Remember These Things While implementing eSignatures


A robust esignature API will allow businesses to automate and speed up the signing process. Multi-layer verification, downloading sealed files, real-time tracking, and more is possible with esignature API.

Every business wants to implement a technology that can benefit its operations and bring more profit and revenue to the organisation. However not every technology is profitable and sometimes even a profitable technology can fail to give you the expected results just because you did not check a few things and blindly purchased or availed it from a vendor.

Let us take an example of an app for signing documents. Any free e signature software can give you the results you want. However, if you are looking for better features and advanced level safety, you will have to purchase a paid version.

But before you go ahead and deploy an e-signature solution, consider the following factors:

Do e-signed documents have legal protection?

In highly regulated business sectors organisation high-value transactions are performed one cannot take any risk. Every transaction is crucial and the solution you deploy to perform these transactions have to have legal protection. This legal protection is required to avoid any future probable customer dispute. There are a few rules and laws such as the ESIGN and UETA Act.

These acts have laid down a few rules and regulations which any professional e-signature solution should follow. Make sure the solution you choose to deploy has the process evidence which captures every step taken by the signatory and the concerned parties.

Is e-signatures solution secure?

Digital signature solutions are deployed for the safety and security they offer. However, you need to make sure that the solution you are planning to deploy is up to the mark when it comes to safety if the data and users. Your solution must protect the digital signature and the digital documents with a robust digital fingerprint and password in the form of private and public keys. These technologies or security measures authenticate the integrity of the document that is signed by the specific parties. Make sure your vendor is offering all this.

Are digitally signed documents safe in the cloud?

Digital signatures are commonly implemented as SaaS solutions. When it comes to digital signatures and cloud you must choose a vendor that offers a highly secured and robust cloud infrastructure with an ability to protect your confidential data with integrity and trust. Look for a vendor which has received security certificates such as SOC 2. A vendor that offers the highest standards of security and data protection is the one you should go for. Eventually, it is your responsibility to protect the data you have collected from your customers and nobody but you are responsible for its safety. The cloud infrastructure that your vendor offers to you must be able to to save data from unwanted data breach attempts and fraudulent activities.

Ease in use

No matter which technology you deploy and how effective it is, it is of no use to you if it is complicated to understand and hard to use. Deploy a technology and choose a vendor that offers easy e-signature solutions which each of your concerned staff and department can easily use from the first day. If any of the vendors is convincing you that deploying a digital signature solution requires training on your part then the vendor is certainly not the right person for your organisation. Choose the best electronic signature software that simplifies the already complicated working process and not the other way round.

Does the e-signature solution accept different forms of signature?

Different ways in which you can make a digital signature. You can either make a signature on the screen of your mobile device by using a stylus and finger; you can click on the I Agree button and show your consent; you can click on the relevant box given on the document and convey your decision through it, you can also a picture of a handwritten signature and post it in the document. Any app for signing documents that you choose must offer you and your customers' liberty to make a signature in their way using any of the above-mentioned types.

Check if the solution is customizable

Branding is a crucial activity which your organisation must perform in order to create a positive customer impression and a brand image in the market. Check if your vendor is offering you a customisable and flexible electronic signature solution that you can tailor as per your objective sector of operation and the type of customer you are dealing with.

Apart from the above-mentioned questions, you must also check if the paid or free e signature software you are choosing to deploy is mobile friendly in a way that the users can use it from anywhere using any device. Also, make sure if the solution is offering everything your business might need in the present and future in terms of signature making and documentation. Choose any best electronic signature software that has a positive market image and reputation.


As an organisation, you need to consider All the above-mentioned concerns of factors along with any other doubts and query in your mind before you choose any e-signature solution for your organisation.