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Esignature Healthcare Solutions use Digital Identification to Authenticate the Signer

The Healthcare sector in today's world is transforming a lot. Many changes are taking place in this sector, right from the formulation of new laws, increase in costs and complexities, etc. There are many forces that are changing the shape of the healthcare sector. All these forces are pushing the sector in the direction of digitisation.


The recent pandemic has added more thrust to this push and now the industry is taking steps in order to stay relevant, contemporary and offer its customers or patients what they are looking for or expecting. There is an ever-growing need of creating a robust medical care infrastructure to offer efficient patient care, mitigate medical treatment expenses, reduce or eliminate loss, theft or misplacement of medical data or tools. The focus is also on getting rid of manual or any form of errors.

In an effort to offer effective and high-end medical care, medical professionals need a system in which they can trust completely. There have to be accurate medical records. These professionals are in search of creative and effective ways to add more efficiency to their approach. Automating paper-based working models, complying with regulations, and maintaining control along with audit tracking, etc is possible with the use of eSignature Healthcare Solutions.


Patients have their medical files which hold personal medical details and medical history. This data has to be well-documented. Medical practitioners have to sign multiple documents after the check-ups of each patient. Here, the use of eSignature Solution for Healthcare Professionals is mandatory. Such a solution helps in signing medical documents swiftly rather than relying on a pen to sign hundreds of files and forms every day. Using the solution, even patients can sign the required documents using any device, from anywhere, at any time, patients do not have to stand in long queues, or be present somewhere physically. This saves time and money for the hospital staff and patients too.


Approving Medical Processes

Patient signatures are mandatory on every medical document and the hospital has to collect the signatures from time to time in order to show that they have taken the consent of the patient before starting any treatment. This cooperation is important to prevent a patient from making any claim in the court of law that any medical procedure or treat is conducted without taking his consent. Each patient hence has to make signatures on the required files for his safety too. As these documents are electronic and will be signed digitally using Electronic Signature software, they can be performed quickly. Quick approvals mean the treatment can be started in time.

Paying Medical Bills

Electronic Signature software can be used effectively at the time of paying medical bills. Patients can electronically sign their medical documents to complete the process. Making signatures in a traditional way sometimes creates issues as sometimes handwritten signatures get faded and it becomes difficult during medical audits to prove whether the medical bill is signed and paid or not. In such situations, patients may have to make double payment unnecessarily as there is no reliable proof of him paying the bills.

To avoid such incidents, there is a need for a robust eSignature Solution for Government Agencies that can be used to sign medical bills or any other document that has legal value or that can be worked as proof in the court of law.

Making Signature on Medical Reports

Doctors share medical reports to the patients reflecting upon their health status. These reports are vital for patients as they are used by doctors to make crucial medical decisions based on which doctors can decide further treatment. Doctors can use electronic signatures to sign patients’ reports. It's important that both the doctor and patient have a signature on the medical report showing that the concerning action is taken after mutual agreement. Signing it ensures that the parties who have signed the document have access to the data. This Access is available from anywhere, anytime, through any smart device.

Issuing of Medical Receipts

eSignature software used in the healthcare industry enables doctors to issue receipts to clients. If the medical practitioner or the hospital wants it's revenue to be valid and legally binding, it must have signatures from every concerned party. A signed medical receipt means that a patient does not have to make or cannot claim to make double payments in case any dispute arises. Parties do not have to use manual stamps (which usually fade or can be forged). Duly signed medical receipts are the proof that the transaction was transparent and right and the payment is done as per the requirement of the bill.

Medical Purchases and Distribution

Health care services providers can use Electronic Signature software to emphasize the quality of goods that are bought at any distribution point. Monitoring the movements of goods and tracking their real-time status is possible with Electronic Signature software. This software comes with a live feature that lets users monitor the movements of pharmaceuticals while they are getting distributed throughout channels. Users no longer have to worry about losing the track of the shipment or displacement of goods or delivery to the wrong addresses, etc. Users can know which shipment is signed, delivered, and received.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Last but not least is the use of eSignature Solution for Healthcare Professionals done to offer positive patient experiences. This is a cloud-based solution that is used by hospitals to increase the speed of a document signing process by getting rid of the traditional system where professionals had to manually collect multiple signatures from multiple patients documents. eSignature Solution for Healthcare Professionals saves time as documents can now be shared electronically, signed electronically and saved in the cloud safely.

Here, patients are ensured that their data and signatures are safe and nobody (other than the concerns authorities) have access to it. Offering the required safety to the patients at a cost-effective medical treatment is a perfect way of keeping patients happy. Accurate treatment done at the right time can win anybody's heart.