How signature solutions have proved to be useful in different sectors

Esignature solutions are being used across the world for the benefits they provide and the ease they bring in the workflow and documentation process.

Countries across the world and organizations across the sectors have started to realize the importance of using electronic signature software in their process. Here year we are going to explore different types of benefits that different sectors can expect from varied esignature software features.

Government Agencies

Government agencies are leveraging this technology to serve the citizens of the country with an evolved and innovative approach. Citizens of the country tend to rely on a government more if the services provided are simple, responsive, and transparent. Any solution that the government of the country adopts has to be authentic and backed by the law of the land.

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Here are the different use cases of electronic signing programs to the government.

Paperless offices

No more dealing with long queues, no more sending files from one disk to another, no more waiting for the signature of every concerned party, no more wasting time, no more delay, and no more errors. Everything above and more is possible with electronic software features. Government Agencies and officials will be able to connect with the citizens through a transfer and platform where the element of Reliability will be more. Plus, paperless offices mean eco-friendly offices, meaning the eco-friendly government.

Security of the data

All the confidential details of the government and its citizens can be shared and stored safely on the cloud with esignature solutions. Data security can be experienced along with fast data transfer.

Saves cost

If any government can save cost on any department or operation the saved money can be used for public welfare and development of the nation. Governments across the world are integrating modern technology and operation in a considerable amount in the long run.

Esignature solutions facilitate:

  • Reliable signature authentication.
  • Security of the document and track of the progress.
  • Legally backed electronic solution.
  • Customization allows departments to make changes as per the nature of the work.
  • Standalone and integrated features.
  • Data is accessible only to authorized parties.
  • Accessibility from anywhere at any time.
  • Change in a signed document will be notified to the parties involved. That is protection from forgery and fraud.
  • Smart governments attract more investments and a friendly image in the world.
  • Zero Carbon Footprint.
  • Esignature in the government sector is useful for rendering, procurement, auction, filing taxes, etc.

Hospitality sector

While all other sectors are leveraging the attractive features of esignature solutions, how can the hospitality sector lag behind? Let us cut the clutter and jump directly to do the factors or benefits the hospitality industry can expect from electronic signatures.

Check-ins and Reservations

Faster check-ins, hassle-free checkouts, and smooth reservations are possible if a hospitality e-business deploys electronic signature solutions. All this can be offered through to the website of the hotel. Customers can make online payment sign documents if any and get the confirmed reservation within a few minutes. The same procedure can be performed while check-in and check-out.

Invoicing options

Raising an invoice and accepting a payment against it is possible through a contact list procedure with the help of esignature software features. Your guest no longer has to wait for the invoice and the hotel does not need to wait for the payment. Invoices can be shared through emails that can be signed digitally and payment can be made in real-time.

Healthcare sector

COVID -19 has emphasized the importance of faster treatments, contactless procedures, digital paperwork, and the vitality of human life.

Dealing with documents with the help of remote-friendly software is the need of the time as the daily busy schedule does not permit anybody to travel a certain distance to reach the hospital and complete the paperwork. Which means, your patients get treated well.

No more choosing between patients & paperwork

Most of the medical staff consider paperwork something which stops them from doing their job which is treating people. They have to spend most of their time taking care of the documents which can be changed with esignature solutions. These solutions offer smooth drafting, sharing, signing, and storage of the medical documents.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Digital document approval and sharing of medical papers.
  • Digital management of records like admission, discharge, and prescription, etc.

Seamless Hospital Management

Medical professionals might not like it but at the end of the day, proper documentation and paperwork of the patient are as much important as the treatment given to him or her. Hospitals will not be able to procure medical supplies without it. Hence, error-free and timely paperwork is of utmost importance.

Electronic signature policy for medical records allows the use of digital signatures in the healthcare sector for the safety of the patients' data. Accessing, extracting, and sharing of this data is easier with electronic solutions.

If you are an organization that hires for the medical sector, then using digital signatures you can procure signatures on the forms like W4 and I9 easily from nurses.

Apart from assisting the core healthcare sector, aided healthcare setups like insurance companies, Medical summarization, and transcription agencies, etc can use signature solutions to deal with the requirement smoothly and transparently.

Improve patient experience

In the health care sector, nothing matters more than the patients. As a responsible medical setup, you need to make sure that they face list trouble and more facilities and comfort. Long waiting lines or less time to go through the whole form, slow documentation process, etc are the usual drawbacks of the traditional hospital management ways. Patients want better than this.

Digitizing the documentation process is the only solution where you can serve patients with the best treatment and services at a cost-effective rate. Beat admitting the patient discharging him for taking care of the insurance claim procedures esignature solutions work.

As a matter of fact, medical professionals do not have to be present in the hospital set up to go through the documents and put their signatures; they can perform their duties from the comfort of their home. Electronic signature solutions can be integrated with Electronic health care record (EHR) systems for even better performance.

Since every other paperwork is handled by the software, medical practitioners can do what they are best at, taking care of the patients.

Making telehealth consults the new normal

In order to provide faster Health Care treatment consultation and non-critical treatment procedures or follow-ups are conducted remotely through video calls or telephones. However is there any way where medical practitioners or consultants can sign prescriptions to these remotely located patients? Yes, there is! Using varied signature software features, medical professionals can create a prescription, sign it, and share it immediately to the patient through email.

As the electronic signatures are considered as valid as traditional signatures under HIPAA and other acts, these are the perfect solution to the geographical hurdles.

Last but not least is the scope of eSignature solutions for banking.

Just like the hospitality or healthcare industry, the banking and finance sector has to deal with huge paperwork on a regular basis. Additionally, every data the sector deals with has to be shared and stored in a place that offers the utmost security and safety. As technology is advancing, the eSignature Solution for banking sector is deploying relatable technologies to make the operations smoother and faster.

Here is how esignature solutions are helping the banking sector.

Speedup the paperwork

As we have seen above, the Banking and Finance sector deals with lots of documentation on a daily basis. Here most of the transactions are expected to be performed on a mobile device by the customer. They want an app or software that can take care of everything. As competitive financial service providers, smart organizations are deploying e-signatures.

Modern documentation

Banking and Financial Institutions can perform their documentation and paperwork procedures completely digitally or electronically through esignature solutions. This will save the staff's efforts and they can focus on bringing exploring new opportunities for business development and customs support.

Customer relations and bond

Faster, secure, and transparent transactions mean that the financial institution is making every effort to take care of the customers and the data customer share. Customers can access their own data and complete the process of signature through their mobile device at any time from anywhere with the help of esignature solutions.

Stay secure and compliant

Here, the sector takes care of the confidential personal data and finances of the customers which have to be dealt with the utmost precaution and safety. The software keeps a track of the progress of the document, and the audit trail is monitored and shared with the concerned parties. Additionally, every signatory and parties involved can know if something goes wrong or if an attempt of any wrongdoing is made with the document.

Improves efficiency

With decreased turnaround time, the eliminated paperwork, and no physical records to handle and store, the efficiency of the sales and other departments can do their own job.

Here are some use cases of digital signatures in the banking sector:

  • Account opening
  • Loan application
  • Assets transfer
  • Account maintenance
  • IRA and 401k rollovers, etc.


A digital signature is worth your money, irrespective of the sector you work. Online Signature Pricing is low with electronic signatures and this makes it cost-effective.