eSignly – The Next Generation in Electronic Signature Software


eSignly, a web-based document management software, helps industries that rely on paper to streamline their processes, reduce the time it takes to complete paperwork, and improve customer service.

Electronic signature solutions have not been able to address the most pressing problem that companies are facing when digitizing their paperwork. This is because they rely on static PDFs and Word Documents. eSignly reinvents the way paperwork is viewed. It starts as an HTML document and is dynamically generated in real-time. This distinction is crucial and sets eSignly apart from other competitors who wrap their solutions around a DOC or PDF file.

Who needs it: Industries that use template-based documents, which require signatures and large data sets, have calculation dependencies and bulk distribution to customers, contractors, employees, and their customers. Our solutions are most popular in industries like legal, lending compliance, compliance, HR and real estate.

Core Features: eSignly's 6 core components provide document automation at the end-to-end.

*HTML Document DesignerIn real-time, generate dynamic documents

*Integrated Data Management(Automated document assembly with conditional data and reuse across multiple documents

*Digital Signatures(PKI-based certificate linking to Adobe's Approved Trust List to validate document integrity).

*Calculation Engine(Custom scripts for documents containing calculation dependencies

*Image LibraryImage management to make it easy to insert into documents

*Workflow Management(Who and when workflows are used for data entry and signatures

Why now? Even though electronic signature software is widely used in companies, there are many issues. Many signature solutions use DOC or PDF files to provide their services. PDF files are static in design and can be filled with errors and signed at will. DOC files can be dynamic, but they require more complex integrations with other systems to automate the assembly, distribution, and signature processes.

Despite all the electronic signature software options, some companies still use PDF and DOC files for document transactions. These file attachments must be filled out, signed, scanned, and returned to the sender. This is a time-consuming task that results in a poor user experience. The company will also spend significant time processing file attachments once they are received. This includes data extraction and data entry as well as adding the attachment into a document management system.

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Up Next, eSignly offers a solid roadmap, which includes integration with third-party software applications, new features, expansion of existing features, as well as partnerships with many technology companies.

Summary: It is clear that paperless solutions are in demand, especially for remote workers working in today's COVID environment. eSignly is a tool that helps companies reduce inefficiencies and complete paperwork. eSignly helps companies reduce the risk of data entry errors and lost documents. It also gives them insight into their document process.