Every Law Firm Should Use eSignature


Before computers and other legal technology, managing a legal practice was time-consuming and laborious. Lawyers had a lot to do, from finding documents to communicating with clients.

Technology has made it easier to facilitate the legal process. Legal work is now more efficient. Electronic signatures are one of the most important advances in legal technology, especially during times of social restraints due to COVID. Lawyers had to adjust to be able to continue their work and still comply with social distancing rules. Lawyers can obtain what they need without worrying about contracting a deadly virus thanks to E signature.

Electronic signatures offer law firms more than just the convenience of being able to sign legal documents in case of a global pandemic.

Benefits of eSignature

They Are Easier

If a client does not have an electronic signature, you will need to ask them to print, sign, scan, or fax the signed document back to you. There are many steps involved and lawyers sometimes have to wait hours or even days before they can get important paperwork signed and return. Lawyers take longer to start a case if they wait too long.

eSignatures make it easier to sign contracts and help speed up the process for your client. Lawyers don't have to deal with lengthy back-and-forth but can quickly get the information they need from clients in just a few clicks. eSignature software makes it simple to create, sign, and store all important documents in one place. This allows lawyers to get everything done quickly and securely and makes everyone's lives easier.

Improved Communication

Poor communication is a common complaint that clients make about lawyers. Some law firms are stubbornly loyal to the traditional paper signing process. Clients' cases suffer as a result. Electronic signatures make it easier to communicate with clients and avoid missing important documents. It is as easy as signing a document and then sending it back. It results in better communication, and you won't have to wonder who has gotten back to whom and what is next. eSignature allows you to get things done immediately, so clients don't have to wait for it to be done.

Data Protection - Better Protection

Cyberattacks are a common target for law firms, despite the fact that they are often the most vulnerable. Law firms have a lot of confidential information that they need to protect. Electronic signatures are becoming more popular as law firms look for more efficient ways to protect their clients' data.

eSignature is a secure way to send and receive important data, rather than having to send legally binding contracts via unencrypted email. Clients and lawyers can be sure that their sensitive data is secure, not only because it's instant but also because it doesn't take long for them to receive it.

More Convenience

It's impossible to know where your client is when you need to sign a document quickly. It is so convenient to know you can do whatever you need from anywhere. You don't need to be restricted by your geographical location when signing contracts online. eSignature is mobile-friendly and allows you to sign contracts wherever you may be. It's much easier than dealing with scanners and printers, which is obvious.

It makes it easier for your staff to handle cases and it also makes it more enjoyable for your clients. Your firm's modern approach to law is reflected in the speed at which electronic contracts can be signed.

It is a sign of a law firm's professionalism that they are able to sign directly from their hands, rather than dealing with lengthy back and forths or scanners.

Improved Relationships with Clients

Communication is crucial when it comes to building strong relationships with clients. ESignature, a quick communication method that allows clients to reach you from any location, at any time, means that they can easily access you anytime. Both clients and lawyers can be left wondering if the other has received important documents. Digital signatures can help you organize better, communicate more effectively, and build stronger relationships with clients.

Lower Costs

Ink and paper are expensive. Digital signatures are much cheaper than paper and ink. You may be able to save money on postage, in addition to paper and ink costs. If you add all your clients over the course a year, you can see the potential savings. This is definitely something worth considering.

You Save More Time

You're saving your clients and yourself time by using digital signature technology instead of manually signing documents. This allows you to spend more time on the most important matters at your law firm and increases efficiency. eSignature makes it easier to do repetitive and time-consuming tasks in your daily routine.

It is as easy as creating a document and sending it to your client. You will receive it back right away, all from your palm. It's easy for people to compare the speed of this process to printing, signing with a pen, scanning, and returning it by mail.

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More Eco-Conscious

Law firms are adopting a more modern approach to client service and creating a paperless environment. People are becoming more eco-conscious than ever. The more you can make your law firm more eco-conscious, the more you can demonstrate that you are a brand that is ahead of the curve. Appealing to eco-conscious clients can modernize your practice and show that you care about the environment.

Better Planning

Traditional document signing methods, which require scanners and printers, can be slow. You never know when your client will return the documents you requested. You can be sure that your client will not wait long when you offer instant electronic signature technology. Digital solutions can be a great way for firms to plan better and faster. They will also save you time, which will benefit your clients.

This allows you to anticipate the next steps for your client's case and know that signatures are not going to take long.