobile app, or other devices that create a unique passcode. Qualified signatures are required for documents requiring high security, such as property transfers or legal contracts, incorporations, and other corporate and government interactions.

Top CRM Software Solutions That Can Be Integrated With eSignature Software

Here are top CRM platforms you can rely on in 2023


Zendesk, a sales CRM software, is designed to simplify the lives of all sales staff in any company. This integrated tool is designed to streamline daily sales tasks and increase customer satisfaction. It tracks conversions and facilitates performance visibility.

Zendesk gives sales teams the ability to perform multiple functions in one place. It takes just a few clicks. The platform's mobile app allows you to access all its features while on the go. This ensures that your sales team gets the attention they deserve, even when you are not at home.


Pipedrive, a popular Customer Relationship Management tool, was designed to produce the best possible output and input. Pipedrive's sole purpose is to help salespeople become unstoppable. It allows you to organize your company in a way that provides a great view of sales and increases productivity. We can all improve our workflows with PIPEDRIVE.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM, a cloud-based CRM software leader, offers innovative CRM solutions to businesses of all sizes. Large corporations, as well as start-ups, can use it.

Salesforce CRM is cloud-based and highly scalable. It's also very user-friendly. It can be customized and provides a platform for growth and upgrades. Integration and mobile support.

Salesforce CRM helps you better understand your customers. Salesforce CRM can help you discover new ways to solve problems and help customers faster. We can market, sell, and serve like any other product with just one view.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a well-known and widely used CRM tool in today's highly competitive market. Its powerful capabilities and mechanism have had a tremendous impact on its Clients. It's free to use and attracts the majority of its Clients. With hubspot esignature solutions can ease the workflow for businesses. 

HubSpot's easy platform allows clients to get started quickly without having to change much. It's simple, fast, and offers the same features as other CRMs. HubSpot provides the best integration CRM environment, which other CRM tools don't offer. It's powerful and flexible software.


Bitrix24 CRM provides everything you need. It allows you to manage almost all aspects of your business.

Bitrix24 offers full CRM capabilities and many communication options. It allows high-quality video conferencing. It integrates seamlessly with almost all VoIP providers, such as Vonage, Nextiva, RingCentral, and Nextiva. It's easy for users to understand why Bitrix24 is a top CRM software company, with over five million worldwide.


CompanyHub is the best CRM software provider because they have many developers who can customize your features.

CompanyHub offers standard CRM features like contact, product, and sales pipeline management. It is also highly customizable for different industries with creative control you might be able to manage on your own.

CompanyHub's creators have been working in the CRM industry since 2015. They have a thorough understanding of the different needs of different businesses. They've used many CRM programs to support their sales teams and realized that some CRMs needed to be simplified or more complex. They were inspired to create their own powerful yet easy-to-use CRM that can be customized to meet the needs of each user.

Top Electronic Signature Software for 2023

We will showcase the most effective eSign software solutions available for any budget and all business sizes.


eSignly can fulfill all digital signature requirements in any industry. eSignly's goal in the making all paperwork digital online is to give users the convenience and comfort that comes with electronic work at a low cost and with full authentication. Customers can develop signature-dependent processes quickly that reduce paper costs and comply with all laws. Clients and business partners love electronic signatures because they can be shared via the internet and across geographic boundaries. They can be linked together and checked in one step.

This allows for faster collaboration and reduces time. eSignly makes connecting and checking documents easy in just three steps. The user can choose the document they want to sign and the people involved. Send it. eSignly can sign any file format.

Many industries have trusted eSignly. All over the globe, our customers trust us. Our users can work from anywhere and on any device. We aim to make things faster and get all signatures done in one shot. eSignly follows all regulations and rules established by the government.

Adobe Sign

Adobe's service has many features and functions. You can access it via the web or mobile app. This allows you to use your esignature even when you are not at work. It provides an authentication service that ensures important documents comply with basic legal requirements. You can also personalize your esignature.

The eSign software meets all requirements for signing in various regulated industries and the EU. Recent improvements include compliance for pharmaceutical and life science firms and integration with SAP SuccessFactors.


SignNow's primary purpose is to sign documents on any device. You can use a tablet, a mobile phone, or a personal computer to sign documents. The app has many useful features that will make it easy to accomplish this, including the ability to import documents and team collaboration, as well as two-factor authentication, reusable templates, administrative tools, and two-factor authentication.

SignNow's registration process is quick and easy. SignNow offers a free trial version that anyone can use. This version is limited in features. The premium version unlocks all of the software's features, making it the best choice.


DocuSign claims to have over 200 million users around the world. DocuSign is an e-signature provider that offers simple software to sign documents quickly and easily.

DocuSign is easy to use thanks to its many integrations with Google, Windows, Apple, SalesForce, and a variety of mobile apps. DocuSign places a lot of emphasis on security. It uses powerful encryption technologies and follows industry best practices to protect the data it handles.

OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign's e-signature software allows you to get endorsements from big names. What does it sound like to be endorsed by the US Army, IBM, and BMW?

OneSpan Sign maintains that the product is equally valuable for large and small businesses. It offers an easy-to-use, optimized workflow that works across all devices and employees. You can deploy it on your own cloud or your existing computing infrastructure. The software is flexible but also provides security for your company.

You can also connect it with other services like Salesforce, SharePoint, or Microsoft Dynamics. Although Enterprise and Professional plans are listed, there is no flat-rate pricing. You will need to contact OneSpan to get a quote.


Signeasy can be used from any computer at home or in the office, but it has clearly spent much time making it mobile-ready. Signeasy is cloud-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere. The mobile experience for smartphones and tablets is also very well laid out.

It has many of the same features that the e-signature services above, but the focus is on simplicity, as the name implies. It's possible to annotate signature boxes, so it is clear who must sign what. It's also possible to create templates to reuse documents if you find the same type of document is required to be electronically signed repeatedly.

Signeasy's pricing is very competitive. There are two plans available: Standard and Professional. It has limited functionality, so the Plus or Professional plans may prove more helpful.

Signeasy is still the most affordable of all the services, even though other plans can provide more functionality. It all depends on what features you prefer to pay for. Signeasy is a great entry-level service that is still useful and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Key Takeaway

Electronic signature software is more efficient than pen and paper for signing documents. Integrating electronic signature software with your CRM system will increase its value.

Your systems can be combined to auto-populate data in your documents, track your documents' progress through your sales pipeline, save time, and execute and store documents via electronic signature integration with CRM.

Your electronic signature software and CRM systems should have a pre-built connection. You must create your own integration or use Zapier to connect them.