Electronic Signatures Used by Sales and Marketing Teams in Businesses

Electronic Signatures Used by Sales and Marketing Teams in Businesses

Salespeople can shift the focus from paperwork and operational duties to more important objectives like creating a healthy pipeline and improving the lead-to win funnel and increasing revenue. Increase the visibility of the closing status.

Why Your Sales team Needs Electronic Signatures

It's the year 2018. Your sales staff must have electronic signatures in order to maximize their potential clients and increase efficiency. Is it possible that you are not able to meet the deadlines for a potential client? Have you ever lost a lead deal due to a competitor acquiring it first? Are your sales staff members complaining that they spend too much on administrative tasks, and not enough on leadership development or follow-up? There is an easy solution: use electronic signatures to communicate with your sales team. Your entire business will benefit, not just your sales team.

  1. Increase efficiency

Hubspot reports that only 39% of sales reps spend their time selling to prospects or customers. This is an alarming statistic. An HBR study found that administration takes up 21% of salespeople's time. You can only increase production if you educate your sales team to make them more efficient and successful. Inc.com states that the number one reason sales departments fail is because they're not organized. You will notice a change in your company's workflow if you have salespeople who use electronic signatures. This is what you need to think about. Digitalization allows you to communicate all of your information quickly within the same system, without worrying about it getting lost in transit. There is no gap between sales execution and logistics, or between the operations and finance teams.

Contracts can be sent instantly with the click of a mouse. You don't need fax machines, printers, or copiers. Because everything is stored on the cloud, you don't need to keep a physical file. Your sales team will need electronic signatures! Esignly is an open-source electronic signature that's easy to use. It's ideal for SMEs that have existing commercial solutions and need a supplementary digital document system.

You can integrate it seamlessly with major cloud storage options for businesses such as Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. We can integrate with your company's CRM system also works with Zoho, Gmail and other cloud storage options. We have clients in the following areas: real estate, education and healthcare, tourism, construction, rental companies, and creative media. The centralized electronic signature solution is revolutionizing administration!

  1. It's easy!

Rapid response is crucial to any organization's success. It is important to reduce the time it takes for a verbal agreement to be signed. No matter what industry you work in, if your sales team can't quickly produce the documents necessary to sign the contract, it is a sure sign that they aren't paying attention. Every. Minute. Each one counts. Are your salesmen able to travel to meet clients? There will always be delays in processing documentation if you have physical papers.

You don't need to send the agreement again via email, mail, or facsimile if your sellers are not able to sign online. You can have them sign the documents using their tablet, smartphone, or laptop. This will automatically update the original document each time they connect to the internet. You can simply ask your potential client to sign papers remotely if you're in the United States with a customer in China and a logistics team from Guatemala.

Our is also available in over 22 languages which makes it attractive to international businesses doing business. Wecan be used on iOS and Android. It allows you to import existing corporate documents or templates into virtually any file format including images. What happens if you have to quickly modify a contract? It's much faster to use Esignly to do this than to do it manually with paper paperwork (yawn).

  1. Establish Legal, Safe & Secure Documentation

Electronic signatures for electronic document management are legally binding. You get comprehensive data tracking that includes IP addresses, geographical locations, timestamps and emails. This is in contrast to physical documentation. This is the best way to get verifiable assurance and responsibility. You can always access this information through your Esignly. This information is always accessible through your Esignly.panel. This can also be done if confirmation notices are sent to you regarding newly signed papers. All documents that you import will be converted instantly to PDF files for enhanced protection.

Your material can be kept indefinitely or sent to you for signing. It is encrypted so hackers cannot read it even if they breach the security measures. Digital paperwork is much more secure than your old, rusty file cabinet secured by a padlock. Period. Esignly documents can be restricted using multiple levels of user access. This adds an additional layer of protection for your sensitive material. We have your back if you're concerned about meeting all the latest personal data protection regulations. Esignly is compliant with both the EU GDPR as well as US law.

  1. Faster Invoicing

The most common complaint in every business is between finance and sales teams. Why is this? Sales commissions and bonuses depend on proper reporting. Finance teams also rely on accurate data in order to accurately charge. Sometimes, a break occurs along the way. Sometimes a salesman will claim that he sold a certain amount during a month. However, financial reports data show otherwise. This is usually due to a clerical error - the failure of the sales team or finance team to properly transmit statistics or information. Your sales team must have electronic signatures! Sometimes, an invoice gets lost and the salesperson has to deal with a customer that is just waiting for payment. Your finance staff will be happy if you make things easy for them. You can send your digital purchase orders or signed contracts to your finance staff quickly. This will ensure that your clients have the right information and that there are no payment delays.

  1. Increase Your Profit Margin

While all of these reasons will increase your profit margin, there's one more reason your sales team needs e-signatures. It is affordability. They are cheaper than maintaining and managing physical paperwork. This requires you to obtain, store and distribute all your documents. Esignly has the best electronic signature solution available for small businesses. Esignly is not just our recommendation; you can also check these third-party reviews.

Although you may think that electronic signatures are a difficult task, it's actually quite simple. Esignly does not make it difficult to perform its functions. The tool and apps are easy to use so that even the most inept member of your team can use them. Troy Erstling, Esignly's Head for Sales and Business Development is very aware of the many ways Esignly helps sales teams in different sectors.

Many companies chase their clients for signatures and end up taking forever. This is because they take too long to scan, sign/print and scan and it falls in the sidelines of priority.Clients who have an alternative save them time and it also saves you time.You can help yourself by helping others.

E-Signatures make Marketing Teams more Productive

Marketing teams are responsible for creating content, campaign planning and website administration. Social. They must get buy-in from all departments and stakeholder within the company in order to implement initiatives. It is common to print papers for approval, marking, amendments, and approval. This tedious manual process is no longer necessary. Esignly streamlines marketing activities and empowers the entire marketing team.

