Qualities the Best eSignature Software Tend to Have


When it comes to eSignature solutions, there are several qualities that one should have.

Good software is often defined differently depending on the particular legal system that it operates in. However, besides the legal systems, there are several attributes that need to be common to all eSignature software for them to work well. Although a basic signature is not particularly enforceable in a court, an advanced signature solution should be able to offer a binding contract that can be referred to in case of anything. These are the attributes that one should always look for in the best e signature software.

1. Multifactor authentication

Collecting a password and username may not be enough factors to ensure that there is authenticity in every situation. There are instances when that’s not enough. For instance, the organization would want to ensure that the signatures are binding can hold up in a court of law. The best way to ensure that the software has got enough authentications will be based on how your business is using the signatures. If you are a mobile user who frequently signs the documents, you need a more intuitive kind of set up that only signs the documents under some special circumstances. Irrespective of how you establish your identity, having multifactor authentication process and apps to sign documents will go a long way in enhancing your signature.

2. Detailed audit trail

This is a feature that will ensure that the software can track all the actions and documents in each transaction done. This is to provide comprehensive evidence of the whole transaction that has taken place. You need to ask yourself whether the software can track the documents, have detailed events stored, and whether it’s secure enough for the process to take place.

3. It should be more than just an email

The best electronic signature software should be able to take the agreement beyond the realm of email messaging. Although it may be able to transmit through the email it should allow for the formalization of the signing process and make it clear such that the users know that they are dealing with an official document. Since the organizations have the freedom to establish their own signing processes this is very important. It should have more than the click here to agree on features.

4. International standard

The signature software should be able to produce signatures that are up to international standards. These signatures should also be able to be verified by an independent service provider. You should ask yourself whether the documents produced have a propriety system, whether the signatures are understandable and readable, whether each signature is part of the document and whether they can be verified without checking the vendor’s servers.

5. Device compatibility

The software that you choose for your signature should also be compatible with the device that you use. Regardless of the device that you have the software should be able to work just well. By also working on document management it will allow the third parties to sign directly and have the signed documents delivered through emails. Since it allows the users to sign anywhere at any time, it will not only boost efficiency but also provide them with the confidence that they need. Most importantly, eSignature software should not require any special software application. It should only require internet connectivity and a browser.

6. It should be able to integrate with business services and applications

An eSignature should be able to integrate with popular business software such as Dropbox, Google documents, and Salesforce. This kind of integration should be both seamless and quick so that users can get their work done within the most minimal downtime. You may also look for APIs so as to push the integration further. While you can integrate as many APIs as possible ensure that it can grow with your business. By taking a tiered approach, you’ll be able to grow your signature requirements without interfering with the bottom line.

7. Tracking the signees

After electronic contract signing has taken place, the software should also be able to track the signees. Managing multiple lists of users and signees in the company is very important because it will help you maintain the integrity of the system that you use. Allowing control over the various team members is very important because the signees will be able to access different documents while using the same platform. By having a different template, you will significantly reduce the turnaround time and translate this into a much more efficient process.

8. The software should allow for company branding

Since your brand is what sets your business apart, the solution that you choose should be able to make your business shine in the eyes of the consumer. You need to choose a solution that that can allow you to customize the document workflows together with your logo. By placing your company’s identity in front of your clients you’ll have taken one very important step in offering a very good brand experience. If you add this to the signing experience and frictionless viewing, your work will just be golden.

9. Tamper evidence

Since your clients expect the documents to remain the same, the eSignature solution should remain the same after signing. The products or the software must, therefore, ensure that the documents are protected well after signing.

Well, those are some of the attributes of the best eSignature companies. Make sure you consider these next time you are looking for a solution.