Progressive Web Apps- Works Like a Website, Feels Like An App!


We are happy to announce that “eSignly is now a progressive web app.…” It is anticipated that businesses will take a rapid paradigm shift towards progressive web apps!

Now the question arises is- What are Progressive web apps?

Well, a progressive web application is a website that appears and acts as similar to mobile applications, which means that it can easily be added to the home screen of the smartphones, accesses the device hardware, sends push notifications and run offline. Yes, exactly! Progressive web apps run smoothly even in the unstable connection and provide users with a great interface.

During the updation of eSignly, our motto was to introduce our users with the great and user-friendly electronic signature platform. This is where eSignly has adopted progressive web apps. Thankfully, our product team has explained what exactly the progressive web apps mean and put together a cheat sheet about the role of progressive web apps for help.

Why We Need PWA?

When progressive web apps have risen in terms of popularity and prominence, eSignly is now ready to rule the market and leave footprints in the digital industry. It is quite easier for users to have reliable, engaging as well as fast experience of viewing a page while bridging the gap between websites and mobile applications. eSignly helps businesses to leverage this technology while improving conversion and retention rates. Speed, security and performance are the key reasons why most of the B2B and B2C companies are adopting progressive web apps to their tech solutions. eSignly is leveraging the rapid-fire evolution of progressive web apps and helping a plethora of businesses to streamline their processes.

How to Use Progressive Web App- eSignly?

Accessing eSignly in your smartphone is simpler than ever. You just have to head to eSignly website and then click to "Add to Home Screen" button on your phone. You have to name it and download it, eSignly is ready to use on your phone. Now you can use eSignly instantly on your phone in just a few clicks while accessing it on offline mode if required. Are you interested to try it out? Let's start now!

Why Choose Us?

From individuals to small & medium-sized businesses, right up to corporations. We provide a smooth and advanced Enterprise eSignature platform with robust security and scalability to get your paperwork out of the way and get deals closed faster. The app is a lifesaver if you belong to the industry where you have to send and receive signing documents. Also, it is possible to keep track of the important documents which are on the move only through your mobile device.

Let's Start Your eSignly Account

Sounds Exciting, right? Well, you can start your eSignly account while leveraging the potential of PWA in your business niche. You can opt for our 15-days free trial either on the desktop or mobile app and get outstanding customer support. Regardless of the plan you choose, trial or premium, we assure you that you will get the top-notch services with eSignly!