These features have the greatest benefits: clear visibility into the document's status, including any approval stages that were completed previously, and access to notes and modifications that could impact the next level. This increases productivity and automatic warnings for those who have not signed the document help ensure projects are completed on time. External parties can also collaborate with marketing departments to share task management solutions such as Sharepoint, which Esignly connects to. A study published earlier this year found that 83% of Europeans believe that a paperless office would be a distant dream. However, this could partly be due to the need for a handwritten signature. Esignly reduces the cost of scanning and printing paper with each modification. It supports all types of electronic signatures including advanced and certified electronic signatures.

Esignly helps marketers maintain the flow of their document process. Esignly is available as a mobile app, which allows users to securely review and sign papers on any device at any time. Contracts must be signed, even though legal and compliance issues are not important to marketing departments. Esignly supports long-term digital signatures to ensure that documents are inviolable and will remain valid into the future.

Is Electronic Signature the Future for Business Contract Signing?

Paper contracts can be signed with a wet signature or handwritten name. Witnesses are required to sign certain official papers and agreements. Each page must include the initials of both the witness and signer. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process. This could even lead to an unsigned document. Signed agreements can be challenged in court to prove the authenticity of the signature and paper. Sometimes, deceivers can tamper with such important papers.

These issues can be overcome by electronic signature solutions. They are the most secure, tamper-proof method of document signing. Electronic signatures have been legalized in most countries. This is done by clearly defining what constitutes a digital signature. These are just some of the reasons electronic signatures are becoming the norm for any industry that uses business contract signing.

  1. Modern business practices can be complemented by electronic signatures

It is difficult to imagine how businesses functioned before the advent of the internet. Most people use email and online searches in their daily business activities. While they aren't at work, many people log in to their email accounts via their smartphones or other mobile devices. It is difficult to find the same level of information and depth from other sources than what you can find online.

Some projections predict that e-commerce sales will quadruple for merchants in the next few decades. They are projected to hit $4 trillion by 2020. However, this expansion isn't limited to retail sales. Organizations from almost every industry can be found online. There are many reasons to expect that businesses will continue to look for new opportunities and form partnerships online.

Many businesses now incorporate electronic signatures seamlessly into their operations. It's easy to use computers to create, revise and transmit contracts back and forth. Online contracting is a fast and secure way for companies to conclude their agreements.

  1. Electronic signatures can enhance security

Reduced paper-chasing time is not only time-saving but also a time saver. A digital storage system that includes data encryption, user verification, secure servers, and secure servers may be more secure than a file cabinet. It is easier to track when the document was seen and when it was signed by the receiver. Signing a Word, PDF or other type of document is easy with the Esignly feature in Esignly. Esignly's signature creator is the easiest and fastest way to create e-signatures online. Esignly makes it easy to create legal binding signatures that are secure by 128-bit encryption. Esignly allows for you to personalise signatures while maintaining their legality.

This is necessary to protect private information. This is also useful in avoiding legal disputes that may arise from the entry of a contract. It is crucial that electronic signature software can be used to verify the identity of all signatories. This also shows that they are aware of the agreement they have signed by using electronic signature software.

  1. Non-Repudiation

An entity can't refute a digital signature. A digital signature management solution automates all aspects of the contract process. This includes the creation, signing and storage of commercial or third-party documents. There are many corporate operations that need approval daily, including HR forms, contracts, board documents and policies, as well as purchase orders and invoices. The electronic signature allows you to digitally sign these documents.

You don't need to print them out and have them signed by someone. Electronic solutions don't require you to think about where the papers should be saved. Electronic forms work in the same way as electronic signature applications. It differs from the electronic signature application in that electronic data can be collected. This data can be stored in a database along with the signed agreement. These forms can be used to help a supplier or client onboard.

  1. The Future of Business: Enabling Future Opportunities

Business stakeholders are well aware of the historical productivity and efficiency benefits that electronic signatures have provided. Forward-thinking companies can reap the enormous benefits of electronic signatures. It is sometimes difficult to get widespread adoption of digital signatures in companies due to a reluctance or unwillingness to replace paper procedures. The discussion often shifts to digital signature technology. This is a problem that IT departments must solve. Businesses need to broaden their perspectives and prepare for the change from traditional media to digital. This will help you overcome your apprehension.

Secure & Reliable eSignature Tools For Business - Try It Now

E-signatures make contract signing faster and easier. E-signatures also offer greater transparency, security, and better user experience. They will continue to be an important part of the future of business. This will only happen if companies are prepared to take the chance and abandon paper-based, slow processes. E-signatures are the future. Any company that wants to keep up with the competition in an ever-paperless world cannot ignore e-signatures. Any doubts about their legitimacy have been dispelled by the latest ruling of the Law Commission.

  1. Security Changes

Security is a big concern in today's digital world. It's not a secret. However, physical papers are just as vulnerable, if perhaps more, than digital ones. Paper can be destroyed by fire, flood, or other unanticipated disasters. They can also be stolen or lost. Digital design software has made it possible for documents to no longer flout in the air, waiting for a signal. Once signed, they can be saved digitally for safekeeping. They can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


Electronic signatures are a proven way to improve customer experience. This is the customer's first thought when using an electronic signature service. Accept the limitations of traditional ink-based and paper-based methods of signing important documents. This makes it easy, safe, and simple.

Electronic signatures seem to be here to stay, but wet ink signatures may not disappear anytime soon. They may never go out of style. In the future, handwritten signatures may be restricted to certain instances. Electronic signatures could be the preferred method of entering into business to business contracts in most sectors.