How to Make A Legally Binding Online Agreement with Anyone With eSignly?

eSignly can be used by businesses and individuals to sign legally binding documents or contracts.

These kinds of documents include enterprise sales deals, job performance contracts, job hire contracts, subcontracting a business, or even entering into an agreement like lending out funds to a peer. Also, eSignatures legal department utilizes the authenticity of digitally signed documents to ensure that they conduct operations and transfer of information within a legal framework. The use of eSignly electronic signatures does away with the need for printing, signing, scanning as well as faxing. It is easy, fast, simple, and convenient to sign your contract online with eSignly. It saves you time, reduces waste of resources like paper, and it’s highly secure to ensure both parties abide by their words. If you are doing a real estate lease, freelance contract, sales contract, employment contract, or subcontracting agreements, you can sign the documents using eSignly.

Is It Legal to Sign Documents Online Using eSignly

Today, electronic signatures are regarded as legally binding as long as the parties involved in signing the agreements or contracts work within the framework set by the ESIGN Act and the country-specific laws in the European Union. The federal government has established a protected way of signing online documents and contracts. In the USA, eSignatures have been recognized and approved since 2000 when the Act was setup. In the international scene, there are region and country-specific laws that apply to eSignatures such as the Electronic Signatures Directives introduced by the EU. eSignly offers its eSigning platform under the laws set by the USA ESIGN Act and the Electronic Signature Directives of European Union or eIDAS regulation.

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How Does eSignly Work?

eSignly presents you with an eSignature platform that you can use to sign documents and contracts online. The program tool is able to format online contracts using text fields and requesting electronic signatures from the parties, and keeping the detailed audit trail of the documents for future use. The documents are also securely stored in the accounts of the signers. The technology eSignly offers to comply with today’s electronic signature standards and laws. Besides, the eSignly eSignature technology provides electronic signature solutions for legal services among other document signing needs.

The Workflow in Signing Documents Using eSignly

eSignly has an easy platform that makes it simple for the documents signers to engage with each other and have the contracts or documents signed appropriately. A smooth workflow is set up which guides the process of signing the documents online. Generally, there are three broad steps involved in signing documents online using eSignly and they are:

  • Sending the document
  • Signing the document
  • Managing the signed document

1. Sending the Document

eSignly has an interface to show you how to send the document to be signed. You choose the document and upload it to the platform. You can upload documents of common formats like PDF and Word from your computer or from other popular sharing sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

In the document you upload, you add the name of the people involved in the signing process. This means placing the names of all those expected to sign or the signatories. This includes you as the sender as well as the recipients who will sign the document. You need to add the respective email address of the signatories or recipients of the contract documents.

As the person sending the document, you need to prepare where the signatures will be placed before you send the contract online. The eSignly tool has an intuitive platform to help you out in placing the space where the signature goes. You can drag and drop to indicate the space on the document where you exactly need to have the signatures placed. The initials and date are also indicated in the space.

If you want to customize your space for signing, you can do it by adding custom and standard data fields for eSigners to complete or fill in. When you have created the signing space, you send the document for the other signatory to access the link that is automatically generated where he or she signs the document through the same platform. After the process has been completed, the document is securely stored on the eSignly servers to ensure ease of retrieval in future.

2. Signing the Document

The person who needs to sign the document accesses it virtually by following the link that’s generated. A simple process of signing is ensured by the use of simple messages and tabs that guide you throughout the signing process. When you have signed the document online, you need to confirm and end the process. You will have embedded your signature online on the document and it is 100 percent secure and legally binding. The document you signed can be accepted around the globe. Using eSignly helps you obtain and manage eSignature for a legal agreement whether it’s in real estate leases, job hire contracts, or other processes that require different parties to enter into legal agreements.

3. Managing the Document

To ensure you access your signed document, you can use real time status feature provided by eSignly. It helps you check the status of the document whenever you want to know who has signed it. You can even have automatic reminders to notify you of every step in the signing process. The document is stored in the cloud in a secure manner to allow ease of retrieval should the parties need it. You can even print the document and keep a hard copy.

It is easy to administer the document by getting visibility into it across your business. You can manage the internal users and adjust the trail. There are advanced options in eSignly that you can use to help attain compliance policies intended for future reporting.

Other Supportive Features of eSignly

eSignly is an ideal techn-electric document signining solution that is great for all businesses- small and large. The eSignature platform uses digital transcription management (DTM) to serve users allowing them to save time, operational costs, and energy. The DTM technology allows you to manage end-to-end actions taken by your customers, clients, partners, and business associates in an easy way. You can ensure speed signing process, a secure network, and increased efficiency while also reducing errors with the actions.

Besides, eSignly offers a legal binding process of document signing. Many countries including Canada, US, New Zealand, European Union, Australia and other countries acknowledge and accept eSignly as an emerging eSignature tool for their business solutions. eSignly ensures the legality of the documents signed comes from reliable and trusted partners by releasing or producing digital evidence of each electronic signature.

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On top of that, there is unparalleled security when it comes to signing online with eSignly. The signatures provided through the eSignly technology helps with electronic signature legal services. You have a document that bears a signature which you can use in legal disputes and claims. Security is very important when it comes on online businesses and the platform ensures that all measures are taken to ensure the documents are safe and secured. A comprehensive approach to document management and enhanced security of documents not only ensures credibility but also integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality. Businesses, organizations, individuals, and other parties entering into legal agreement feel secure and protected when they use eSignly for document signing online.